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  1. dakker45

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    All that one can ask is you do not do the same thing here as in WOT. Make up phony ships and give ships a unreal advantage. WOT went too far by introducing Tiger tanks made by japan, please don't do that here
  2. dakker45

    Team killers will cause an automatic loss?

    yes need to have a team kill option that auto saves battle details. I've been torpedoed on purpose by a angry kid and on accident, need to auto save so the right people can be punished
  3. dakker45

    Login world of warships

    had same problem, had to wait 3 days before it would work. try using Facebook to log in
  4. dakker45

    Friendly ship on ship collision

    very good ideal
  5. dakker45

    Is a destroyer nerf needed?

    DD's have a very low survival rate so to remove that would render them useless
  6. dakker45

    Player Names Above Damage Indicator

    would like to see ID on ships like in WOT
  7. dakker45

    This MM is fail

    thank you
  8. dakker45

    Carrier Fun... NOT

    match making between carriers needs work. putting a tier 8 against a tier 6 is totally mismatched. The tier 8 planes far more superior and they have a lot more planes. need to keep carriers more evenly matched
  9. dakker45

    Defensive AA Fire

    I agree with that, losing too many aircraft before even getting close to target
  10. dakker45

    Game Keeps Freezing

    I'm having same issue, as well as being kicked off during battle
  11. dakker45

    Ship Fires

    do I take your lack of comment that you don't care?
  12. dakker45

    Camo on premium ships

    Why can't we have the same set up as in WOT? you buy camo for 7 days with coin or permanently with gold
  13. dakker45

    Defensive AA Fire

    I'm a Aircraft Carrier user and think that the AA on cruisers is already deadly. I loose a lot of my planes to them. When I send my planes to attack one of them I know that if I'm lucky 2 or 3 will survive the rest will die. were you have unlimited ammo, I only have so many planes.......
  14. dakker45

    Ship Fires

    In todays battles alone 8 out of 10 times I've been killed were do to fire. I can win a battle but still loose. If you have ever served in the Navy you would understand one of the main things they teach seamen is fire control. Please fix this problem ASAP
  15. dakker45

    Ship Fires

    Seems to me that a fire should not be able to take out your ship all by itself. I had my ship hit 3 times (minor damage) 3rd hit set it on fire and continued to burn till the ship was destroyed. Now before you ask.. I had just used my damage control party to fix my rudder that damaged in the first hit. I had to sit there and watch my ship burn up while praying my damage control party would recharge in time. This is not very realistic. In a real life situation the ships crew would have put it out. Ships catch fire way too easy