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  1. Good job. What a fail. And no it is not the same.
  2. First off all if you reply to my posts at all then read them or do not reply.Second, i have no wish to type anymore. Enjoy.
  3. Tirpitz have: - smallest guns - 8 barrels compared to 9 ( Carolina) and 10 ( Amagi ) do the math. - worst dispersion - worst shell grouping - penetration problem - MM with T9-T10 90% of the time - adding this to pen problem and crapy shell grouping Tirpitz is only a hiting bucket in T9 and T10 battles, not to mention for the 100 time all mighty HE shell fires.. - AA with small range. Is that not enough? -
  4. I have 26.15 % hit rate with Tirpitz so far , with NC 28.59 % . So pls tell me how bad i shoot? My problem is not pening crap on NC ( before patch ) , and shell not grouping on Tirpitz. And yes, i do play a lot of games with some of my friends that are not so good, and i try to help them as much as i can so my stats are not only factor here. I am team player not pro stats hunter = solo player.
  5. Have you ever ever played with me so u can have that accusations? And it is not hard to read... I LIKE to push and i push in all other BBs like Colorado, Mexico AND NC but, can i push againts torps from DDs and CV plus HE shellS ( mostly russian OP shells are problem ) . When you drive Tirpitz you by nature must me Kraken machine, and yet in reality i have seen few good Tirpitz drivers that do not camp behind everyone else.... And again i DO NOT sit back, and i have good hit percentage plus lot of hits, but without damage is pointles,..
  6. Finaly someone normal. You understand completley. They think that u rush in torps and HE spam just because u have Tirpitz and you SHOUD be good plus u have almighty torps. LOL
  7. No, didn't mean that u go under 13 km, u can easy spam from longer distances... NC is now much much better ship, try it Even better AA and much deadlier ( precision ) ;)
  8. I do like to play like that , that is why i hate this, because when i get in a close range fight with NC i end up as a winner, and in Tirpitz i end up with torps in my ship and a lot of fires... yay.......... Colrado is a sniper compared to Tirpitz, Nagato and so are all other BBS. Yeah u see cruisers , but with no pen crap shell they love you more then you love them .
  9. Tirpitz would be great without one of two tings, no penetration problem or bad shell grouping. I do not care witch one, but this is a laughy... NC is far more better BB. if there will any time soon be a night map, Tirpitz will serve as a tourch...
  10. What is the point of BB when u have to get under 15 km to do something? I am better off with CA or DD then.. I have AFT, and need 2 points for manual AA. Yamato is not a problem. problem are fires and CV mainly...
  11. Yeh i do tthat, and what do i get ? 3 fires on my ship all the time.. fun yeah... Ever other BB on T7 - T9 is usable over 16 km. And with Tirpitz you have to play like you are Atlanta, even Atlanta can do better. And that 26 s reload is pointless since other BB are snping from long range while you get banged by destroyers, CV AND HE spamers.... GG
  12. Yeah, if u get to point that u have to use torps, than u probably would not last long.. Sry.. Bad sides: - bad AA - bad shell grouping - NC have 3 turrets with 3 guns = 9 - Amagi 5 x 2 = 10 - Tirpitz 4x 2 = 8 - HE spam on Tirpitz since u have to get close to do something Good sides: - great armor - great rudder shift Nerf down HE spamers, limit them shells, limit torps, T9-T10 where i mostly end up is HE spam, torp spam, and CV banging me. GG
  13. I have ~ 170 games in NC , and now after buff this is the most complete BB in T8, yes, Amagi has better guns, but has crapy AA, so does the Tirpitz.. Yes, i always go close, ~ 14km and i then HE spam begins and you are toasted. End of the story. With NC you can point your front end, slow down a bit and have 6 amazing guns ( after update ) to play with, and you can do crap with Tirpitz on that, if u point your front end you only do not get damaged, but what is the point if u can't do anything more than to take HE shells and shoot with 2 front turrets with great dispersion and poor grouping. Ready to be torpeded by CV and/ or DD.
  14. Why, why did you ruin Tirpitz? Dispersion is so great, that you can bearly hit ship over 15 km! And under 15 Km almost no difference... One salvo is "good", other 4-6 are like on Myogi! In RL Bismarck/ Tirpitz have had greater accuracy.. It only has 8 shells, and if u manage to land 3-4 that is wow, and if u don't get fu++++ 1260 dmg .. LOL! This is now useless ship, Amagi and NC can shoot with no probs from 17-20 km, and i have to get to under 15 km only so i can get fired up 3000x with OP russian sh** shels... GG.