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  1. Guardtard

    Looking for Brit/English speaking Clan

    Yo, meets our been. We are mature active and relaxed and are into clan battles and more. Contact me to see if you could fit in our port. Cheers, Guard.
  2. OLEUM is also verry active in Naval Battle.
  3. We take our battles serious, but with room for fun and helping eachother. If you are flexible in playing several T10 ships, know your ships and you want to team up with a good clan, contact me, any deputy commander or recruiter. We are active in playing divisions every day, and play all clan battle evenings, on our clan only discord. Cheers, Guard. Sink 'm all!!
  4. Guardtard

    Looking for a home.

    PM sent.
  5. We, OLEUM, are recruiting. As we like to stay active, we also look for friendly training battle 7 vs 7 CV yes/no can be discussed. Please send pm.
  6. I sent you a personal message.
  7. All out there, looking to make a new choice in your gaming experiance, OLEUM are at this point ,floating in a top atmosphere, with a good bunch of experianced gamers, goal and mindset is to be a fierce opponent in clan battles. For that we gather in our clan only discord. Flex in playing several T10 ships, members find their role in ships and tasks. We combine this with friendship and regular teamplay. Therefor, we would like to meet you on voice comms, Like to know what you look for in a clan and what we are looking for in members. Followers and leaders make the clan, we have room for both. Our goal is simple, next is Hurricane. Sounds like you? Contact us!
  8. Free bumb for you guys. I remember "dark days" were not that bad, those were the days we played team battles in my team "Team Battle VIII", before clans were even there, ty dark6799, (and t3h3th32 for jumping in now and then, back then) Cheers Guard, sink 'm all!