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  1. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    All my midgame disconnects have been the exact moment i have been spotted in close range (in dd). So i guess something wrong with coding related to spotting at close range or something.
  2. The health pool system

    So kill DD-s and live forever? Or leave only DD-s alive and live forever watching them doing massive gun damage?
  3. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    But u can start topic about them and be corrected if needed. After all he has played cv-s more than most players ever will and has even some success with them.
  4. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Gotta agree with that part.
  5. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    Difference is those 4K+ don't brag about it. And if you are given good advice and you refuse it, you can't blame WG anymore. Also what wilkatis said: there's difference between noob and newbie.
  6. How about win with Corgi in your/enemy team. Shouldn't trigger manhunts and should make ppl play objectives as a TEAM?
  7. As far as i know the corgi stuff is at certain hours at certain tiers with certain classes so its not that hard to avoid it if u dont like it.
  8. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    CV-s are ok. No cv insignia here, also not even average cv stats.
  9. Can you explain it to me?

    Good. Means more ppl want to know how game works i think.
  10. Buff to high tier credits

    Only place you actually need credits is progression. When u have all ships u want u will swim in credits.
  11. Buff to high tier credits

    U mean like playing from tier 1 to 10 ? Base line is if u cant afford tierX only then its better for everyone in this game.
  12. Clan Battle ridiculous Match Making

    Just take it as opportunity to learn from better ones. Compared to videos, you can try/do something you could only comment on vids.
  13. Correct, had to yolo Loran to give Shima a chance, but didn't expect to be blapped in 2 salvoes by Monty being bow on. o7
  14. Saw them too. They wanted to lick our windows , but we all had Linux. PS: If it makes feel better, we managed to make them roll back a bit Wasn't easy , somebody taught them to fight back.