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  1. Game Balance terrible + 2 ffff annyoing things

    Time to put the tinfoil hat again
  2. Republique sounds really cool. I really like that name. France was just too generic.
  3. So got the 3 Free ones and got the Bretagne mission.
  4. WTF is going on with this game?!

    4 minutes in game and 4 Tier X on your team are already dead. You are Tier VIII and dies as the last. Then you go to the results and see that other team got half of the players from unicum clans. gg
  5. French BB captains, hybrid build?

    I definitely want to experiment a bit. Especially with Alsace when I reach her. PM, EM, AR, BFT, SI, AFT and MAA. Boost AA to the max and see how other skills are gonna benefit secondaries.
  6. About to win a game

    I once lost 999 points game because Nurnberg left our last cap
  7. I bet the dispersion is going to be glorious. Comrade Stalin will guide the Stalinium shells himself
  8. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    "Cruiser" Eagerly awaiting more details though
  9. All Edited got to tier x dds

    k, bye
  10. IJN Asashio in Preview

    >inb4 torpedo reload booster and smoke at the same time to make it actually at least sellable and not like almost myth of a ship Ashitaka Still they should just put her in second IJN dd line and give Super Akizuki
  11. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not really a dd player but I'm super proud of the real lady game. Stock ship btw
  12. Atago, Tirpitz, Roma or some other?

    I would wait till you get and play ragular tier VIII ship before even buying high tier premium.
  13. That's why I only get to rank 15 so I can get the flag and don't bother with this mode.
  14. Year of the cruiser when?

    Jesus don't be passive agressive. And I would say a lot. You can make some statistics from such faterial too you know. Discord group for clarification. Not to me directly, heh.
  15. Year of the cruiser when?

    It is not about winning or losing though. And even in games my teammates post from high tiers, 4 cruisers are max. Always with 5 BBs per side. The problem lays within team being put together in the first place. Because even you have to agree that such composition isn't good for gameplay and teamplay as whole.