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  1. [SPUDS] Special Potato Unicum Division Squad We are not recruiting right now Who are we? The clan was founded in January 2017 and build up by members from the Flamu-Community. We quickly developed our own identity and are an international group of people from a lot of different European and some non-European countries. What can you expect from us? A well organized clan that has a flat hierarchy with a "familiy" feeling and is always open to members thoughts, criticism and feedback. You can also expect Fun Events within the clan by our own members. On top of that most of our members have in-depth game knowledge to all aspects of the game. We also understand real life obligations, which means there is no big problem in taking some off-time from the clan. What do we expect? A friendly open minded person who speaks and understands English. You should be able to take constructive criticism. We consider it essential that members take actively part in our clan life. Since our main communication platform is Discord, you need to be using it. What are we currently recruiting? We are currently searching for active players. We don't really care about stats but if you want to participate in Clan Battles you should understand the game basics, be willing to improve and ideally have 2 or 3 T8/T10 ships in your port. If this sounds good, send me, @Adm_Archer, @Slewniets or @Bladespinner a message via Forum PM or Discord.