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  1. tadaMonika

    Alaska Credit Earning

    Just look for yourself
  2. tadaMonika

    Alaska Credit Earning

    I've gotten over 700k for a loss. Ofc I had some credit flags on it. Does seem to earn as much as the other TIX premiums (aside from Missouri)
  3. tadaMonika

    Everyone focused on the tier 10 carriers.

    The problem is the "F" key. Would also love me some magic immunity-gtfo spell when I get spotted by radar or cv'S in my dd.
  4. tadaMonika

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    I own the GC and am also upset, but I am also astounded by how few people actually read that "40mm deck armor russian bb's" thingy. No russian bias at work here hehehe
  5. tadaMonika

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: Polls

    They should've just fixed the UI, gave a proper tutorial on how to play as/against CV's, nerfed the tier 9 and 10's and premiums (also nerfed the stupendous amount of AA on ships like minotaur, wooster, des memes and so on) and call it a day. Would have been way easier and more balanced. If that would not have worked, they could have still tried this. No point in complaining now. WG is too proud to go back and try to fix the old RTS system (also consoles, duh), so they will probably as last resort just delete the class entirely. Shame.
  6. tadaMonika

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Not even russian bias was able to carry this team :/
  7. tadaMonika

    Yuudachi announced as tier 7 Premium

    Please just stop... This is hurting my brain. On topic: It's about time the Yuudachi gets added. Actually expected her with the Shira's release, but WeeGee kinda went sleepy on that.
  8. tadaMonika

    The most important Izumo buff

    Where did they say that? Also @Jvd2000 yeah, Izumo is better now than FdG. This ship is also desperately in need of a buff.
  9. tadaMonika

    The most important Izumo buff

    That would certainly be way better gameplay wise. But I did not want to ask for that because I was surprised to even see WG actually finally buffing this ugly abomination in any way, so to ask for the alternate turret layout ontop of the design change (which is a ton of work as Erga already mentioned) seemed a bit too much (we cannot have good japanese ships now, can we WG?)
  10. tadaMonika

    The most important Izumo buff

    Hello fellow japanese BB enthusiasts, So with the recent Izumo buffs (it is actually playable now and dare I say it, somehow... decent?) I think we can all agree that now, the most important buff this ship needs is a buff to its appearance. I just so happened to stumble upon this picture here: This thing actually looks not half bad. It still is unique and retains the basic WG-design but looks just way better than the ingame-version of Izumo. The layered secondaries (now they are in a straight line, which does not only look bad, but is also functionally bad), the more pronounced and curved bow area, the superstructure that doesn't look like Thaddeus's house, the Yamato-like turret design, etc... What do you think guys? I would really love to see this design in the game. Cheers
  11. tadaMonika

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hard to discuss, when you are not having any point, but yeah. Also "settle this once and for all", that is pretty bold, so why not tell the whole story? Triple division in Tier 10 CA's + a pan asian DD + a BB against one player. And I still did more damage than you. Maybe we meet again and I get to return the favor? Normally I play solo, bcs everyone and their grandmother can HE-spam a single BB, but it took you long enough, since your aim was quite bad. Also, considering I dodged 3 volleys of the DD's torps due to border abuse, it actually worked out pretty well. Soo, your point is? Bragging in forums about a 58k Moskva round in atriple div
  12. tadaMonika

    My thoughts for Musashi.

    So, I am just here to ask what exactly your definition of "a lot of differences" is. Missouri is an Iowa with radar? Prinz Eugen is a even worse Hipper? Tirpitz is a Bismarck with worse AA and Torps? Scharnhorst is A Gneisenau with smaller guns? And Murmansk is a straight up better Omaha? Musashi at Tier 9 will be extremely strong when top tier and kinda "ok-ish" when low tier. My biggest problem is with the Izumo. Because that ship is trash IMO and is now replaced by a ship behind a paywall (or months of grinding ). I remember a time when WG told us that their premiums in WoWs would be "different but not stronger nor worse than their tech tree counter-parts". Yeah, lmao. I don't like the freexp premiums, because they are way better than their respective counter-parts, but w/e. Was ofc pretty dumb to think that they would maybe replace the Izumo, but it was a sweet dream after all.
  13. tadaMonika

    Racism in clans and wows?!

    So yeah, I guess they are totally busted now. You got em. They sure as hell aint laughing their asses off at your emotional responses and threatening with "police action". Sure thing man. Now they are sorry. Because trolls are totally never insulting in any way. w/e, I am off playing again and not getting offended by bad trolls.
  14. tadaMonika

    Racism in clans and wows?!

    Another special snowflake. Get over it. Also naming and shaming is against the forum rules afaik. And well, you know... You can report trolls like that, if you feel that special. Maybe it is your first day on the internet, but if you get upset so easily, you should maybe avoid it. Damn you guys get triggered so easily. No wonder the amount of trolls is so staggering. They get the response they want. -> You cry
  15. tadaMonika

    Racism in clans and wows?!

    Is it just me, or are people becoming more and more sensitive over the last years? Let them troll, if it really gets to you, report them. Seriously, how some here are borderline saying that they want you to report crap like that to the police, or that they want the net anonymity to go... It just boggles my mind. SJW's at their finest, I guess. Also naming and shaming OP. Not cool.