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  1. Beardroid91

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Was the current CV test limited in terms of how many could apply for it? I applied for it when they announced it, on the page it says i'm participating YET i have not got any email about it with a login, and yes i checked my spam folder for my mail. So anyone else still waiting for their emails that you/we should have received yesterday the 26th, so WTF WG i thought you wanted it tested by non CV players aswell.
  2. Beardroid91

    Clan Battles: "North" Season - Discussion Thread

    Well time is never good for Clanwars, last time was in the middle of the summerbreak people away on vacations, and now Christmas and exam season so yay, also Ranked always gets the best time slots imo. and Clanwars always get shafted with poor timing. Why not put Ranked on all the big breaks so all the loners who actually still care about Ranked can play it, meanwhile Clanwars could get a much better time slot as it is a TEAM SPORT and not just a one person playing the game... Also you might want to maybe look at the average age of the players who play your game and then faktor in the school/uni work / exams at summer and winter. Just an idea to consider WG
  3. Is there any limit on how long after you sold a premium ship for when you can restore it - i know that in the past it used to 6 months, or has it been changed to all time now? Also in cases where people sold their Belfast for the 8200 doubloons would they be allowed to rebuy it if they had the doubloons on for it?
  4. WeeGee where is the public voting for the camo's in your own time plan you listed the voted to begin 16th of november at 1am CET, but here 15½ hours later there is still nothing. When can we expect to see the final 10 camo's?
  5. Paint 3D is a easy enough to use
  6. Beardroid91

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Jutland's speed is a real let down, and yay for useless HE you need IFHE for... Also the Jutland is a Battle-class DD, and they had two major versions; the 1942 and the 1943, the 1942 is the A-hull build, but the B-hull is the 1943 version, yet the difference is the speed, the '42 had 34 knots top speed, while the '43 could do 35,75 knots, YET ingame you only have the 34 knot version which is BY FAR to slow for any DD roles. And add the speedflag boosts the 34 knots to 35,7 knots yet you should not have to be forced to use a speedflag to simply play this DD, and then you have Daring that has 35 knot of speed and it is even bigger and heavier. WG logic at its best...
  7. Beardroid91

    New American Campaign

    Ah okay
  8. Beardroid91

    New American Campaign

    Okay i'm at stage 3, doing the (be top 3 XP earner, win and get a Heroic achievement) I had a Chapa game and got a Double Strike and finished 3rd on my team and we won, yes i didn't get my 2 star reward for doing it. I would think Double Strike would count as a heroic achievement but nope, is this an error?
  9. Beardroid91

    New American Campaign

    So WG what exactly is the reasoning behind making the "Stars 'n Stripes" containers nearly impossible for must to get? Like being top 1 XP earner at tier 9-10 is hard enough in USN cruisers, and to do it 6 times and then you get 15 containers, feels so odd, as on PTS i had like 300 containers to open and nearly everything dropped containers, so why make Stars 'n stripe so hard to get, and USN cruiser is not a carry ships at all, you guys need to have a rethink about the requirements as they are crazy... Feels like the WG team in Russia was drinking on the job when they greenlighted this crap. So i guess most people will just redo the 1 star missions... so fun.. is this what you wanted from your campagn?? As it feels like it is just out of whack and to hard to do in the given ship classes. And why the hell is Cruisers and CV's competing for the same missions and CV's always have the advantage? You guys need to re-balance it. And add to that William Halsey offers nothing new, it is just a copy of John Doe with added fireworks and redtracers... i mean American colors are BLUE so the tracers should be blue. WG you failed hard on the this campagn.
  10. Beardroid91

    PT 0.7.5 General Feedback

    Super disappointing that Halsey has red shell tracers, when everybody knows American colors are blue, so yea just wasted 4-5 hours grinding the new collection only to be disappointed by knock of Yamamoto Isuroko's red tracers... how hard would it have been to make the shell tracers blue...?! Also i'm not a fan of the alternative camo colors for the american permacamo's, on some of them look good while others look worse than the original camo. Looks like the black and gray are mixed up.
  11. Beardroid91

    Pan-Asian destroyers

    So i have been playing the Pan-Asian DD's alot the last couple of days, and one thing is clear - they suck, and they constantly get raped by "real" DD's as they have real torps and not this deepwater crap, it is at the point where i fear DD vs. DD engagements in my Chung Mu... yeah... I found the line to be decent up to tier 7, and now the tier 8-9 it is really underwhelming and uncomftable to play as they can only hit CV-BB-CA and not DD's and with the amount of DD's in every game then Pan-Asian DD's can't cap at all, and they have to rely of the team to help them kill the DD's as the USN guns take forever to kill high tier DD's, where as the enemy DD's can just use regular torps and rape you. It litterally can't be right a IJN DD can YOLO rush a Chung Mu and torp it to death while the Chung Mu never stops firing its guns and maybe only do about 50% damage to the IJN DD, a IJN DD would never dare to pull that move to a real Fletcher as the real Fletcher has real torps... IMO. the Pan-Asian DD's should have had the radar along with the smoke avelible from the start, or better yet remove the radar and give them hydro like the LoYang's has, as that would suit Pan-Asian DD's much better than radar does, only thinking hydro for tier 8-10 to compensate for them being extemely bad at DD vs. DD engagements as high tier DD have so much health. (could be short run time hydro maybe 30-40 sec) like def AA is. Sure it would step on the toes of the German DD's, but hydro is surely better than them having radar right? Anyway just my thoughts on the meh ship line.
  12. Beardroid91

    Chung Mu

    Maybe the russian devs are hibernating? Today a 100 mb update yet no new mission. Chung Mu might be coming in the second stage of PTS ?
  13. Beardroid91

    Chung Mu

    How the hell do you unlock it? It doesn't say in game on PTS, and in the patch notes it says to do a "dedicated chain of missions" but WHICH there is only missions for air cancer on PTS... is a DD player supposed to play crap CV's to get the Chung Mu or what is going on ?
  14. Would be nice if there were a mod that counted down when you would drop into concealment after you had shot your guns, especially when playing DD's and cruisers, as it is annoying not knowing the exact time you would drop into concealment, it would make life easier for gun boats and sneaky cruisers. Is there such a mod already?
  15. DD's spots you his BB's wreck you. Hydro is less range that you are detected and radar has a cold down. And not to forget torps and radar is attracted to smokes. May be a personal issue, but i never enjoyed the Belfast as i always felt so dirty when i played it as you have to many tools, i would rather play a ship that is harder and more rewarding to play than a ship that is super easy to play.