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  1. And what sort of stats do you need with those ships? Not really looked into stats much before, what can you tell me about mine? Regards,
  2. Hello, What sort of ship stats do you look for in the ships specified? I don't really play any T8 ships by choice as T10 for solo play is much more enjoyable. Regards,
  3. Last_Rites

    Torpedo's are pretty bugged.

    I was "hit" supposedly at different times either side of me (they didn't hit me as i said earlier), as they didn't explode at the same time I'd say it was different chunks. I know max damage, but i'm sure the minumum damage a shima torp to a destroyer is around 11k. A torpedo into the middle of a destroyer without the health captain skill will kill it out right, destroyers have no torpedo belt. I had 700hp after taking the torpedos, one tick of flooding wouldn't have killed me. I survived for 4 ticks.
  4. Last_Rites

    Torpedo's are pretty bugged.

    My connection is fine, very low ping no fps drops below 60. It started from the royal navy cruiser torpedo patch for me Low connection wouldn't explain surviving two shima torpedos either.
  5. Last_Rites

    Torpedo's are pretty bugged.

    Torpedo's have been acting strangely over the past few days, exploding when nowhere near targets and going under other targets completely. I've been on the receiving end of spontaneously exploding torpedoes and fired some off myself, it's quite ridiculous frankly. I don't have any replays but I have this screenshot of a recent game played today; In my Gearing, I took 2k Shell damage -> 17321 hp. Then Whilst completely vertical between a torpedo spread, riding the tracks, I took 2 torpedo hits, one from either side. Whilst due to the width of a destroyer that's impossible it did indeed happen. Furthermore, the minimum damage of a Shimakaze Torpedo is around 11k, but as you can see my total torpedo damage is 16621. -> 700 Health left. I promptly used the repair active but to my distress nothing happened and I continued flooding until I sunk. Shortly after my friendly kagero also took a random shimakaze torpedo explosion that went past him and then exploded a little behind the rear of his ship and did around 1200 damage. As you can understand this prompted a rather colourful display from the enemy shimakaze in chat. Not sure if it's being worked on already by WarGaming but currently it's pretty much a 50/50 if the torpedo will explode altogether after taking dodging out of the equation.
  6. Last_Rites

    The most important skills to be a good player.

    You forgot being good friends with RNGesus
  7. Last_Rites

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    no other destroyers alive and not shooting means I shouldn't be spotted at 15km
  8. Last_Rites

    Soviet Destroyers Feedback

    detection ranges are messed up big time, shouldn't still be spotted at 15km in an ognevoi the amount of times you lose a module to splash damage from he is a complete joke too
  9. Last_Rites

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    They broke the detection ranges, the values aren't even right. I sometimes get spotted in the ognevoi at up to 15km
  10. Not a lot needs to be said I don't think, lmao
  11. Tirpitz sinking other battleships is unrealistic, please remove from game
  12. Last_Rites

    QOL changes Carriers really need

    I brought up a bunch of issues in a thread that went on for like a week, nothing is likely to change any time soon
  13. People who've never touched a carrier still moaning about carriers after they were nerfed to the same average level of every other class lmfao
  14. Last_Rites

    New Patch Game Update

    This patch at least didn't break anything like last patch, but they didn't fix anything they broke in the last patch.
  15. Last_Rites

    they fixed CV MM Have they?

    Your stats are poor for somebody who seal clubs at tier 5 with an Omaha, maybe that means you don't know how to play the game if you're too scared to play at a higher tier. Read what I said about DD's, I didn't make them an issue. I'm the troll, but you're the one with -20 Rep