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  1. Culiacan_Mexico

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    How is dying fast an exploit? exploit: "make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)" or "make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand."
  2. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I also think this is very likely the answer.
  3. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    The tools we have for examining performance are fairly limited: personal experience and independent statistical sites, which might be somewhat less precise compared with WGs. So just for clarification: 1. Over the last two years Neptune win rate has not fallen off... or 2. The decline in win rate is within acceptable parameters... or 3. This is a meta issue (Neptune dragged into lots of tier 10 battles.) Thank you
  4. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    WG changing the game based on our rambling ideas/talk.
  5. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    A universal buff to British CLs would include these ships. How can that be justified? An argument might be made that certain British CLs need a buff, but a universal one? Ship Stats by Quarters win damage destroyed survived 06/30/18 RN CA 6 Leander 50.61 27122 0.63 32.93 RN CA 7 Belfast 58.99 52053 1.02 47.15 RN CA 7 Fiji 50.4 37205 0.74 37.3 09/29/18 RN CA 6 Leander 51.61 27068 0.64 32.67 RN CA 7 Belfast 59.02 52921 1.05 47.08 RN CA 7 Fiji 50.83 37214 0.76 36.3
  6. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    At mid-tier 6 & 7 there is not much change; and Tier 10 seems relatively good. Tiers 8 and 9 have suffered over time, but as to why....? Survived 2017/03/25 06/24/17 09/30/17 Update 0.6.12 2017/12/23 2018/03/31 2018/06/30 09/29/18 RN CA 6 Leander 31.85 31.97 31.99 33.08 31.47 32.93 32.67 RN CA 7 Fiji 37.98 36 35.82 36.71 36.48 37.3 36.3 RN CA 8 Edinburgh 38.39 37.19 36.14 35.77 35.49 35.41 33.56 RN CA 9 Neptune 39.71 38.32 38.03 36.5 35.24 33.82 32.23 RN CA 10 Minotaur 43.43 40.73 40.37 39.76 39.61 39.84 38.98
  7. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I think an argument could be made that British high tier cruisers took a hit with the smoke firing rework (excluding Minotaur). Ship Average [ at 2017/03/25 ] Edinburgh 51.07 Neptune 52.89 Minotaur 51.92 Ship Average [ at 2017/06/24 ] Edinburgh 50.05 Neptune 51.20 Minotaur 51.12 Ship Average [ at 2017/09/30 ] Edinburgh 49.11 Neptune 50.55 Minotaur 50.83 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 0.6.12 Changes in Ship Detection Mechanics (Smoke) The update happens October 18 (2017) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ship Average [ at 2017/12/23 ] Edinburgh 48.70 Neptune 49.88 Minotaur 51.11 Ship Average [ at 2018/03/31 ] Edinburgh 48.66 Neptune 49.17 Minotaur 51.05 Player Average for Ships [ at 2018/06/30 ] Edinburgh 49.18 Neptune 48.92 Minotaur 51.37 Player Average for Ships [ at 2018/09/29 ] Edinburgh 49.50 Neptune 49.04 Minotaur 50.81
  8. Culiacan_Mexico

    Filter for new ppl

    Stay at low tier (2-4) where there is 'protection', until you have a strong grasp on the game.
  9. Culiacan_Mexico

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    A buff to the entire line would be statistically impossible to justify. As for high tier British cruisers, Edinburgh and Minotaur seem in line with other cruisers at their tier. Neptune as well as Ibuki, Admiral Hipper, and Hindenburg do seem to be slightly under performing. Player Average for Ships [ at 2018/12/08 ] Country Win Rate Japan Mogami 49.26 Ibuki 48.62 Zao 50.05 Germany Admiral Hipper 48.40 Roon 49.00 Hindenburg 48.21 UK Edinburgh 49.24 Neptune 48.12 Minotaur 49.99 US Baltimore 49.59 Cleveland 49.77 Buffalo 48.98 Seattle 50.30 Des Moines 50.97 Worcester 50.98
  10. Culiacan_Mexico

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Worked for me. Thank you.
  11. Culiacan_Mexico

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Do nothing, shoot down a few aircraft and then be sunk? Historical is what you are looking for... then CVs need to be buffed dramatically.
  12. Culiacan_Mexico

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    Project R The Kamikaze R variant is an event ship that was obtainable through Project R, a month-long event that was held from 18 January 2016 to 14 February 2016. It is identical to Kamikaze in all respects save appearance; Kamikaze R’s camouflage is suminagashi-themed. Restoring the Kamikaze The completed blueprint of the Kamikaze lies at the end of Project R. When the last milestone is complete, the event will be over and all players with a contribution of at least 145 Pearls will be awarded with a playable version of the Japanese destroyer! In World of Warships, Pearls aren’t found in clams. To earn them, players must challenge special “Project R” in-game missions. By diving into this community campaign and reaching various milestones, captains can earn credits, Premium Account, camouflage and other boons which are delivered based on an individual’s contribution. If the community is able to reach the impressive milestone of 10 million Pearls, Kamikaze will be rebuilt in all its glory and 2,000 Japanese destroyers will be randomly given to participants who collected 150 Pearls or more. We are proud to announce that even the last little lonely Pearl has been swooped off the bottom of the sea, leading to the successful ending of Project R! By having collected at least 150 Pearls on your account, you have automatically been entered into a raffle for 2,000 Kamikaze R destroyers. Fingers crossed! For those of you who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and secured 260 Pearls (thus decimating any last hopes for mermaids to be pretty ever again), Kamikaze R is either already anchored in your port, or will be very soon. Good job! Kamikaze R will be first credited to all players who have accumulated 260 Pearls. The players in the 150-259 Pearls range will then be selected to automatically participate in the raffle for 2,000 free specimens. After the Project R event, the Kamikaze R variant went on sale.
  13. Culiacan_Mexico

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    Elite? Please define? Everytime someone starts a Stalingrad is OP thread; numerous Stalingrad owner counter with arguments that it is not. If it isn't OP, why does it matter who owns it?
  14. Culiacan_Mexico

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    I feel it should just be general policy. I used the Kamikaze R last rank; and will use the T-61 this one.
  15. Culiacan_Mexico

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    Ban premium ships from ranked.