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  1. Profilus


    That was way over the line. Maybe month of forum ban is appropriate.
  2. Profilus

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    This game has been 24/7 weekend over a year. So that excuse/myth is obsolete.
  3. Profilus

    Why AA skills are worthless

    Dude, you named avoiding flak as exploit.... Stop your exploit talk or learn what exploit means.
  4. Profilus

    Turn off chat or not

    So i was bored in game and for no reason just clicked my chat window and now its gone. How do i get it back? Enable battle chat in settings is enabled but no chat window in game :( HEEEEELP!
  5. Even i lasted longer than 30sec, but died earlier than you because i thought radar wont detect my Somers . How dare they!?!
  6. Profilus

    WG and WOW maybe just lost a CC

    Ofc they are allowed, just tell me when has WG backed down from their dev plan? And dont use NTC as example( reason is this thread).
  7. Profilus

    WG and WOW maybe just lost a CC

    People and comments like these encourage WG to do crap like PR. WG has lost their right for reasonable doubt
  8. Profilus

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    If you dont want 2 same ships being equal, then go regrind izumo to yamato without upgrading it. How can same ships having same power not be fair?
  9. Profilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The only game today, so it must be greatest today for me. Also 1st win with this ship.
  10. Profilus

    Is there XVM for WoWS?

    They give you general and pretty accurate indication if you should support some player or not. Would be pointless to follow some DD to/near cap and find out he likes to sit in it while covered in smoke. You can support this player as much as you want but in 90% they will find a way to die and drag you to bottom of sea aswell.
  11. Profilus

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    Its only toxic if you pay attention to spammers. If you plan to keep playing CV learn to evaluate F6 requests and ignore F6 spammers.
  12. Profilus


    With 4-5 year you should have 13million free xp earned to use as you wish on top of regular xp. You just want to skip free something that others paid in cash or playing.
  13. Profilus

    some explanation please

    This answer is so perfect that i have to ask you a favor: please apply to work at WG customer support so we all could get meaningful help when needed
  14. Profilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Weird T9 game with T7 ship. Pretty much was chased over half of game by Georgia, but dodged all as a good T7 cruiser should, to be killed by CV chasing Akatsuki.
  15. Profilus

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    I would rather see them in both teams evened out. Not 1 team above 50 and other below 50.