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  1. Love the tag selection in this thead lmao
  2. Finally after couple of months of nothing.
  3. More than 15k for sure. Don't remember the exact number though. And aprox 6k free XP in one of the matches with the flags stacked on Tirpitz and prem account.
  4. Love how mysterious and clickbaity the title is.
  5. Played couple more with randoms. Jesus Christ people can't work as a team for crap. Either trolls or some are trully brain damaged. Whole event is superb though. I like the effort they put into crating this mission.
  6. 2nd attempt and 5 stars. 1st game was a total mess though.
  7. Some cool little piece of history about the Maestrale class. Most of the Italian ships had motto. Same in case of Destroyers. For example Soldatis had the mottos of certain army branches. But Mastrale were kinda unique since whole division shared one motto and it was quite beautiful. "Io sto In ascolto Se rechi il vento clamor di battaglia" I listen into the the sound of battle carried by the wind. Very roughly translated.
  8. Dank meme thread 2.0! LET'S GO!
  9. So where is KGV then? Is it going to Prem or you are gonna switch it with Nelson on Tier VII? Looks like generic trash if you ask me. Especially that it looks pretty much the same as Lion.
  10. Wait really??? That's bad news too.
  11. The charm of a Premium ship is that it was famous one, unique one or that it was project ship yet still pretty well known. But THIS? I'm kinda speechless... Seriously WG. FFS give us Roma or Jean Bart not this trash.
  12. For whatever reason. Cash, you didn't like it, etc. Just curious.
  13. If Kutuzov is OP then what Charles Martel is? XD Kutuzov suffers a lot from Błyskawica syndrome. Player needs to be good to actually make those ships work. Majority of time though this ship either dies first or last since player was sniping from all across the map without any results.
  14. I feel you OP. Sometimes in my Tirpitz I provide scouting for whole my team. Even aircraft carriers!!! My only problem with the other BB players is when they snipe from the borderline cruisers on the verge of their range for the whole match. BBs that go into or operate close to the objectives are always going to be my friends.