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  1. ImperialAdmiral

    Premium/Special flag for steel/coal ships.

    So basically every single steel, coal or free xp ship or in general premium status special ship has their premium/special flag. Some look very cool and it would be awesome to be able to have them. Question is why WG doesn't allow people to get them yet still make effort to create them and their descriptions. They only time I remember flag was added to special ship bundle was during event where you could get Lazo. I would really like to hear official WG statement on this. @Crysantos @MrConway @Tanatoy
  2. ImperialAdmiral

    Change the name of the upcoming German premium battleship Odin?

    People make thread about Odin name but don't see a problem with Mainz? I mean maybe there was a general/admiral Mainz I've never herd before. And yes this variant was supposed to be "light cruiser". But still it doesn't change a fact that this is Admiral Hipper class ship and should be named after general/admiral.
  3. ImperialAdmiral

    Soviet Submarine SPecial Captain

    Hell yes!
  4. ImperialAdmiral

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    K bro. Next time we are gonna play Colbert, Smolensk, Mino div
  5. ImperialAdmiral

    [COMFY] – Secret Society BLANKET is now recruiting!

    We have place for new members. Come and be part of our comfy community.
  6. ImperialAdmiral

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    Yes lets buff Musashi
  7. ImperialAdmiral

    Submarines with acoustic torpedoes. Bad idea or good?

    Just speaking hypothetical a German G7es torpedo could for example track ships that are moving but completely ignore stationary targets.
  8. Listening to Reddit where a lot of people are from NA. OMEGALUL
  9. ImperialAdmiral

    Severe disconnections

    Anyone has faced severe disconnections for at least a week or so? I swear to God that it happens 2-3 times per day lately.
  10. ImperialAdmiral

    This CB season in a nutshell

    We tried DD comps with clan and 80% of the time they were [edited]disgusting. Like cruisers melt in seconds.
  11. ImperialAdmiral

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    I mean my opinion is that even if mechanics where kinda fun during the event... #saynotosubmarines Wanna play subs? Play Silent Hunter. Simple as this.
  12. ImperialAdmiral

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    And as someone said on reddit. The lack of communication is simply horrible. Is this really that hard to announce for what currency those ship are going to be distributed? I'm gathering all those bs resources: steel, coal, free xp and I don't know really for what. And this is upmost frustrating!
  13. ImperialAdmiral

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    It is not even that. The problem is that most of them are tier IX, X concepts that this game doesn't need at this point while historical ships and low tier ones are hold in Wargamings limbo for almost a year now. And it really starts to piss me off.
  14. ImperialAdmiral

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Might be NTC thing