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  1. Hangoverrrr

    [ENUF] is on the hunt for good competitive players

    Hey guys iam interested in joining.
  2. Hangoverrrr

    BYOB Clan Battle Recruiting

    Greetings Captains. We are Bring Your Own Booze [BYOB], we have 34 Active members from all over Europe and communicate in English. We are looking to recruit some skilled and reliable players for Clan Battles to replace AWOL players and those who can no longer commit to playing every CB session on a regular basis. Last season we finished in Typhoon scoring regular wins against Hurricane clans on our way there. But this season we find ourselves slightly short of players who are good enough to be comfortable getting back to Typhoon and push for Hurricane. We are especially interested in people who are comfortable playing DD (YueYang/Gearing/Shimakaze) and the BB position would be opened up for the right player. That said, we are mainly just looking for proficient players who own a range (5+) of viable CB ships like: Henri, Des moines, Zao, Hindenburg. And are willing to play full CB sessions on a regular basis. We understand that people have lives outside of the game, and missing some CB sessions is unavoidable, but those who are present regularly will be given priority to play. Stats will be looked at, they are not an exact science, but there is undeniably a difference between a 48% player and a 58% player. The core of our CB team are Rank 1 players in the 55-60% range. Outside of Clan Battles there are no specific requirements of being in the clan, regularly playing Clan Battles is more than enough of a commitment. Our CB players do regularly division up for randoms, but you would never be required to join them, and you will never be required to be on voice comms for anything outside of Clan Battles. We also offer a upgraded port with good bonusses like +10% Commander XP, +25% Free XP per battle and 7% additinal coal and steel. We generally use TS3 for Clan battles communication, but we also have a Discord server and optional Whatsapp group for shitposting. We Currently have 6-7 spots availible. Anyone who is interested can contact me in game or with a PM here.
  3. Hangoverrrr

    BYOB Looking for new Recruits

    BYOB is recruiting! We are looking for active members. We just created 10 more port slots. And looking to fill these positions whit (moderately) active players. All Clan Port bonuses are researched, Except the final HQ expansion. We provide a save port for Solo and Division players and have a Teamspeak server running. Most of our member are online daily. Your stats are not that important, We are all here to enjoy the game and have fun. Apply now or message one of our recruiters. Good Luck and Fair Seas. *TS is required when participating in Clan events/Battles*
  4. BYOB is starting recruitment whit the Naval bases coming. We are looking for active players (daily not required) We don't mind the tier u play or require TS. Do u play solo or divisions we got a place for u. Do u love this game and do want to share the benefits of the coming naval bases whit us, We got a place for u. Look for us in the clans tab or msg me (Hangoverrrr) for a invite. Good luck and fair seas.
  5. Hangoverrrr

    Revert Damage back to Teamkillers

    i remember a rule never shoot your torps infront of a teammate. But iam talking about the people that intentionally shoot there torps at teammates at the start of a round.
  6. Hangoverrrr

    Revert Damage back to Teamkillers

    Ok, havent seen that ingame. Been killed and damaged by a few Teamkillers. But they sail along and iam sinking to oceans depts.
  7. I think once a players has gotten his beloved Pink status all damage done to alied ships should be reverted back on his own ship. This to discurage Teamkilling further and not to be in a match whit 1 or more teamkillers that screw up your match. I am tyred of getting in to matches where one player damages several ships and even sink a few and than gets killed him self. Leaving the team whit 1 or more players less. And thus losing the game from the start.