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  1. Profilus

    the "carry harder!" thread

    When your team is too afraid to win and doesn't even go in empty cap on 4 cap map. Not to mention shooting full HP BB when there's 3k HP BB next to it 10sec before end and losing with 8 points.
  2. Translating arabic numbers is hard comrade! We so sorri!
  3. Was my 1st ever and on mobile screen while enjoying taxi ride back home after work. So yeah, "only".
  4. Damn you. After opening link, I HAD TO find him, but luckily it took only 3 min.
  5. You absolutely sure?
  6. Would be heresy to sell my most played ship. Never!!!!! Even if i wouldnt play it, it stays.
  7. Profilus

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    Thats what you get when you blap Darings that try to cap with your Ranger Lexi. Well executed drops yesterday btw
  8. Profilus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    2 minutes after start losing 50% HP while getting myself between 4 radars and sonar DD. And then 4 minutes after start this Salem dares to deny my capping. Got away this time:
  9. Profilus

    Thinking of rebuilding some DDs...

    Have to admit i haven't played DD's much after rework, but i didnt change anything in their build because it used to be useless(unless u liked to shoot down potatoes) and now you will shoot down something anyway. In my few games in them i have done OK except maybe 3 games when there was unicum+ CV on enemy team.
  10. Profilus

    Why is "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" like it is?

    Yeah , but from WG point of view its not important. They would even save money if they dont have to feed hamsters because u want to take a spin in new goodie. Just having it on your account should be enough.
  11. Profilus

    Why is "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" like it is?

    Finding battle button just gives extra xp. Credit card is all you need.
  12. Profilus

    Free XP calculation

    Yep, you both are correct plus my math sucked anyway. Coffee does miracles
  13. Profilus

    Free XP calculation

    Do i need another coffee or is there something wrong with free XP calculations? By my morning calculations i should have got less.
  14. Profilus

    80 K Free exp

  15. Profilus

    80 K Free exp

    With your battle count it shouldnt be a problem. Flags prem ships etc.