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  1. Dunno, haven't noticed it. When i get pink(at will) i usually sail mostly dd-s and haven't noticed much salt about me being pink.
  2. Its kinda tutorial for torp users.
  3. *Edited
  4. You can even meet T7 with T5
  5. Max number containers/pumpkins you can win is 5. So you probably had 4 or 5 star victory before.
  6. Have had same problem few times some patches ago. Happened close range while switching fast from guns to torps and back. Maybe due to some lag issues server takes your gun aim as torp aim and launches them without checking where tubes aim :S
  7. By clan matewith DD and me on NA server.
  8. Ok, i spot that DD that comes to spot them shooting in smoke, DD happens to reach their shooting from smoke detect range at same time, they shoot (kill) DD, but at the same time they die to BB-s 20km away...
  9. You rly don't know??? How about armament presence in battle? Everything except cv has guns, but not everything has torps that reload much longer than guns.
  10. This. If you don't have clan full of unicums, then half clan will drag you down in leagues to get lowest rewards. And if you want clan to progress you have to remove less capable members from participating in CB. If you care about all members and let them play and reach higher leagues as clan, 3h per day won't be sufficient.
  11. What was that? It was very simple suggestion to have every smoke on every ship under letter T(consumable 1), every heal under letter U (consumable 2) etc. But you managed to make it look like rocket science (for your devs)??
  12. Nope, gonna keep my salt. Wanted to share it, but this BBaby ain't worthy.
  13. Let's just say, i don't fully trust WG-s mission/event descriptions.
  14. Well, last year i was upset too that i got "only" 200 dragon flags for my 2 TX. Didn't come here to cry that i didn't get as many as others. But year later(2017) i'm missing out only 4 supercontainers(3 if i manage to get 17mill credits today for Henry).
  15. You have 2 battles for 1 post in forums. Maybe just play more and you will get more stuff next year.