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  1. Sharks still winning?

    Extra day enables to use those 50 tokens/loyalty. Other way u get them at same time as the event ends and your tokens converted to credits.
  2. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    It looks like separate issues, but while fully agreeing with Reaper, i don't see how removing full AP pen value to DD-s won't cause problem of DD-s yoloing BB-s left and right. Only way to remove full pen could work in my opinion is to tie it to range, but how it should be well known game mechanic to players is beyond me. And DFens, BB-s do devastating things to DD-s every day even if it won't end with devastating strike at ranges 12+ and its not ok.
  3. DD problem

    For me lower tiers are up to IV. And good luck doing meaningful damage at those tiers with BB to DD and even spotting them unless they are also beginners. But i have to admit i havent played alot at those tiers for a while, so maybe something has changed.
  4. DD problem

    You know what makes DD and CA both OP? Cooperation. Keep yours alive and kill enemy DD-s 1st.
  5. DD problem

    Because at lower tiers they just are. But don't worry, if you are BB player you will have your chance for revenge at top tiers.
  6. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Even if its from BB main, it doesn't make it less true.
  7. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    So u prefer buffing all classes after another with 6 month caps? If it would be final 1 time balance i would be all about buffs where needed. But concerning BB AP vs DD we need bugfix not some balancing.
  8. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    If you buff DD-s, BB-s will cry louder and get buff etc. See a pattern? Let's just stop with buffing contest right now? And that's why you play high tier DD-s not the same way you play lower tiers.
  9. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Funny how this bug always shows less hits than needed for damage. But whatever helps you sleep at night.
  10. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    I guess u missed that 2 overpens did almost 8k damage.
  11. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Saw 2 days ago cv deleting full HP Worcester. This is your good roll and that's the thing that kills DD-s.
  12. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Try this when BB shoots HE at you. Hint: your torps would start loading from start. And then this. In 1 case RNGesus loves DD and other hates+WG adds extra pen.
  13. What is the charge for "Service"?

    Buy a jet or yacht IRL, dont use them for a year and come back to tell us you paid nothing.
  14. What is the charge for "Service"?

    It seems its just there to mess with YOU
  15. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    And if AP pen to DD-s is removed i see DD-s taking BB-s place as not so underpowered. PS: i dont see DD-s underpowered atm