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  1. This is getting out of hand

    I haven't seen it. I don't know exactly what happened but I will side with OP on one thing. No matter how angry you are on a teammate, teamkilling them is super low.
  2. Why do I have a feeling that the reload booster is being tested for Soviet BBs?
  3. Probably the ugliest ship in WoWs so far. WG's what if concept on a never completed ship.
  4. 3k base xp

    BB that suicides inside the cap is most of the time a sign of desperation since everything else failed and your team is either dead or ultra useless. Later game of course. Not talking about those that rush straight away and die.
  5. Agano class cruiser proposal

    True Agano was unique in her design for a light cruiser but I would never cosider her as an aviation cruiser. Even as a starting point for the aviation cruiser line. She will be either premium or could be part of completly new and redesigned classic cruiser split which won't happen at least in the near future. Premium ship is the most possible option. If not Agano as the main ship of it's class then you still can use 3 other ones.
  6. Agano class cruiser proposal

    Sadly I think it was either on a stream or in a Q&A in which WG said there are no plans for a second IJN pure cruiser line. Therey are only gonna introduce some aviation cruisers after the CV rework.
  7. Agano class cruiser proposal

    Well I'm looking forward to seeing it ^_^ I don't have much issues with the year restrictions in WoWs and I really do think that she would be best at max tier VI being fairly balance and rather unique in playstyle. I'm most opting for a torpedo cruiser variant. Agano class was a flotilla leader first afterall. Nevertheless, I'm really open to different combinations and variants.
  8. A word of THANKS

    It is nice to see some trully positive thread once in a while.
  9. Totally agree on the lower tier ships CC content part. More gameplays, more guids and more love in general for those tiers would be much appreciated. From the relevant CCs I think only Fara made a really great and complex guids for low tier ships, in his case carriers.
  10. So, any word on the UK DD line or Commonwealth premiums?

    I think that next line is going to be announced pretty soon so that on Gamescom it will be already playable for the visitors.
  11. Premium shells in WOWS

    and rising or rather falling
  12. Agano class cruiser proposal

    Agano class cruiser Light cruiser Agano The Agano class cruisers were light cruisers build for the Imperial Japanese Navy as a replacement for the older classes of light cruisers as a part of Fourth Replenishment Program. Named after Japanese rivers they were beautiful, modern looking ships with a graceful deck lines. Designed as a flotilla leaders for the modern Japanese destroyer squadrons they were fast ships yet at the same time possesed underwhelming main gun armament of only 6x2 152 mm guns and weak armour protection. On the other hand they could be proud of their torpedo armament which featured two quadruple Type 92 torpedo mounts placed on the centerline of the ship which could fire a full broadside on either direction. Agano class construction Ship Build at Laid down Launched Completed Agano Sasebo NY 6/18/40 10/22/41 10/31/42 Noshiro Yokosuka NY 9/4/41 7/19/42 6/30/43 Yahagi Sasebo NY 11/11/41 10/25/42 12/29/43 Sakawa Sasebo NY 11/21/42 4/9/44 11/30/44 Agano class Specifications Displacement 8,534 tons full load Dimensions Lenght:572.35ft overall /beam 49.9ft /draft: 8,5 ft Speed 35 knots Range 6,000nm at 18 knots Crew 51 officers and 649 enlisted personel as designed; Sakawa had 55 officers and 750 enlisted when completed Agano and Noshiro as built: 6 × 152 mm Type 41 guns (3 × 2) 4 × 76.2 mm Type 98 DP guns (2 × 2) 6 × 25 mm AA guns (2 × 3) 4 × 13mm Type 93 AA machine guns (2 × 2) 8 × 610 mm torpedo tubes (2 × 4) 16 Type 95 or Type 2 depth charges 3 Type 88 mines Completed on 31 October 1942, Agano participated in the battles for Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands during 1943. Agano was badly damaged in Rabaul harbor by aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS Saratoga and USS Priceton, and in a subsequent attack by aircraft from TF38 on 11 November she received a torpedo hit. Ordered to home waters for repair, she was torpedoed and sunk north of Truk by the US submarine USS Skate (SS-305), on 16 February 1944. Light cruiser Noshiro Commissioned on 30 June 1943, Noshiro participated in operations in the Solomon Islands and was damaged during the US carrier aircraft raids on Rabaul on 5 November 1943. She served in the Marianas in the summer of 1944, and was part of Admiral Kurita's force during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. At the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. She was west of Panay while withdrawing from the Battle of Samar on the morning of 26 October when she was sunk by aircraft from USS Wasp and USS Cowpens. Light cruiser Yahagi Commissioned on 29 December 1943 Yahagi saw action in the Marianas in May/June 1944, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. After the US invasion of Okinawa on 1 April 1945, she was ordered to accompany the battleship Yamato on its suicide mission against the American fleet at Okinawa. Yahagi was hit by some seven torpedoes as well as a dozen bombs, and sank on the afternoon of 7 April 1945. Light cruiser Sakawa Sakawa was not completed until the end of 1944, by which time there was little fuel available. She survived the war unscratched and was used as a transport to return demilitarized troops from New Guinea and other areas after the war. She was expended in the atom bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in 1946. *Data based on Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941–45 and Wikipedia. In conclusion, I think that it would be nice to see those magnificent looking light cruisers in game at some point. Possibly a tier V-VI ship, with many ways to make it interesting and unique. Torpedo reload booster, higher rate of fire, better aa or maybe Aiming System Modification 0? There is many options to choose from for this class.
  13. Premium shells in WOWS

  14. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Yay, some activity here. There was pretty nice debate some time ago if Zara is still considered as a tier VIII material. I mean I do still belive it but seeing that WG puts the treaty cruisers in tier VII some doubt started to appear. I was 100% sure that Algerie will be tier VIII as well and it turned to be wrong.
  15. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    Still, best question about Montana buff. I loled so hard when I heared it.