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  1. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Game balance.
  2. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    It is just my opinion about my experience; and I have no doubt other do like it. People are different... that is good. With regards to Tier 8/10, I feel that the game meta is significantly different to mid tier or low tier; and without experience... it can be difficult.
  3. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    You claimed many thing regarding my intentions, none which were true with my original post. Is it your habit to make broad accusations? I posted originally why I looked up stats: "The North Carolina on our team calls out caps. After the game, which we won, but it was odd, I decided to do some research."
  4. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    Where in anything I posted did I equate game stats with anything other than the game?
  5. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    I am finished with season 9; and as I expected, I didn't find it very enjoyable. I started at Rank 20 and worked up to Rank 11 playing the Loyang. 26 Battles 16 Victories 10 Defeats 4 Stars Lost 6 Stars Retained For me the biggest issues were... 1. Team mates who seemed unsure what the goals were. 2. While some battleship and cruiser players were very good, others seemed to want to hide and not contest caps. 3. I think tiers 8/10 are poorly chosen; as too many players lack the skill and experiance to play well at those levels. 4. The whole process seems to be nothing more than a grind. Just my opinion.
  6. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    1. Why would you think other wise? 2. You are of course wrong. I person claiming to know how to play a specific CV yet has a 20% win rate over 1000 games is not going to be taken as serious as the same individual with a 90% win rate over a 1000 games.
  7. Two or three BBs staying together is a strong deterrent to CV strikes; while at the same time suppressing cruisers and DDs.
  8. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    1. Like I said... I looked up their stats because they behaved oddly in that battle. I was interested in why, if it was because they were inexperienced or poor players or if there was something I could learn. 2. If you think stats, players accomplishment/abilities in game don't matter when it come to a match... you are in error. 3. Base on context... absolutely. If I start tell CV player how they should play their carriers, I fully expect me to be called out based on my 'stats' do to my limited experienced. I could walk into CERN today and start telling them all how physics works, but as soon as they check my stats (expedience and education) my opinion will be given all the regard they warrant.
  9. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    This is generally true for me. At mid-tier the jump from 6 to 8 in DDs is pretty large. Benson or Loyang vs a Faragut is a major disadvantage or Hatsuharu vs Akizuki? But having said that, I don't see WG changing it; and it has nothing to do with wait times or diversity.
  10. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    During prime hours there is a waiting time?
  11. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    Ok, but I wonder how does that relate to me looking up stats after the battle? Lin3 indicated that was a "prime example" of something.
  12. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    I have never played WoT. Why do you keep them hidden?
  13. [PSA] Basic guide when you have CV in battle

    Pointless. The good CV players know what they are doing... where and when to commit their air craft. The rest are clueless anyway.
  14. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    Perhaps it is just you. The last Japanese DD I played to completion did ok. Solo Games WR Damage Kills Hatsuharu 251 64.94% 46 542 1.19 Destroyed warships Hit Ratio Main Battery 99 47.56 % Torpedoes 156 9.65 % Ramming 2