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  1. I agree with radar and long range torpedoes act similar. Short range torpedoes is a different matter.
  2. I have not notice cruisers being easy to play in general, so I can't see that changing by adding radar.
  3. If past is prologue, when WG gets them to the same place CVs are now.
  4. The use of consumables takes some skill, and varies considerable between each. Of course if you compare the skill of using a consumable to playing CVs effectively... it is hard to mention both 'skills' in the same sentence.
  5. Since my experience playing radar is extremely limited...let us talk about using smoke. In general, people don't consider using smoke to have that high skill of a requirement, yet there is a small learning curve on where, when and how to use it... effectively. Sure you can just move to a point and throw out smoke, that is simple, but would it be very effective if you don't have some understanding of the proper tactical us of this consumable? Why would radar be different.
  6. The level of skill is a different question.
  7. Nerf or Remove Radar

    British CLs seem to have not gotten the message.
  8. The skill level is very low, but it is there.
  9. Camping (like a coward) is more rewarding

    WG less than forth coming?!?! I am shocked!
  10. WG stated that players are to stupid to understand radar, if it was line of sight. Radar does require skill.
  11. Camping (like a coward) is more rewarding

    I believe WG has stated the rewards for all actions in the game are balanced.
  12. Do you really think that is likely?
  13. Where have you been? CVs have complained, complained, and complained more than an other ship type in the game since open beta. I remember when they just hoped a single patch would come through that didn't have a nerf or WG screw up related to CVs. Now they don't complain much because the WG balance train has ran them over so many times.. what is the point. WG has finally broke the current CV and is throwing it. There are people who will always complain about there toy... it isn't related to ship type.
  14. DD game play is utterly broken

    Who problem is it to solve? Your opinion.