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  1. Update 0.7.10

    And direct free xp bonus is last you want unless its HUGE.
  2. Update 0.7.10

    The point is that you want usual xp bonuses when you need free xp. Ez.
  3. CV Rework is the killing blow

    What difference makes the fact that you started later on your winnings against premium ships?
  4. Dodging damage is not counter, if so, all BB-s and DD-s at border would counter something whole game. So, just 1 way.
  5. Also dont forget that cv-s will also spot less after rework. So to sum it all up, DD will be master race soonTM.
  6. How many ...

    400+ and already feeling like detonating next match. Never enough of them to feel safe.
  7. CV Rework Discussion

    There still will be good and bad cv-s, but they will not influence match as much as now(with fighters). Just after rework the bad one can't even mildly disturb the good one because cv players don't care about enemy cv anymore(just another possible target).
  8. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    What exactly makes this ranked fun in WG eyes? Just curious.
  9. At least in PT 1 i got so many false torpedo warnings that i was sick of it. And i don't see how this is a nerf to DD unless you won't get alarm when you sail between torpedo spread(torpbeating).
  10. BB, the new Camping Class ?

    As long as people get rewards (as pityful they might be) for that, it won't change sadly.
  11. So thats why potatos get R1 quickly with ONLY 1k+ battles? You seem to forget that with every battle they play, they have to do better to keep raising that WR bc sample size gets bigger. And when they finally get it so high they really might be ready to play with "big" boys, and if not they fall back quickly.
  12. And i even tried to distract you from game(torps) by saying Hello in chat when they were on the way. I'm that dirty
  13. Errrrr..... what just happened to wows?

    After rework if you get bored of CV gameplay, you can have fun with hockey minigame on board of your CV. That's called thinking ahead!
  14. matchmaking in weekends

    What has weekend to do with this? Usual everyday MM.