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  1. ImperialAdmiral

    Transaction error

    I have such error when I try to change falgs or camo. For 2 days at least. Had to restart game. Friend had to restart computer.
  2. ImperialAdmiral

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Got Hood yesterday from the premium one.
  3. ImperialAdmiral

    FPS drops

    I don't even have it installed.
  4. ImperialAdmiral

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Spot the Scharnhorst... .
  5. ImperialAdmiral

    British Carriers: Their History and How We Recreated Them

    Tomorrow there will be new set of directives mate. Also you can get some florins and crowns from daily missions.
  6. ImperialAdmiral

    British Carriers: Their History and How We Recreated Them

    They do look truly amazing. What baffles me though is the fact why HMS Audacious uses Wyverns as all his planes. Even though that art and directives shows Hawker Sea Fury. There was so much potential to use different planes too like for example Blackburn Firecrest or Supermarine Seafang.
  7. ImperialAdmiral

    FPS drops

    Same here. Insane fps drops after the latest patch. Especially when playing ships like Atlanta or looking and shooting at BBs that are on fire.
  8. ImperialAdmiral

    How many Krakens do you have?

    :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That's more than impressive!
  9. ImperialAdmiral

    How many Krakens do you have?

    Heyo ^_^
  10. ImperialAdmiral

    How many Krakens do you have?

    Just a fun topic. How many Krakens you got to this date? I got my 50th today.
  11. ImperialAdmiral

    ST, CVs, Georgia, Monarch, Conqueror

    Yoshino reveal today as well?
  12. ImperialAdmiral

    PSA: 1 Day premium code: WOTVALENTANK

    Thank you.
  13. That's a lovely profile picture :)

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    2. ImperialAdmiral


      Here it is more subtele and fitting. In terms of historical events it reminds me of European Reformation and European wars of Religion with an adventure sauce to it.

    3. CptMinia


      Well, I'll get to reading on it as soon as I finish a couple over books. Nice chat, thank you :)

    4. ImperialAdmiral


      It was my pleasure as well ^_^

  14. ImperialAdmiral

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    And reload booster to compensate for having only 4 guns