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  1. zenhyan

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    i think its a fairly good thing for ppl who only play warships (and doesnt affect the others, so its a good thing overall), but i do wonder what the real reason behind this is. would be nice to get an official explanation but i doubt it.
  2. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    this basically sums up my issues with this test. we dont know what you are trying to archive with the specific test rounds. for example i noticed that the upgrades for ships were disabled because the ships already had the AA range upgrades installed, so the 2nd round was probably an AA-test. JUST TELL AS WHAT WE HAVE TO LOOK OUT FOR. for example 2nd test round: - tell us this is testing the AA, especially the flak explosions and range/ density/ impact of them to be specific - we need to test surface ships of differet AA strenghts to see the impact etc - as a CV, we should try to mitigate the damage taken by maneuvering around them etc etc that way we could actually give alright feedback instead of "AA is too strong/ too weak"
  3. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Feedback time, whooooo!! wherent we supposed to get a survey by now? im still awaiting mine for the first testing round... PROS: - easier to get into. that was a huge problem with the old CVs, and the no-manual drops on t4-t5 made it worse - "outplaying" AA is fun and requires some form of skill as a CV - the drops are fun - better CV doenst decide the outcome of a match that much anymore - no spotting overload like with the old ones CONS: - the flight to the target is terrible boring and long - no penalty for losing your squad all the time, makes me feel insanely disconnected from the game, since it normally is about trading ressources for impact - STILL NO CARRIER CONTROLS (i know, they will probably do them later, but PLEASE, we need them) - defending allies is almost impossible (the fighter consumable concept is terrible, feels out of place and is not engaging at all.) it doesnt make any sense to waste your time to get to an allied ship to drop the fighter, since it sometimes doesnt even do anything/ is boring. - i dont know if being alpha-stiked by a carrier is worse than being slowly stung to death since you still cant do crap as a surface ship against a good carrier ( AA dodging, no help from allied CV) -AA sector thing for surface ships is horrible, even less engaging than clicking the squads + incredibly cluncky and useless since you dont get any bonuses but just shift your AA (the squad flies from one side of your ship to the other one anyway) - sector thing needs a reset button to make it 100%/100% again -> i missed that, thanks to @gizaman for telling me. -my biggest concern is that it just doesnt feel like controlling a CV, it just feels like flying airstrikes CONCLUSION: In my opinion, the fundamental issue with the old CVs was the spotting, since it completely changed the game. With a change to the spotting system for carriers (maybe the ships spotted by the cv are only visible for other ships on the minimap like they are out of render range) and the clearly superior gameplay of the old CVs that would have made for a better experience. BUT the new gameplay isnt bad, there are some good ideas, and it is definitely more accesible for the average player. i just feel like its a downgrade. both in feel and in depth.
  4. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    so there is a bug, every game i hear every player activating their consumables and their sounds (like radar), its extremely annoying. please fix that.
  5. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    great isnt it, so we have to play shitty stock ships around 3 times to have enough for 1 time cv.
  6. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    its really strange, sometimes my squad just gets instantly destroyed and sometimes it just takes no damage whatsoever. like i was attacking a zao my squad gets obliterated without me getting even close, next run i try again (vs zao) and i get away with every run, not losing a single plane. dunno whats happening
  7. zenhyan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    o7, said it before and will say it again: we need captain points. its not even close to an accurate test without live concealment, last stan, fire prevention etc. im interested in how it feels as a surface ship but i cant tell this way.
  8. zenhyan

    Bug Reports

    why not? she has 10 of them at t6, so a long reload seems appropriate
  9. zenhyan

    Update Operation Dynamo

    got 5 stars again with the first try (in the gnevny lul), and im not an exceptionally good player. a higher difficulty mode would be really appreciated (for the other scenarios aswell), cause there is not really a point to play it after getting the 5 stars. said it before, still gonna do it here: please just let dds of all nations participate (casual), or just british and french ones (historical), and not this in-between thing. why can i play a russian destroyer but not a german or japanese one? russian dds were not involved aswell and had nothing to do with the operation, same as american ones. either make it a fun mode everyone can participate, or make it historical and immersive.
  10. zenhyan

    New Arms Race Mode

    the tX unique upgrade missions dont work in arms race, wich is a shame, would be nice if you'd change that
  11. zenhyan

    New Arms Race Mode

    i have had this aswell, for me it is after i installed some mods to the game again, i think thats the issue here... do you have mods installed aswell? if you have, try it without them. edit: fyi, the mods i have right now (ingame) are: - smaller cruise controls - approx time to win indicator - pink rpf - shell tracers - red target lock - secondary armament status (doenst work currently tho)
  12. well then, seems like i was right as i felt a tingle in my nose as i was writing a comment in the bug section about this, it was my heavy grind radar! just joking ofc, thanks for the fast answer m8.
  13. o7 captains (again), im currently collecting the yamamoto stuff, but sometimes i just dont get a collectible out of the container. its really annoying. happend in the past before with the other activatable collection (high shool fleet). before i report this in the bug section (and get no result anyway), i just wanted to ask if its meant to be like that, to make the grind more time consuming, or if its a bug. no screenshot this time, there really is no need for one. cheers.
  14. i dont have high hopes honestly, but i guess you are right, since it kinda is a bug. i just never bothered before. nice workaround btw, i will definitely try it :D edit: it really works, thats one hell of a genius idea^^
  15. yeah man, i know the vid^^ its a unique and interesting strategy, thanks for pointing it out. but what i wanted to archive by posting it here is to get this problem fixed in the future, and not because my life depends on playing radar edin in ranked (im at rank 10 by now anyway). i was merely hoping to get the attention of some wg employee, but seems like they dont care (or they do but just didnt answer, who knows).