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  1. MrMacavity

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Experiencing extreme FPS drops after a while of playing, it doesn't happen always, but after 2-4 hours of playing it will almost 100% guaranteed happen. The current only way to fix it is to restart the client. Gamebreaking bug, this NEEDS fixing asap. Spelling error in Hermes operation, both the "thunder stor m" part and the name of the flagship are incorrect. The wake in the bow of the ship looks really weird when you move at slow speeds, but the bow wake look like you're going at max speed. Republique armor is bugged, cruiser 203mm ish can easily citadel it from an angle (see Flamuu's video)
  2. MrMacavity

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    So basically you say "screw you who played the game over and over since start and have poured a TON of money into the game, you should NOT get something back in return" This is a small reward to say "thank you" to the people who spent time and effort on the game, and your attitude just reeks of jealousy and dissent towards the hardcore playerbase... I myself have all except 3 of all T10's, and I have played since open beta. I don't expect much out of these freebie SC's, but I will accept the nice gesture because I have spent a TON of time and effort into this game. You should really not be jealous of the hardcore players. Just grind up the lines yourself, maybe next time this sort of event comes around YOU will have a few T10's and then you won't be so negative about getting freebies.
  3. MrMacavity

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    That sucks .... so for us with a lot of T10's we now have to play twice the games, that's quite a big difference in time invested yo.
  4. MrMacavity

    Poll about the proposed change of smoke in 0.6.9

    So this will effectively KILL the use of all RN cruisers if this goes through.... ok then
  5. @ OP Fire prevention skill, basics of survivability skill, fire flag, fire modules upgrades, premium repair party, repair flag, high alert skill. There's a lot you can do to spec your battleship to do better vs HE spammers. Ognevoi isn't really known for it's HE spam ability, it's more about the 10km torps. Also never go in open water alone vs a destroyer as a battleship. Try to fall back, get backup.
  6. MrMacavity

    Tashkent woes

    So currently trying to grind through the Russian DD lines, and right now STUCK on Tashhkent. This ship.... this ship is one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever seen in the game. It claims to be a gunboat, but has paper armor and cant take more than 1 enemy at a time, and preferably only when smoke shooting or if it's lower tier than you. The ruddershift time is horrible, the size of the thing is super easy to hit, the turrets have paper armor, there is literally NOTHING good about this ship apart from the 3-torps with short reload, but good luck using those before you're wasted. The first time you start to take damage: engine knocked out, rudder knocked out, turrets gone, torps gone, and 4 seconds later you're dead. The ONLY good game I have ever had in the Tashkent was on the North ice map once where I got extremely lucky and managed to kill 3-4 people and not die. Usually however: zero kills, zero kills, maybe 1/1, zero kills They really need to fix this piece of junk, it's not a T8 ship, I would say it's barely a T6 considering how fast it dies. Really not happy with this ship... and I've heard a lot of other people say the same thing.
  7. MrMacavity

    That feel when 100% losses

    Today I've had the WORST ever matchmaking and series of bad games, especially when I tried to play as low tier carrier (4 and 5). 25 games = 90% losses This is .... beyond effing frustrating :-( What is with these bad games lately? In every game we had at least 1 person AFK as our main battleship, or people teamkilling, or ... etc... Honestly feeling like quitting the game over this crap.
  8. For some reason I've seen a lot of hard crashes popping up at the worst possible times, like just when a battle starts or when you get spotted. Just now I had a "access violation" crash and game locked up/crashed on me, I frantically restarted but came back just as I was getting pummelled to death without being able to do anything. These things need to be FIXED! Noticed sometimes it starts with a "muted sounds" and then lockup/crash, but randomly I get these completely random crash to desktop lockups which just ruins your game. The guy who killed me thought it was hilarious of course, the smug little... *sigh*.... Are you guys at least tracking the source of the crashes? To fix them as they occur?
  9. MrMacavity

    Possibility to sell harbour slots?

    Would be nice if you could sell empty shipslots you feel you no longer have use for, say for 75% of the value perhaps, to get something back but still make you a bit cautious about the process. For instance when I first started I kept EVERY ship I researched and ended up with so many I felt overwhelmed, then I sold the ones I didn't need, and I now I have 6 unused ship slots that kinda would be good to free up or re-sell to get some doubloons back. I do realize there are more ships coming later, and I MIGHT end up having to use those slots later, but still would be nice to have the option at least. Options are good. And making the value only 75% of what you spend to buy a ship-slot would make it somewhat balanced I feel, no need for 100% value back really, but some would be good if you feel you're never gonna get that many slots used up again. Thoughts? And please keep your answers constructive and detailed and well thought out, no need for quick knee-jerk "no" or "lol you suck" replies. You're better than that.
  10. MrMacavity

    Matchmaking really really needs fixing

    So I just had this game, names withheld Notice how the enemy team has 2 T5 carriers, and we have no AA, and they have twice the T5's as we do? And please for the love of god stop putting T3 into these kinds of fights, it was horrible to swerve through waves of aircraft dropping crap on you and you had no AA what so ever to defend yourself with. And the T5 battleship almost one-shotting you from far off. Matchmaking is getting worse and worse by the day :-/ /saltmode off
  11. MrMacavity

    Torpedo Bomber too effective

    That feel when you're in your T3-T4 ship against 2 jap carriers, you CANNOT dodge that many torps :-(
  12. MrMacavity


    also that feel when you lose 90% of your games in a row.... what the hell matchmaker?
  13. MrMacavity

    Mikasa not really worth it

    I only play with mine in co-op now these days, had horrible times whenever I tried random pvp battles. Main problem with her was that you get killed way too easily without being able to fight back, since your main guns have really bad accuracy (not uncommon to completely miss dead-on shots within 4km) and the slow speed makes it hard to run into cover before you get torpedoed or burned down from cruiser HE spam. It should be a fun ship, and if you manage to get into a close range brawl where your secondary batteries can actually shoot it's somewhat ok, but to get into those situations you need a lot of luck and not being matchmade too high. T3 + is a death sentence. T1 and 2 is ok as long as you don't face torpedoes. The main things they could do to fix it: correct the main battery accuracy to be way better, it's not fun to see your main guns missing 75% of the time, and make the secondary batteries shoot longer (like 5-6km instead of 3-4) and have a bit better accuracy.
  14. MrMacavity

    Epic fail matchmaking

    Getting matched up against T9's in your T5 and 6 = you all die horribly and they think it's hilarious, we had a horrible time trying our best but dying like flies. This matchmaking system needs to be fixed seriously. Stop mis-matching people...