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  1. Eng_Ninja

    Tier X stats on NA/SEA/EU

    yes buff the Des Moines its needs it ...
  2. did like the ship but so bs now just sold it thx god ..
  3. Eng_Ninja

    Triple X Gaming UK - Now Open For Recruitment

    yep enjoyed teamwork last night good fun. see all soon .
  4. Eng_Ninja

    Triple X Gaming UK - Now Open For Recruitment

    thx for the info that's what ive been looking for teamwork .. Signed up
  5. Eng_Ninja

    Do you still play ranked battles?

    nope ...
  6. Eng_Ninja

    Critical Error with patching

    had to download full game to get it to work ..
  7. Eng_Ninja

    Some interesting info around the world

    thx 4 info ..
  8. Eng_Ninja

    Still no offers in the Prem store?

    i don't care any more the game needs to be fix and MM .WG not getting any more money off me till it fixed .. off to play other games that are fun to play..
  9. i do like the Des Moines but needs some love ..
  10. Eng_Ninja

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

  11. Eng_Ninja

    Official release is near

    yep get the popcorn out
  12. Eng_Ninja

    MM today 14.09.

    not good today MM
  13. Eng_Ninja

    SLI workaround

    yep it has ^^^