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  1. Submarines Balance Suggestions

  2. will alaska be free xp or coal?

    It is pissing me off that you don't know for what resurce/currency cetain ship will be and on which gathering you should focus.
  3. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    Still hoping for Tone, Agano and Ooyodo.
  4. I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    I was against subs in this game and I still am. Adding a completely new class to the game where there is a problem with balancing the original ones is not a good move. You have still plenty of ships too add and to balance them around core mechaincs. Do not make a complete mess of it. Look at WT for example where adding too much stuff completely neglected other areas of the game.
  5. "Supply Lines" event: feedback

    Well not really. It was more about activity. Since having full clan but 3/4 of people do not participate won't win you those battles.
  6. EU server massive lag

    Today was ok for me but yesterday I had been kicked a couple of times from game.
  7. Le Terrible's Early Preview

    Without smoke she will simply need heal. Buffs to guns are just not enought to make her copetetive in the current tier VIII meta where 90% of games are tier X and there are a lot better tier VIII destroyers anyway.
  8. Anniversary Event

    I admit really good stuff. Had doubts before but now I'm satisfied.
  9. First poll - best looking ship

    Roma or GTFO
  10. Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    Roma Abruzzi Musashi
  11. I play Mushi from time to time. It is a good credit earner with all the money camos and flags plus it is a nice looking ship.
  12. Gone pink

    Oh really? Never experienced such situation before. Good to know.
  13. Tripple bonus for NEWCOMERS only?

    I agree. There should also be a bonus or some sort of a gift for dedicated players that support their game with money. And no, not garbage -10% discount coupon.
  14. Guessing contest [up to 10k doubloons]

    How many butthurt CV unicums are gonna leave the game after rework?
  15. Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Got it just seconds ago