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  1. We, as OLEUM, are on the look out for players that are into fun, competition in clan battles, ranked, sprint ranked, twilight, and so on. For that we have our discord clan only, but, feel free to meet us as ally on https://discord.gg/54NSJuu if intrested in joining us!
  2. Join free to be ALLY of the clan OLEUM, to meet us! https://discord.gg/54NSJuu
  3. We still are an open port for experianced players that are on the look for a twist of clan battles and pleasure in gaming.
  4. Our attitude is mature, fun but with a good twist in experiance and will to win. Sounds like you? Come join us!
  5. Our recruitment is open for Clan Battles. If you are an active player on T10 Ships and on the look for a clan, send me a personal massage (While in Clan Battle, Discord is a must)
  6. If you are working your way up the techtree with result, and look for a good port, OLEUM can be your home. Since clan battle activity is not only T10 these days, it is not a must but a plus. Discord and teamplay are key words.
  7. We have room in the port. Have T10 ships, decent seak for fun and competition? This is us, who are you? Must use discord.