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  1. Reginald_Burks

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    Some people just get off turning other players PINK . Get use to it .
  2. No free x mass containers for me :=( . Click on containers when xmass container no banner only show video link and that link was dead .
  3. Reginald_Burks

    Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    If you want to have fun play 2 carriers at once , with the low carrier count it easy to do .
  4. Reginald_Burks

    To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    The 2 big problems with carriers is the map are too small for carriers . But large maps means slower game play = problem . , Time there should be no instant reaction time for planes ,carriers at this time sent out their planes to a area they thought the enemy were then had to find them ,everything took time . In WOWS everything is instant . Carriers play like a RTS game not a WW2 tactical game . Time again , ships take much longer to move point A to point B even on a small map their reaction time is much slower. Then there time again , carrier turn around of planes should be much longer to make up for the small maps . Carriers should hit hard but have a slow reaction time again to make up for the small maps . Boring for Carrier drives yes but more realist of their use .
  5. Reginald_Burks

    A solution to passive/poor gameplay?

    The Problem I see is players think damage equal team work . Damage has nothing to do with team work , camping to run up your damage at the cost of the Team is not team work . That the problem in a nut shell . DD do less damage than a BB so the BB is a better team player , while the BB are camping at the back of the map . It a problem not made by the players it a problem made by WG . WG made a game about Damage not winning , as long as the game is based on your score not on winning as a team there will be this problem .
  6. The game itself teaches players to camp . If you want higher exp and damage out put you camp . The game itself does not reward playing to Win . The game does teach you to stay away from the Caps , the closer to a cap the more likely players will shot at you the faster you die the less Damage you can do . So it comes down to who has the smaller number of Skilled players on a team and what ships they are playing (like a skilled carrier driver against a new carrier driver) .This also makes it easier to stack a team with a good Division and run up your W/L rate .
  7. Reginald_Burks

    Rewarding Good players on Losing Teams

    We already have enough players camping in the back with their BB's milking the DD'd and CA for their scores and not playing to win . All this would do is have even more players playing BB's . It much easier to farm EXP as a BB than any other ship . The problem is and has been , winning is not good reason to move up and play as a team .Players play for EXP not to win . Players that talk about people dying in the first 5 mins are the same players playing BB's camping the back while the DD'S and CA push trying to cap . Funny part is if as a DD you do not push up the same players [edited] about the DD's not spotting for them .
  8. Reginald_Burks

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    They need to remove the high loser not losing a Star . Players use this to milk their team mates for points with BB's and Carriers camping .Instead of trying to win they camp , If the team wins they win if the team loses the keep their star . It like camping in Random but just milking the team for stars and exp at the same time .
  9. Reginald_Burks

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I played 6 ranked maps last night . Had 8 ships AFK ships on 6 maps ! 1 CV ; 2 BB's on 1 map , 3 CA's and 2 DD's . That before we even talk about campers . It is forcing players to play for THEIR points not to play as a Team . You seeing a drop in DD's as players go to BB's to camp the back to try to run up the scores . The king of Ranked will be the CV's mostly the Enterprise were u can farm your score . With the Enterprise you can Milk your team mates by going for your score if you loose you keep your star if you win is move on up
  10. Reginald_Burks

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    One map is so unbalance if your team starts on the south side it a easy win 3 caps and you can take 2 caps A and B without the other side even having a chance of stopping you . If your start of the Northside of the map it over before it starts !
  11. Reginald_Burks

    Why even bother?

    The whole problem come down to one thing . The game do not reward winning . The safer way to play is to go for Damage and sinking ships ( mostly the almost dead at the end of a map) .If your not a skilled players it just better to camp the back . It just safer to camp and hope that the players going for the win knows what they doing . The maps always come down to a few players on the team that know what they doing . If one team has a few more skilled players they win . It nothing to see 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 players do nothing the whole map . There a whole other set of problems W/L % going down tier with high level captains , Flags and Divisions . Just to list a few .
  12. Reginald_Burks

    Unexpected glitches/freezes since latest update was released

    Just happen to me , Map locked up only the sound work i could hear players firing and when i was sunk but i could not move shot or interact in any way with the game .
  13. Reginald_Burks

    Things that destroy/break Gameplay

    aboch , you can win this argument , half it not more of the players run bots accounts . they will just get on and say it not a problem (it is not for them) . WG does not care as long as they making money off them . of course this leads to one side battles the mod to turn off chat is not a big problem , the reason there so little chat is bots do not chat slow loading time most shows you how many bot accounts are running in a match , this game do not need a lot of cpu power to run but people are running 3 , 4 5 accounts at once
  14. that game is random , not skill based , it all a matter of luck what team your on . this is a team game 1 player can not win a map , unless the team just leaves the caps open and never tries to cap (most do not )
  15. Reginald_Burks

    Chat suspension

    You just have to remember that paying badly is ok in WOWS ( there more bad Players than good ones) Telling someone they play badly is not allowed