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  1. Tier VIII matchmaking

    If this is correct, then doesn't that seem to indicate that Tiers 6&7 might be experiencing some issues? Unless of course, 8s are only playing with themselves.
  2. Team Communication

    I usually ignore what people say in Random, because I doubt these arm chair admirals know how I should play my DDs. Too often they want DDs to go ahead of them and protect them or spot so they can camp, regardless if it is wise for the DD. Now if another ship on my team say they are doing something, I give it consideration.
  3. Ridiculous accounts

    I had a couple of them in a game, so I asked... they said admin accounts. One was the TX BB France.
  4. 1. I believe server statistic in all regions show otherwise. 2. I am not sure if I am one of the crybabies you are referring to, but... I love BBs. The more per game is better for me; and I believe I speak for many DD mains who say the perfect game is 23 BB and one DD. From a personal stand point, but I don't believe that is a healthy position for the game.
  5. Sub_Octavian 13th September 2016 "BB population increase is the real problem now... they live too long..." BB are OP at survival in the current meta; and it is this area of being "OP' that draws a certain type of player to them. The low risk individual that would flock to Shima if it had effective 20Km torpedoes that the could fire from the 3rd line. WG is attempting to address this "OP-ness" with gimmicks like AP bombs and deep water torpedoes, will this work... I couldn't say.
  6. "...T8 ships currently are toptier in 55% of the battles..." You ever work on a rather involved math problem and when you eventually get the answer... it just looks wrong. It just glares at you, and challenges to accept it is factual, when everything in your body, your experience, tells you it isn't. T10 ships are always top tier and T1s are their own thing, but besides those... is any other group of ships that are top tier more than 50% of the time? If this was me, I would look closer at the work which lead to this answer.
  7. Heresy Just to note: I like BBs, but I do wish there were more in each game, as a minimum of eight per side would be very nice... for me personally.
  8. Please explain how this equals too good. Last two weeks. Nicholas Win Rate Damage 48.49% 17,976 At higher tier people aren't hiding behind islands because of torpedoes, but because of artillery shells.
  9. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    This is what WG says. ------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME MODES Random Battle (Human Players) This enters your chosen ship into the queue to be matched with human allies against other human players; missions can be completed when fighting in Random Battles. Co-op Battle (Bots + Human Players) This enters your chosen ship into the queue to be matched with human and bot allies against other bot players; missions cannot be completed when fighting in Co-Op Battles. Also, you'll earn less Experience and Credits in Co-op Battles compared to Random Battles. Ranked Battle (Human Players) This enters your chosen ship into the queue to be matched with human allies against other human players; missions cannot be completed when fighting in Ranked Battles.
  10. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Much of what is learned in Co-Op does not transfer to Random, the game play is very different.
  11. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Players can play as they wish, but their actions are not in a vacuum. Their choices effect other players. They seem so preoccupied with whether they can play as the wish, they didn't stop to think if they should play as they wish in a team game.
  12. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    This is true.
  13. Ranked stars system

    Devils Advocate: I can't trust my team mates to play their ships well, but I am suppose to trust them to know who actually played poorly or who played well?
  14. Ranked stars system

    Currently in ranked, team play by DDs out weights personal performance, but that system would work differently, and would mean DD players should play very selfishly. Skirt the map and go for damage. I don't have to win because I know in most cases the enemy team will have a player that is worse than me... will score lower. I can get that seventh spot from the opposing players, as long as no one on my team does better than me. Every member of my team that has a poor game means my odds of getting a star are increased. This game mode would force me to actively work against my competitors... my own team. I could get to rank one without ever have won a game... using sabotage. This would go toxic very quickly. IMO
  15. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Defensive smoke still works. Mostly.