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  1. 0 support tickets = perfect game and service
  2. Profilus

    Rudder not responding bug

    Ok ok, but many updates back, 1 of them turned it on for me. Also once when i reinstalled.
  3. Profilus

    Rudder not responding bug

    Do you by accident have collision avoidance system on?
  4. When you pick a fight with every enemy DD after Småland takes 30% of your HP in 1st cap on 3rd minute of game.
  5. Profilus

    WG you owe me a new monitor

    It also makes worried about conclusions they make, whatever the answers will be. Either side can mean for them that there isnt enough BS in game yet.
  6. owe= would be nice of you After 5 battles of which 2 were epicenter and most BB-s played whole game in corner square i took a sip of coffee and spat it on my monitor laughing. Why i did that? Because this popped up: PS: if i click anything left from neutral you will create new premiums?
  7. You consider going to work at WG?
  8. Profilus

    Not naming and shaming but...

    I guess then some people at WG who make decisions just dont care about gameplay quality.
  9. Profilus

    Not naming and shaming but...

    I monitor sunrise every morning, cant say it affects its routine.
  10. The problem is, that they still will release OP crap, but now they have excuse to "balance them later". They should balance everything we have rigjt now and not release new OP crap, i would be ok with that. But selling even temporary powercreep makes alot of money...
  11. I got my Kirov without that warning, so mine wont be nerfed/buffed?
  12. Profilus

    Not naming and shaming but...

    Yeeees, all Thunderer players are worth more than any other team mate.
  13. Profilus

    Not naming and shaming but...

    You havent seen nothing until you have a guy in your team who has average damage of 751( no zeroes to add) in a frakin Enterprise
  14. Guess how many survived behind that island before we won!!?!!