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  1. Sinkmall

    looking for competitive clan

    @ mod, can close this topic, ty sirs
  2. 12.000+ random 9.500+ ranked 500+ team All T10, exept Somers, Thunderer, Yohino 57 full skill captans. 200+ ships Active player. discord/teamspeak/perfect english/dutch/german Former clan founder, Typhoon 2x Keen on comms/ software/organizer. Online gaming 20+ years, mature.
  3. Oleum is an active clan, Relaxed bunch, never the less, wel orgonized, with good atmosphere. and plan.. Some think we're not active, wrong bet, couse we know when to join force! Still, our clan want to expand, i want leaders, recruiters and soldiers!
  4. 4 spots left in the harbour Wanted: T10 [edited]kicking players! You got it? Join us now!, For this is season 8 "Sea of Fortune", we want you for! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOnSh3QlpbQ
  5. Oleum, latin for oil. We have been arround in World of Warships for almost 3 years, aka former "Team Battle VIII", before clans were introduced. And there is a reason for our long and steady history, we simply are the coolest clan arround :) We are mature and play competitive. Depending on season, team battle, ranked, sprint ranked, division and clan battles. In team, we use tactics and strategies and aim to win and rank. Clan discord server is avalable for clan only. Join OLEUM now and go up ranks with us. Sink 'm all! https://discord.gg/54NSJuu
  6. We look forward to the upcomming clan battle season. You hunger for a relaxed but competitive port with +10% steel? Join us!
  7. Well thank you! We buch of guys have room in the port for thoose that want to join us in clan battles.
  8. Contact us on https://discord.gg/54NSJuu or pm me or HMSbulwark, if intrested in joining us! Have a good one, sink 'm all!!
  9. Im Namen des Clans OLEUM, wünsche ich allen einen atemberaubenden Spaß und wettbewerbsfähig 2020! Wie für dieses Jahr, wie seit 25 Jahren, Verpflichtung Online-Gaming, dieses Spiel, dieser Clan. Die Ehre ist, dies mit diesen Clanmitgliedern zu tun, mit durchschnittlich 7,5K Schlachten unter der Gürtellinie! Und wir wollen Sie 2020 bei uns! Kontaktieren Sie uns auf https://discord.gg/54NSJuu oder pm mich, wenn sie sich uns anschließen möchten! Sick 'm all!!
  10. In behalfe of clan OLEUM, i wish all a stunning fun and competitive 2020! As for this year, like i donne for the last 25 years, commitment is again to online gaming, this game, this clan. The honor is to do this with these clans members, with average 7,5K battles under the belt! And we want you with us in 2020! Contact us on https://discord.gg/54NSJuu or pm me, if intrested in joining us! Have a good one, sink 'm all!!