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  1. Agreed.
  2. I have 47 reserve slots!
  3. First, I would say the ability to play well in divisions can calls for skills that are not needed solo. Second, sometime ago there was a player who posted on this forum (who was very proud of his purple stats) and at virtually every opportunity would call out other posters for their lack of skill/ ability. As a number of individuals pointed out, that yes he had a nice purple rating, but it mostly came from division play. Solo he was a mid-range 50% win rate player. Divisions increased his win rate 15 percentage points. A mid-range 50% win rate, while good, doesn't really put you in that place to belittle others. 15% difference between your solo rate and your division rate is very significant; and while i think each member of a three division team needs to be good, I don't think they have to be great players to have a noticeable difference in their solo to division win rates. Team work is a powerful tool in this game.
  4. -Harekaze reduced from 121 seconds to 101 seconds. I am not complaining. but isn't the torpedo reload speed already 112 seconds?
  5. Players who work in divisions throw off your premise. Going from playing solo to playing in divisions can have a more significant effect on overall winrate than and actual ability gain. Overall winrate isn't a good measure of overall ability, as it needs context. A player with an overall winrate of 70%, may have achieved most of this via divisions or playing certain types of ships. 70% winrate in BBs does not equal 70% in CVs.
  6. I like Shards as a DD, but what you pointed out happens way too often.
  7. So I looked up one of the players and the ship you have listed (No names included) and pulled these stats for that ship. Battles ▼ WR Dmg XP K/D Sh☠ Pl☠ Srv MBH TH WT Solo 1 0.00% 16,574 633 0.0 0.0 0.0 0% 27% 8% 371 Solo + Div 4 75.00% 44,865 1,096 1.5 0.8 0.0 50% 49% 14% 1,548 Overall Solo 40% of total games played win rate 58% Solo + Div 60% of Games played win rate 73% What do you see?
  8. Unlikely.
  9. Fix IJN dds ? BBs are not amused.
  10. I got a questioner from WG regarding my experience on Public Test 0.6.14 in which they specifically asked me did I play Chung Mu and what I thought of it. It would seem the Chain of Missions on the Public Test has some issues.
  11. Yes, I wouldn't want to disagree with my government.
  12. My home is in Thailand.
  13. Ignored by WG?!? Shocked I am.
  14. Of course, and since i lack CV knowledge, I don't know what these priorities are or could be. That is for that player to decide. I have never called for CV support in game and fully expect my DDs to 'deal' with the enemy CV planes. Sometimes my team CVs scout caps, but sometimes they don't... their choice based on their ship, load out, chosen tactics, whatever.