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  1. SENAdmiral

    pensicola is abysmal

    From what I saw today, 90% of team target first the poor pepsi, not once I noticed peoples ignoring broadside targets at 5km only to try a cita-hit in a Pepsi 10 km away ... sadly, almost any big shell landing on take a huge chunk of health...
  2. SENAdmiral

    When are ranked battles going to start?

    But back at the OP, I am - sad confession... - DESPERATE to get ranked back... less ships, (much) less confusion, and like has been told already, stupidity filter, stronger and stronger with each step to first place... Bad thing, I was unable to get an answer about the (re) starting date... Also, I can see WHY WG do not give green light at ranked, yet... tons of good players become frustrated each day more... the normal MM lottery can bite you bad, yesterday I got a row of 8 loses vs 2 wins... all 8 with tier 8-9 campers mixed on tier 7 battles ... I understand the economy its really bad after tier 8, so peoples on tier 8-9 - 10 choose to camp most times, ignoring this game its 99% about capping ... So, you can get rows without end of defeats on Random ... and a huge load of frustration, free offer ...
  3. SENAdmiral

    When are ranked battles going to start?

    just LOVELY, bought him yesterday, not played yet, but.... I read about, seems to be an huge success ....
  4. SENAdmiral

    Kiev torps question

    So, I wonder what mean, in practice the upgrade of torps on Kiev, since there are an "+3 torps" on upgraded version (the ones with more damm but less speed) ?... I mean, BOTH choices offers you an double 5 (5 x 2 ) torps on water, so WHERE are those extra 3 torps from so called upgrade ? Cuz right now, are no difference at all, in numbers, aside of speed and damage, in practice, between two kinds of torps, both of them use the SAME torp number : 10. Its that an graph error / info card error ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. SENAdmiral - base capture points - nada ?!

    true, its a HUGE buff for team-working dd.s skippers. I can confirm that : almost 5 K of xp, absolutely sure NOT for kills ....
  6. SENAdmiral

    Decaping in a Domination match - mechanics question

    In fact, since on last time I play intensively soviet dd.s, who are great at capping since enjoy Ferrari engines with best speed in-game, I do noticed the ships who enter after me on capping point on last 10-15 sec receive nothing (seems so me some minimal required time to get a piece of the cake) ; On other hand, the so much trumpeted "reward" for capping, de-capping, defending cap points (see patch notes about...) its just NOT working.... see pictures on bottom, I capped alone / defend the capp, etc, at the end game, contrary to patch notes, I get ZERO points, nada.... "... Rewards will be given for: Capturing the base, namely for base capture points - for example, if two players captured a base together and at the same time, then each player will receive half of the reward." 1 - capping, alone.... 2- no reward at all, after, contrary to patch notes claims:
  7. So, since the patch, I cap several times, alone - but .... Patch notes says: "... Rewards will be given for: Capturing the base, namely for base capture points - for example, if two players captured a base together and at the same time, then each player will receive half of the reward..." In-game, we get this: 1 - capping, alone, should receive max reward : 2 - in practice, "base cap. points received..." ZERO, nada... Its only me, or this great feature (who can bust the team play) are NOT implemented in-game, like the patch notes promise ?....
  8. SENAdmiral

    Game Economy!

    base capture suppose to give you rewards - that was (are) on patch notes; In practice, you get ZERO, nada ! 1 - capping, alone - should receive 2,5 k credits. end game, base capture credits = ZERO.
  9. SENAdmiral

    5th November: Maps are bugged on the server!

    I lost 2 ships getting stuck on mid ocean, hitting some invisible ground... in a dd... not even smoke save me, get a rain of constant shells .... impossible 2 play, I confess...
  10. SENAdmiral

    5th November: Maps are bugged on the server!

    the game its badly broken, almost all maps are badly bugged, please better turn off the servers and undo what you try to do WG !
  11. SENAdmiral

    The Kiev is a Monster - Soviet T7 Gameplay [203k damage]

    fully agree, stronk and tons of fun, Its hilarious to see trollpitzs.s running away of kiev, burning like hell..... On a side note, to achieve full potential of this dd small cruiser, you need open spaces, so open maps with less or no islands at all will give you a serious edge.
  12. SENAdmiral

    Soviet DD stats

    Nice post Ken, thanks for your work , + 1 here !
  13. SENAdmiral

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    Sorry, my screenshots are for credits not for damages, my mistake. Apologizes . PS - I still love Kiev !
  14. SENAdmiral

    Premium Shop down ?

    edited :
  15. SENAdmiral

    MM get sadistic

    For me, the decisive prov come when I saw, on last day of Ranked, a tier 7 cv vs our tier 6 cv - something who come against Ranked rules: same nr of cv, same rank cv.s.... And 2 bb.s vs 3 or 1 vs.2 become the norm on Ranked, on last days... So, again, MM algorithm get "upset" by some tweak, I think...