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  1. 373_Runequest

    What line for beginer is best?

    low tier BBs are not representative, they are slow, turn like a brick and their guns are inaccurate. You can be YOLO rushed by a DD and miss him with all your shots from 2km and then he dumps torps into you. So at low tier, don't go alone, use your firepower to cripple enemy cruisers first and then work on the BBs. This will keep your DDs and cruisers alive so they can help you with the BB. As you go up the tiers, BBs range and accuracy improves as does their speed. They become lethal but still vulnerable on their own. The BBs heal and armour allows it to take damage that would kill a CA but it must have time to heal up. Cruisers are fun, agile, fast with lots of rapid fire guns which allows you to correct your aim easily, but as you get higher in the tiers, they become increasingly vulnerable to BB fire from across the map and you spend more of your time creeping from island to island to get in those sneaky shots.
  2. 373_Runequest

    New player - Progress report

    Camos These come in various types with various bonuses. They can be found in crates (if you pick the camo crate) and are also awarded in missions. They can mounted by going into the exterior tab and picking the camo you want. They are used in the battle and you must re-equip with a new one after each battle. You can demount them in port without using them up. Basically they give some bonuses re concealment and enemy weapons accuracy, others also add bonuses to ship XP, commander XP, free XP, credits earned or service cost. If you really like a ship you can invest gold in getting a permanent camp that is not expended on use, Premium ships come with a permanent camo. Signals: same again, you can pick them up in the daily crates, for missions, and they are awarded for certain achievements. You can mount them under the exterior tab.
  3. 373_Runequest

    New player - Progress report

    Re gold spend Demounting modules - its easier just to sell the ship with the modules and rebuy them for the next ship using silver credits. Premium consumables - these are very useful and the default seems to be set to use gold, but if you click on the gold, it will put up a small pulldown menu and you can pay for them in silver. Capt reskilling. You can use gold but it is far easier to use credits, free xp and premium ships. A commander in a new ship uses his skills a half level until retrained. You can reduce the amount of XP needed to reskill simply by paying 200K silver. Then there are 2 options 1): use free xp and commander XP to finish the retraining (use the + box next to the commander). 2) Put the commander in a premium ship until he is retrained. His skills work at full level in a premium ships. Just make sure you started the retraining to the next ship before moving him across to the premium. You should not really need to use gold unless you want to skip some of the grind.
  4. 373_Runequest

    How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    Play a game in your HSF ship and the ship specific missions will appear in the Challenges bar. For the HSF Harakaze the missions are just to win a battle and they can be completed in co-op so it is very easy to get the wins and the containers. And each container gives you oil as well.
  5. 373_Runequest

    Weekly Warships Stream - Q&A Questions

    Shima consumable choice does not have to be the standard TRB or it could be something else, e.g. an improved speed boost like the french cruisers so I can outrun even russian DDs or short duration stealth boost, or a modified TRB with say a 30 sec reload rather than the standard 5 seconds / or just reloads 1 set of tubes, or anythingelse they dream up. Just seems odd that the Shima is getting ignored
  6. 373_Runequest

    Weekly Warships Stream - Q&A Questions

    Not strictly on the agenda but: Every T10 DD has an additional consumable option beyond the normal speed boost and smoke. Depending upon nation, this is either DFAA, Hydro, or heal. It is rumoured that the new high tier Pan-Asian DDs will be getting short duration radar. The only T10 DD without an additional consumable option is the IJN Shima. Any plans to give it an extra consumable option?
  7. 373_Runequest

    Anyone else sick of IJN DD getting Nerfed

    Talking about IJN DDs, have you noticed the shima is the only T10 DD without an extra consumable. The US gets defensive fire, the russians get heal or defensive fire and the germans get excellent hydro and the IJN get - well nothing. The shima does not even get the torpedo booster.
  8. 373_Runequest

    new fubuki? questions?

    Oh well that is the Fubuki well and truly stuffed. Dropped down to T6 - no concealment module, average speed - bet the long range torps go. Kagero drops to T8 okay but now I am even further away from the shima. The Fubuki was an excellent ship at Tier 8 - just don't mess with it WG.
  9. 373_Runequest

    Destroyers specifically jap ones.

    as an IJN destroyer your jobs are spotting, caps and stealth torp runs at lone BBs and tunnel visioned cruisers. You can advance and spot enemy ships for your fleet and suggest targets in chat but remember to stay undetected. Expect to run into DDs screening the enemy force and cruisers behind the DDs. You have better stealth and US or RU DDs so spot them and turn away. Fire torps undetected. Only use guns if you have to as they increase your spotting range for 20 secs. You can use guns in knife fights with other DDs or to kill low HP lone targets. If you are doing a stealth torp vs a BB done open up with your guns afterwards as he will turn to fire at you and your torps will miss. Same with capping you have the concealment to get in and cap. But low tier maps are small and battles get fast and furious - so dont try deep infilration runs until some of the enemy are dead.
  10. 373_Runequest

    Destroyers are so useless

    Sadly agree with 2nd_Torpedo. High level ships have much better responses and can usually dodge torps unless you hit them when distracted, and if they spot you the weight of fire will usually sink / cripple you if you can't dis-engage. Easy torp detection, and air cover make a DDs job very hard, there is nothing worse than a fighter squadron sitting above you so you are constantly spotted. Russian DSs make it worse for IJN destroyers, their guns are very effective and they can out run you. The Fubuki T8 destroyer is not bad, good guns and 3 x 3 torps, speed is low enough so cruisers catch you.
  11. 373_Runequest

    karlsruhe is still a rubbish after update

    Yes it is rubbish. I loaded up with all the anti-fire captain skills and upgrades I could (damage control upgrade 1, fire extinguisher L2 captain skill + L1 ship survivability captain skill). I don't burn anywhere near as much and can now save my repair team for when the engine explodes. Seems to have helped - managed to kill off 2 BBs with a couple of other CAs a couple of days ago
  12. 373_Runequest

    Accuracy Nerf on many ships.

    Same issue with the warspite, gun accuracy seems to have disappeared. Multiple shots falling around the target much more than usual. The correct aim point on the scales seems off as well - NVIDIA graphic card issue?
  13. 373_Runequest

    ships dissapearing when in bino mode

    Most likely it is the enemy ship moving out of detection range, When he fires or a DD / plane gets close, he should re-appear. he will also disappear and appear on the mini-map
  14. 373_Runequest

    There is something WRONG.

    I took my warspite out today APs were doing less than 1000 avg damage, HE even less, but did manage two citadels against cruisers but with HE. Recent game at 2 brothers, going back to reinforce the weak flank escorted by a CA. A CA and DD came through the cap, my warspite's main guns were insufficient to kill either ship. My escort crippled both and my secondaries finished both off when the closed to finish my BB off. WoW have admitted the armour fix, balls up AP and they are going to sort it to allow BBs to actually survive against a cruiser.
  15. 373_Runequest

    Sky in Flames Mission

    Take a BB out with decent AAA, the planes come to you - okay you will probably die but you complete the mission