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  1. Nice copy paste
  2. Akizuki mission seems a little buggy if you ask me. It is pretty hard on its own especially if you are constantly matched against tier X
  3. I got Marblehead and Molotov :3
  4. Supercontainers for Moskva and Henri IV I can say I'm super lucky and happy as hell :3 Best present ever!!!
  5. Just to clarify. All battles will be counted not only random battles, right?
  6. 2 super containers for me then. Nice
  7. Was checking the Osprey publishing release plan for the 2018 and saw New Vanguard series title called "Italian Cruisers of World War II". Definitely gonna buy this one since books about Italian cruisers are almost non existant in English language.
  8. Not to mention that I still can't sell the first 3 British battleships.
  9. Horrible win ration but so far I love that ship. Aprox. one fire per salvo. Many times 7k to even 12k per HE salvo. Games of 90k-100k are pretty easy to get as long as you aren't focused by everyone (new ship) Torps do massive damage though.
  10. What's the status of the crew that can be seen during their daily routine on ships while in port? First teaser of that was presented quite long ago.
  11. Na razie 3 bitwy, ale bardzo przyjemnie się nim gra. Salwy z HE po 7k czasem nawet 12k. Min 1 pożar na salwę. Sam jest raczej miękki. Ciężko powiedzieć coś więcej na razie.
  12. Beautiful battleship. Just like all Italian warships.
  13. Yeah however I'm always against the "what if" AA suit. This should stay as historical as possible till Zaras. They can use imagination on IX and X I would not mind there. And why Gorizia instead of for example Pola. The answer is pretty simple in this situation. The most striking and nice looking camo.