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  1. Nope. Theres code that places ships in battle, not players.
  2. Profilus

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery gl all
  3. I really would rather see this game die from lack of players than help advertise it (and pay for it myself).
  4. Profilus

    What is your most played ship....

    A bit ashamed of nr.2
  5. Profilus

    chat violation harassment

    Perfect attitude for co-op. Just saying
  6. Profilus

    Pobeda vs T10

    Are you sure you didnt play non-russian CV? There was some enhanced graphics while playing Pobeda against TX, but you can finetune those graphics effects
  7. Profilus

    Clan Battles Season 15

    Why not take both and every other RU ship you can find? *image is cherry-picked. Last game of evening tried RU navy for fun.
  8. Profilus

    help needed, I cannot turn on or off the AA

    Last patch seems to reintroduce a bunch of old bugs. Yours tracks back to 2016. Missing Key Binds? - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum
  9. Was it default P or did you reassign it?
  10. Profilus

    Des Moines earnings?

    Its Des Moines. Have some respect for perfect ship
  11. Profilus

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    Cool, i like that bloody water.
  12. Profilus

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    Yes and i'm not gonna try without them, ty. But could it be mod that applies to Phili port and Hotspot map only?
  13. Profilus

    Ominous Philippines port

    Nope, i like it