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  1. Erhabend

    Russian Tech Tree ?

    Info about our ships will be available at "Igromir 2015"
  2. Erhabend

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    Useful info, thanks
  3. Erhabend

    U.S. carrier vs IJN carrier

    Japan CV is always suffer from US CV
  4. Erhabend

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Great! Is Atago so cool ship?
  5. Erhabend

    Division size

    I think, there will be Squadron fights some day
  6. Erhabend

    New ideas for World of Warships

    Unfortunatelly, you will be disappointed P.S. English is not my native language too
  7. Erhabend

    Repairing ship mid-battle

    Ship Repair Crew need some time for rest
  8. Erhabend

    Whats your most fun to play Class of ships ?

    CV is a really great class
  9. Erhabend

    germain battleships

    Let Russian and German fleets add at the same time for make Eastern Seafront!
  10. Erhabend

    WoWs or WoT?

    It's temporary situation. They will learn how to play soon. We need just wait