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  1. Collectors Edition Flag.
  2. psa

    Same here. Also yesterday I had same problems with forums and half of the match players were kicked cuz of lag.
  3. Just imagine all those people typing "HACKER" when their torps go beneath dds without any hits.
  4. Some people don't like them, I think they are quite interesting and fun game mechanic. At some point I would like to see regular matches with rain in them.
  5. Seems like someone never played a game with build in voice chat.
  6. Yes, that is the Richelieu's original project.
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. Wait so you are telling me China also have problem with Indonesia and Thailand? Like seriously WTF? Can't you just change ONLY the flag of Taiwan?
  9. Still not fully upgraded It was a defeat but that's what you get when your carrier is rushing B in the beginning of the match.
  10. I have a feeling she might be a reward for some event.
  11. Yeah, you can turn off the Arpeggio ships, Halloween event camos, Kobayashi prem camos.
  12. Filter just like for Halloween or Arpeggio ships would be fantastic. The only camo that IMO is ok is the Hunter one. Fits well with many larger ships. And yeah the Irish one brings me only bad luck.
  13. Is there any option without mods to set the ships camo to display only the regular and permament premium ones while in battle? With the recent absurd ammount of different camos ships look like ugly pinatas. And before you call me a hypocrite. I'm using those camos too because of the bonuses they provide but It really makes me cringe when I look at my green grass or bright red ship.
  14. Pretty much this.