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  1. What were the US Battleships doing in 1944?
  2. Seriously?
  3. Good question.
  4. I don't believe flooding and fire are handle the same way by experienced BB players. I could be wrong.
  5. From a DDs (Mid-Tier) point of view, causing fire damage to a new or inexperienced player can have a significant effect on the game, but vs an experienced BB player... not really. You lack the DPS. Zero sum. If I am sitting in smoke spamming HE at BB, that means I am not scouting, screening or smoking for my team, plus my torpedoes are pretty much dormant. Sometimes, spamming HE damage actually is of a negative benefit to winning the game. So not useless, but less than useless. It just all depends on the tactical situation.
  6. I am not against what you would like to achieve.
  7. Can't nerf cowardice, but perhaps they could use it.
  8. Kiev can be spec. out to have a 9Km concealment. In smoke, WG proposal 2Km proximity... his proposal 4.5km proximity.
  9. WG proposal doesn't effect DD concealment.... your suggestion does.
  10. Which is what many BB players want. Bow on, press the left mouse button every 30 sec.
  11. This is considerable worse than what WG proposed.
  12. Smoke isn't the cause.
  13. Ships on European server 1 week WR Damage Kills HSF Harekaze 52.02% 29,975 0.7 Kagero 50.69% 31,820 0.7 Some odd stats.