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  1. Profilus

    Submarine tokens ?

    Its not fixed, logged in and no token
  2. Profilus

    Submarine tokens ?

    Tomorrow have to log in 3 times and day after 4 times?
  3. Profilus

    get out

    Yeah, but most popular squares are A9 for north spawn and J3 for south spawn in my experience. And with some dark magic, 50% of those who go there die there even when enemy is not closer than 3 squares.
  4. Profilus

    get out

    But this is the very basic what 95% of players do on this map(go behind huge mountain in the corner). So they have basics covered.
  5. Profilus

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    If its unicum by WR then i prefer unicum ofc Seen too many battles where Superunicum divs forgot themselves farming that PR until it was too late even for them to get a win.
  6. Profilus

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    So when it comes to PR, better one isnt always better teammate? Low(er) PR can be better teamplayer?
  7. Profilus

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    You can say very nicely that low PR doesn't automatically mean that you got carried?
  8. Profilus

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    Can you explain this WR difference when every other stat seems pretty similar. Both Fletcher stats, so its not about different ships or classes. 1 just got carried over hundreds of games?
  9. Profilus

    Ranked, How I feel !

    They think green circles heal them like in ops.
  10. Profilus

    0.9.5: still collecting soviet tokens?

    If you feel the slightest urge to buy something, then its working as intended.
  11. But it makes money for WG and its the only thing that matters. They are usually bundled with prem ships and other crap(even more mobey for WG). And you cant say they are not available.
  12. If you instantly reset those 2 lines you can grind them again and learn/earn enough points to buy 2nd LU and not be inexperienced at tier X
  13. Thx for carry! Whatever you did on other side of map to get 1st place gave my side enough time to order balls from Amazon and attach them after i died. Then they felt brave enough to come out from behind islands and finalize our team's win.
  14. You try 38 times, then finally you find that 1 pixel that does what you want. Or just slam S.
  15. Profilus

    Random Container-Try Your Luck

    You know its completed, when your credit card gets rejected.