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  1. zenhyan

    Armada: Yūdachi

    wargaming are making torpedo boats with bad torps again, i just dont understand it. why did they take so long to release this ship again?
  2. why not just implement a "Mark of Excellence" system similar to the one in WoT? do we really need another resource to grind for new ships? i feel like we already have too many as it is.
  3. zenhyan

    USS Hill only available in bundle, really wg?

    i was never interested in buying her, thats not what its about. its about the fact that they are selling ships only in overpriced, unnecessary bundles again. for me this is about respecting the players and customers, or rather the lack of respect from wargaming. im just tired of being treated like crap by this company.
  4. o7, it feels like its 2016 (or when was it?) all over again, i thought we were over this. there isnt really much to say other that i am very, very displeased. (if i have missed something and you can buy her seperately, hit me up!) im done with this.
  5. o7, i like this instance of the AL collaboration, the Yukikaze is fun and the captains are nice with unique voiceacting for each of them (same voices as in AL i assume). But here we go: Lets say i want 2 of those captains, what choices do i have? Should be easy right? Just buy them. Well no, not this time. I either have to play the lootbox game and pray (infinite doubles, yay!) for 9 bucks per box (steep!), -i wonder how many thats gonna take to get what i want- or i can just buy them all in a nice bundle (for 80 bucks!!), with alot of stuff added to it that noone wants. You know, i love this game, and i love this collab, but those are predatory business practices wargaming. You should be ashamed. Here is what you should do: Make them buyable individually, maybe like 10 bucks each. Hell, they have unique voiceacting (and you maybe pay for the collab, i dont know), make it 12, 13, even 14, it doesnt matter, just make them obtainable in a way wich isnt scummy and predatory. I hope i can love this game without hating it at the same time in the future. Wargaming, be better than this, please. Have a nice day, zenhyan