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  1. What is this [edited]?

    Me thinks that spotting damage should always go 100% to the closest ship from target with line of sight unless its radar/hydro spotting.
  2. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    Ok, if radar doesn't go thru islands.... How will you know when enemy has misused radar and its on cooldown? Or why would you want extra ship shooting at you?
  3. No comment...

    + Stalingrad on its way. What worries me is that you count Missouris in.
  4. battleships

  5. Oil collected without a Clan

    And you don't seem to be open for the fact, that WG announces things when they want. Going back to that cv rework, if its not gonna be for my liking, i have spent/lost several hundred thousands of free xp on initial upgrades for all tiers. Either you take what WG offers or you dont, can be in heaven or hell with both choices.
  6. Oil collected without a Clan

    I would say until 10 days ago i had 1 radar module that i was switching between Moskva and DM. Now i have 2, both from supercontainer. I could buy them from Clash of Elements event, but since i was "poorly informed" that radar module will be buffed (sucked then) i didnt buy and havent complained. Edit: and i would say even in clan i dont NEED it, just quality of life/battle thing.
  7. Oil collected without a Clan

    You really believe you cant buy steel in (near)future?
  8. Oil collected without a Clan

    Im also not properly informed about cv rework, yet i kinda grind them to tier X. And how come coal is so important for individual progress? Cant get radar module or random premium ship at 1st day it appears? In my view, people that have not been in clan will not get a new clan bonus which in this case is oil to coal conversion.
  9. Oil collected without a Clan

    And because people get oil only in clans its all ok. Would anybody prefer to have arsenal only as a clan base building? Would solve this discussion here and would create other threads how clans get everything...
  10. Oil collected without a Clan

    It wasnt hidden. Did you expect a huge banner like we have now in forum that fks up mobile view? It was as hidden as the news that you will have to save your steel to buy Stalingrad right now.
  11. 4th stage and officially hating DM. Only choice if you dont want to repeat 1 stars.
  12. People in clans get just enough steel to buy Stalingrad after 3x30 Typhoon games (wins) , so how on earth are u discriminated?
  13. A word of THANKS

    There was some, when doubting to have luck to obtain Hood.
  14. Oil collected without a Clan

    Just wrong statement.
  15. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    If my memory doesnt fail me then it was said at introduction of oil that only people in clan can collect/have it.