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  1. I think the Pan Asian DDs at 8-10 have below 6 Km concealment, 7.5 Km range radar, and at tier 10 I think you can spec to have it last 20 seconds. TIER X PAN ASIA DESTROYER HSIANG YANG 5.4 km concealment fully spec. All subject to change of course.
  2. I am not sure that Karma is a good tool in that regard. Since negative Karma could be because you played poorly or because you played too well.
  3. Soon
  4. On the bright side, "maplesyrup" seems to indicate that play of High Tier DDs has fallen below 20%, while at Low Tier they are below 17%. Give it another year an DDs might reach CV levels; and all those gimmicks will be virtually meaningless. That will also let Cruisers and Battleships scout and cap because DDw have held them back for so long.
  5. Interesting. I would have thought marketing would want premium ships to come out before the ship line.
  6. While I am not asking for it, I find it a little odd there is not a Premium German DD.
  7. BB seem to sell well; and at a good price for WG.
  8. These are balancing choices made by WG. Just like magic heals on your BBs.
  9. This is going to go well.
  10. Is this the correct values for cruisers? Cruiser VIII 30 seconds 9.00km -------------------- So Pan Asian DD VIII 30 seconds 7.50km?
  11. I wonder if to balance the lost of smoke, WG wouldn't increase the radar time significantly. DDs with 30 sec radar time.
  12. I am not against that, but who would pick 10 seconds of radar over smoke?
  13. I am not sure what they are doing, but to be fair... I don't think they know. If smoke is the issue... adjust smoke. Reduce its duration.
  14. I definitely don't, but I am unsure what WG wants.
  15. I wonder if that wasn't just bad luck. I have a Gneisennau, B hull , with a 10 point captain (manual fire control for AA no BFT or AFT yet), and it seems fairly effect against planes.