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  1. Culiacan_Mexico

    Co-op Battles

    You might want to launch at point blank range.
  2. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    The thought of spending four captain skill points to get a limit 10% AA buff. Sounds painful.
  3. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sure, but wasn't the initial plan for CVs to fit seemlessly into the Meta? A good plan in my opinion. What plan could be better?
  4. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

  5. Culiacan_Mexico

    premiums in need of a rework or buff ?

    Kremlin needs a buff, as someone posted a video where one was actually sunk in game. We can't have that.
  6. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    WG plans are like water... hard to grasp. Remember a few months ago they instituted a three CV per team soft cap.
  7. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

  8. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    Fara once said, put him in a three man AA division and he would achieve a +90% win rate. That caused me to pause, as he wasn't claiming that his play got better in CVs, but that most other CV players were so poor that the could not adjust their game play. Fly straight in and die. WGs AA game play is a great skill divider.
  9. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    If I recall correctly, WG stated the wanted one CV per team in every game, 70% of the time two CVs per team, and on rare occasions three CVs per team. Somewhere on average of 15% representation.
  10. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    Initially, I believe WG was planning on CVs having a 15% representation in tier 10 games, which I believe all can agree just isn't going to happen with the current design. Not unless significant changes are made.
  11. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    Maybe, but considering where 0.8.0 CVs are right now (low player base, minimalist game play, and questionable balance); if WG actually wants CVs to be viable, then they are going to have to do a lot of work and make some significant changes. I am not sure we are out of Alpha yet.
  12. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    It is possible, but I personally (IMO) haven't seen WG develop an AA mechanic that isn't... not ideal. Watching the average CV player struggling valantly, but getting their aircraft slaughtered... how is this fun? They may buff CVs, but if they are frustrating and unfun... what is the likely outcome? Fara convinced me with RTS CVs, that WGs AA design was counter productive. I still hold to that.
  13. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    I am not sure I would bring in a Kremlin to illustrate how OP CVs are. Week Ending 2019/08/03 win exp damage caused warship destroyed BB Kremlin 54.45 1955 99115 1.1 CV Hakuryu 50.74 1888 79536 0.96 CV Audacious 49.55 1848 74340 0.84 CV Midway 47.3 1735 68537 0.8
  14. Culiacan_Mexico

    CV Rework Discussion

    0.8.0 CVs were not balanced at launch, tier 8 specifically, so nerfs were going to happen. This problem WG faces, which was actually brought up by a CC, if the number of players willing to play 'balanced' Cs is too low, will they just make them OP? WG had no answer. At this point it would seem the the base design of 0.8.0 CVs is fundamentally flawed, which is hardly surprising since they were not test well (WG admits). If too many players are only willing to play them in an OP state, then they really are in trouble. Since returning them to an OP state doesn't seem to be the direct WG is going, they may want to reexamine CV features and abilities; and modifying them so that they are more attractive to those who are interest in unique game play... not just OP ships.
  15. Culiacan_Mexico

    Nerf HE and fires.

    DD and torpedoes were a weapons platform that was far to difficult for the average member of the player base to learn and adapt to, so they were nerfed and replaced with increased overall gun power, which includes HE and fires. Not really the choice I would have made, but there it is.