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  1. They gave up on tutorials because they knew they will change game so much and so often that 80% of work goes to keeping tutorials up to date.
  2. Profilus

    AI difficulty

    Not always. Even today they shot over me when i was 5km from 3 of them. Seems more related to spotting order, but even that isnt always guaranteed.
  3. Profilus

    AI difficulty

    I wonder if this is the reason why WG has run out of bots? AFAIK coop teams should be mirrored(might have missed some news), but they didn't seem to have certain ships anymore.
  4. Profilus


    It was survey with link in port not popup after game, usually these have about 20 questions or so, but this time it was just 1 and that was weird for me. I thought it was just 1 question bc i didnt give enough high score :D
  5. Profilus


    Did you all get that in port and was it really just that 1 question for you also?
  6. Profilus

    Please limit CV numbers per battle!!

    Max maybe?
  7. Profilus

    an offer that I could not refuse

    Too much effort for little gain (for cv player personally).
  8. Profilus

    Next Clan battles season format

    Arms race ranked was huuuge success and thus CB will be the same, but no CV-s yet. Thats what im expecting from WG.
  9. Profilus

    Communications what you need

    Used it once, when during clanbattle discord was down, so thx WG i guess. Otherwise useless for divs only .
  10. Profilus

    Communications what you need

    Voice chat is for divisions only.
  11. Profilus

    How do I play the new Midway?

    Everything in this game is measured in damage, wins/defeats don't count.
  12. Profilus

    How do I play the new Midway?

    Sooooo, there's still a lot of room for nerfs?
  13. Profilus

    Report system needs rework

    Nope. Not enough to say (s)he played well(read: for team).
  14. Profilus

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    My "favorite" so far was when cv started doing circles around 1st waypoint when i set waypoints to sail away from enemy. Did you just quoted IEarlGrey's BS statement? Yamato can shoot something else that gets on guns way when it turns and its guns won't start reload after manuevering.
  15. Profilus

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    Same as we have over 200 ships in game and ppl get mad about 1 GC that makes less than 0,5% of ships, but it will be the starting point of changes. Besides, half times i have died in my few games with new CV-s, i have died bc of these "tiny unimportant" things.