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  1. khazz_1

    Server down?

    same here we might have been in the same battle
  2. khazz_1

    How to make play CV impossible

    I am glad we have a defense against bombers mainly because most CV's I run into are running bombers only and no fighters. There is nothing worse then giving the enemy almost free reign to bomb the hell out of us.
  3. khazz_1

    Random observation regarding German BB's

    I never play ant of my bb's at max range good solid advice all around. I did love the fuso I forget how many games I payed in it but it was ALOT.
  4. Well I am at teir 5 so far and only have 2 games into my konig, both were in teir 7 matches. my only real complaint at that tier I get out ranged by everything except japanese dd's. Mind you I ma still running the stock hull for a few more battles. Does the range get better as in how the fuso did once you upgraded hulls, or it it stuck with the range upgrade. What are everyones opinions of the german bb main guns.
  5. khazz_1

    Bismark Most Interesting

    do not feed the trolls.
  6. khazz_1

    Where is german BB ın publıc test?

    I just wished they would give us an actual date on when they will be released for testing and then released for general population to be able to run. Then again that is only my idea for transparency , it is almost like the developers for WG are in the KG used to B with all the secrecy lol. I know it was a bad joke.
  7. khazz_1

    Where is german BB ın publıc test?

    I love that especially when over a month and a half ago they released the german BB's will be available soon. I wondered for awhile what their definition of "soon" was. 2 months away or 2 and a half months away lol, Why al the secrecy ?
  8. khazz_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    7 losses in a row
  9. Been longer then 3 weeks
  10. I especially love that a month and a half ago they announced german battle ships were coming soon. They must us a very loose definition of what soon means. lol
  11. khazz_1

    some advice needed for Nürnberg...

    I wish I took a screen shot of one of my nernberg fights today, I believe it was 100k damage
  12. I do have an extensive knowledge on how artillery worked in WW2 as well as modern day. 25 plus years in the US Marines, 14 of it field artillery give me a unique insight to te inner workings of artillery then and now. They were accurate then and now ... alot more accurate now, say with in 5 meters, WW2 accurate within 15 meters
  13. It wasnt always like that , during beta cruisers would not dare to get to close to you or risk being deleted. Battleship guns were used accurately during WW2 for call for fire by us army and marines and was very effective. This is made that way to appease the cruisers that were complaining about being one shotted do to lack of play on their part, especially up close. Now it is a crap shoot even up close
  14. khazz_1

    Kongo vs Pensacola one on one battle

    during beta a CA would not dare go toe to toe in a close quarters gun fight, it was almost insta kill , then they nerfed BB's at close range to give CA's more of a chance. I do miss those days