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  1. Sybeck

    An Open Letter to Wargaming

    Here's an odd fact, there are thousands of things that I like, love, adore and might even kill my mother for, but oddly I've never felt compelled to write into any relevant forum and announce how much I like, love, adore (while regretting the sudden passing of my mother) that particular thing. Because happy, content people and people who are optimistic about the future don't tend to do that ever. People who are not in that situation and feeling that they've lost something or are struggling to cope and adapt tend to be the ones who generally complain. I can only speak of my personal experience and that is that most people I know in game and play with are happy with the change, playing CVs more or for the first time in PvP whilst acknowledging that there still needs to be a lot more fixes.
  2. Sybeck

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    OK help me understand this. Before, even if there were just 1 CV per side at minimum (before de-planing a CV), there would be 3 squadrons in the sky. Now at most, with 1 CV per side, there would only be two with one of them for all intents and purposes being a temporary stationary fighter squadron. So there are less squadrons in the sky per CV, but everybody says there are more and DDs saying they're perma-spotted when there are less squadrons in the air per CV. . . ? I'll accept that the almost indecent replenishment rate and the F Key abuse of invulnerable returning planes means that they constantly seem back on station within 30 seconds, but what's the difference from the old system when a CV player could keep a plane circling a DD till they were forced off by fighters or some decent AA? Both those countermeasures still apply. When I play DD I'm still more worried about radar than planes though I'll admit rocket planes are a much bigger threat and harder to dodge than torp or dive bombers. I think there's scope and a need for a lot of fixes to "improve" the latest iteration, but I think they've got it more right than wrong, but I'm really not buying this, "sky full of planes and perma-spotted" line. maybe, just maybe, all these "new" CV players know how annoying it is from their DD playing time to be tagged constantly by a plane and so are copying what the good CV players used to do them pre-patch?
  3. Sybeck

    worst patch in wows

    Happy and content people don't write in to tell people how happy they are and really unhappy people would stop playing and I see no change in player numbers on any server. Everybody was warned and told that it would be work in progress and there would be flaws and exploits that could only be discovered through putting it on a live server, waiting for the hype to die down and then do serious testing and fixes to make it a better experience for all. Sorry if you didn't get or didn't read the widely spread and advertised memo. Maybe comeback in a month when you've had a chance to cool down and they've done what they said they were going to do after the stuff they warned you about that's got you all over-heated.
  4. Sybeck

    worst patch in wows

    Says who? I've noticed more people playing carriers, I know more people playing carriers who never or rarely played them before and enjoying this style more. I see 2,3 or 4 DDs in every match so they haven't stopped playing. Meanwhile I'm not being cross-dropped in the first 2 minutes of a match by a unicum and being deleted and that said unicum is still racking up good damage at T8 and T10 and surviving most matches.
  5. Dear WG, Making a format (Ranked) that inherently requires teamwork and communication to progress was hopeful at best. To make that format even more dependent on teamwork and communication by dangling super shiny objects on the map mid way through a match that may be at that time either a detriment or an advantage to the team is madness. I can taste the salt in the air already and whoever thought this up in the office should have the label "TROLL" permanently attached to their forehead.
  6. Sybeck

    How do we help players like these?

    Let's breakdown the <50% 1. Players who don't want to learn or improve 2. Players who learn very slowly 3. Players who have learned, but don't think/act quick enough 3a) Don't play regularly 3b) Not game aware/slow to react Category 1 you can't "make" better. They're here for the fun, they like sailing warships and firing guns at other ships or islands. As it stands they get more of everything as a reward for playing Random than CO-OP so why would they play CO-OP; they're not stupid. Category 2 you can't "make" better. They've watched tutorials, they're learning or have learned things from bitter experience, but they struggle to take things on as quick as other people or in the same volume as other people or maybe, just maybe, they have more pressing things to learn in real life that takes up their capacity in time and resources to learn the minute details of a peripheral online game, which doesn't put food on their table or help them pass exams. Category 3 you can't "make" better. They know the game mechanics and strategy and tactics and the individual ship characteristics, but because they don't play for hours every day and may only play once a week or less; they're simply not game sharp. Alternatively, they are people who just react too slowly or don't anticipate as quickly as others do how the battle is unfolding and they make the right moves, just a little too late. The #1 ranked boxer is 99/100 probably going to beat the #100 ranked boxer, but nobody would say the #100 trained less, knew less how to box, he's simply not as quick, strong or as good as the #1. I don't have an answer as to how you help these players and category 1 certainly doesn't want the help and stat shaming or insulting the others I'm pretty sure won't achieve the results the OP desires. In fact, driving those players out of the game is the worst possible result for the 50%-60% WR bracket because they'll be the ones who slip into the <50% bracket to take their place and be permanent Category 3s and the target of scorn and derision from some others. As in all these kind of threads there's more than a whiff of elitism and this whole thread is less about how we can help them and more about how we can be rid of them. In the end I guess it's down to WG to construct some sort of Random Leagues utilising games played and WR as the crude qualifiers. Div 1 6000 Games Played 60%> WR Div 2 4000 Games Played 55%> WR Div 3 3000 Games Played 50%> WR (Should be enough games to deter re-rollers.) Div4 All Others *If you drop below the specified WR then you drop to the division below and likewise, if you exceed the given WR you get promoted up a division. Of course if this were to happen we can look forward to lots of threads from the top players in each division complaining about the competence of the lower players in their division.
  7. Dear World of Warships/Wargaming, It's obviously a bug and it's becoming increasingly irritating to me, my clan and my friends. The little red and white 'News' notification icon is frequently not disappearing even when all News items are read or the "Mark As Read" button has been clicked. It's irritating because Wargaming will often do more than one news announcement a day so you go back to check, I used to, and it's STILL the earlier news that you've already read and you click Mark As Read again and the notification icon remains resolutely there! This is counter to your desired outcome Wargaming because I now deliberately ignore the notification and only check it once a day or once every two days. So please wargaming, talk to your UI coder.
  8. Sybeck

    Which Legendary Upgrade to Pursue?

    Thank you! I hadn't heard this. OK that changes everything and makes my question redundant.
  9. So here's my dilemma. In the past 2 weeks I have gained 4 new tier 10s, Yamato, Montana, Minotaur and Des Moines. So I have the 4 personal assignment missions for them, but looking at my upcoming work and travel schedule and the finishing date of 31st Dec for all of them I know that I'm going to be lucky if I can fit in enough time to complete even one of them. So my question is, 'Is there a stand out winner or 'must have' out of these 4 upgrades that I should put all my effort and time into?'. On a sidenote it seems a bit unfair that players getting T10s between now and 31/12 are going to be up against it to get the upgrades and others after 31/12 will never have the chance. I get that it's a reward for long time players and people who put in the time, but it has to tilt gameplay balance somewhat, no?
  10. A "possible" though still improbable reason for someone with 8K battles that I've heard twice in a battle is that some people run mods that show a hydro detection with an on screen radar icon; I don't know which mods do this. Both times the players insisted that they were being radared even though we kept telling them there were no radar ships in the battle and both times they kept saying, "Then why do I have a radar icon on my screen?!!!!". As I said, understandable for a noob and new mod user, but not for somebody with 8K battles under their belt.
  11. That takes something to write a title that's 3 times longer than what you added in the actual post. On the actual point though I think it would be regarded as a super buff for German BBs.
  12. Didn't buy any and had a Chapayev mission drop from first container. This was two days after I had bought a Chapayev, but I got @10 million credits instead when I completed the mission, which paid for the Montana I had been grinding credits for. So all round I'm a happy guy, but I won't be buying any. Would be interested to see if more than one mission drops for other people from premium or ingame boxes.
  13. Sybeck

    Superstitions and Ships / Loadouts?

    Mogami - I felt that I could stay in port and still end up being citadeled by something; seagull crap would probably do it. Thinking about it now and I can hear the ear popping sound of a citadel hit. Bismark & Edinburgh - Because when I jump in either Wargaming knows that's my secret signal to their servers to keep me in T10 matches all night because I'm an attention whore for T10 ammunition and 4 hours of it is never enough.
  14. Sybeck

    Daring crap

    There ya go, spoiling a perfectly good, totally personal, subjective rant with your objective facts. Shame on you!
  15. Sybeck

    Halloween Mission a "How To" guide.

    Rasputin is not that nimble. I've rammed her three times now in a Jackal. I keep telling other BB players to do it, but they must think I'm trolling them because so far they all steer away or go for the passing broadside.