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  1. Let's just say, i don't fully trust WG-s mission/event descriptions.
  2. Well, last year i was upset too that i got "only" 200 dragon flags for my 2 TX. Didn't come here to cry that i didn't get as many as others. But year later(2017) i'm missing out only 4 supercontainers(3 if i manage to get 17mill credits today for Henry).
  3. You have 2 battles for 1 post in forums. Maybe just play more and you will get more stuff next year.
  4. Why the heck should i be in smoke with RN CL if im not using my guns? And RN CL being in cap isn't rare in my experience.
  5. So all the times i see 1 DD holding (or delaying push hugely) one flank on Two Brothers map i have been dreaming? Must have been nightmares since they usually hold back half of MY team. The fact is that mere presence of DD keeps "average" players from moving forward and taking risk being sunk first.
  6. Got 2 after patch, so no tinfoil needed.
  7. You can also get 1st item with completion of Yamamoto campaign. Final reward is captain + collection item. So if you don't want to pay, you just have to wait and complete campaign to start collection.
  8. If you really have a need to torp some BB with torps that are shorter than your concealment range (while being visible) then engage them from direction they are moving to(reduces time reaching him) but keep to other side from his guns, start speed boost , and pray his secondaries or some teammate won't delete you and have giggles after his sunk.
  9. Without €3 it starts after you get Yamamoto cap. So after the final final task, not after 1st.
  10. Point is, that after smoke nerf if RN CL stops shooting in smoke after being spotted and magically survives 20 sec, some radar cruiser can reveal it again from safe distance to get rid of that pesky Brit.
  11. Should same be applied to islands and targets that somebody spots for you(like DD-s at open sea)? If your answer is no, then why so?
  12. Better yet, remove torpedo/bomber planes. Then after losing all your fighters, enemy cv can't dominate your team.
  13. I'm gonna take a nap now, dream of those fires and when i wake up, put it to test. Hope you will be on enemy team. Don't you dare to last more than a minute after damage control.