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  1. I have the Icarus and it sucks in pretty much every way imaginable. The only times I found it of any use was in Operations, in random battles forget it, it's just a garbage ship. Its torps are crap and its guns rate of fire is abysmal. From what I can tell all the British DD's suck until you get to T9-10. That's going to be a painfully long grind if you didn't get a mission for one of the mid tier DD's. Also after opening literally hundreds of RN crates I only managed to get one mission, I see other people getting all the missions in their first few crates WTF Wargamming?. I won't bother playing British DD's unless they end up being super OP in the higher tiers because right now if the Icarus is anything to go by this line is not worth playing in my opinion. Even if I did grind my way to T10 they will most likely be nerfed by the time I get one.
  2. dforce105

    CTT is recruiting

    CTT is recruiting members for a fun clan with Tier 5-8 ships and a win rate of 50%+. We have experienced players who will provide training for anyone who feels they need it. CTT is a very laid back clan our only requirements are that players use Discord, no hidden stats and don't go longer than 10 days without playing and not contacting one of our commanders.
  3. dforce105

    GNB Store Reopened!

    I contacted WG twice about not receiving items, the first reply I got back fobbed me off with a link to the forums website not even to a thread where I might find the info I was looking for just the main forum page. The second response I received made absolutely no sense at all, it was like a place holder email with one line in the middle which looked like a bad Google Translate of a response that they couldn't be arsed to explain properly. Seriously they put more effort into not giving me an answer then the time it would have taken to give me a clear explanation the first time
  4. dforce105

    GNB Store Reopened!

    Sill haven't received the items that I purchased and the time on my post is wrong as well. It's 18.07 or 19.07 CEST
  5. dforce105

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    Personally I hate divisions. They will never help the rest of the team and will start being abusive the moment you ask for help. I dread seeing more than one division on my team because it means a loss 99% of the time. And if you manage to outlive them in a match you have to listen to how much of a noob you are, which makes absolutely no sense since if I'm still alive they're already dead having had 2 or 3 players covering their [edited]doesn't that make them the noob They need to do something about the MM. I'm sick of seeing a high tier ship bring in low tier ships to a high tier match and putting our team at a disadvantage from the start. I saw a Gearing recently bring in two tier 2 ships into a match that was mostly tier 9-10 LOL I couldn't make any sense of it at all either. Sounds like an angry drunken rant from whatever language it was translated from. Hope he didn't decide to drunk dial his ex
  6. dforce105

    Research ships with doubloons

    Doubloons are way overpriced and the conversion rate is terrible to.
  7. dforce105


    The conversion rate of 1=25 to me is ridiculously greedy on WG part. 1=75 would be a lot more reasonable. If the conversion rate was better I'd have more reason to buy doubloons and regularly to. The way way it is currently it makes absolutely no sense to pay real money buying doubloons, I hadn't purchased any in about 8 months until today. I only bought €5 today because I wanted to be able to see how much potential XP I have. That's another thing that I think is ridiculous is that you have to have doubloons to be able to see the total amount of XP you have that can be converted. There are ships I sold months ago that had a lot of XP and I had no way to tell how much until I purchased doubloons
  8. dforce105

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    I never received my tachibana or signals. I got a really confusing response from WG that made absolutely no sense
  9. dforce105

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    I didn't even know about the deadline because I hadn't been playing much lately. It was only when I received an email that said they were extending the deadline to use the diamonds that I knew anything about. I used my diamonds to buy a ship and some signals neither of which have I received yet. I've contacted WG twice about and both times I received a reply that looked like it was badly translated with Google Translate that made absolutely no sense. I couldn't tell if they were saying that I would or wouldn't receive my items
  10. dforce105

    Is the Baltimore just a huge money grubbing scheme by WG?

    I'm on the Mahan now and that ship is just painful to play compared to the Farragut. With the Mahan it's next to impossible to hit anything other than a BB (and even that can be a challenge) because of the ridiculously high arc of the shells. The other thing that sucks about the Mahan is that even when you do manage to hit something with it it does next to no damage. I've had games with the Mahan where I've hit combined targets 170 times and done almost zero damage. I only switched to US DD's because they ruined the IJN DD line right after I got the Kagero. The US DD line is such a painful grind I honestly don't think they're worth playing
  11. dforce105

    Server down / problems?

    Worked for 2 battles after the restart, now it's back to the same long waits to join a battle and huge number of people in the queue again.
  12. dforce105

    Server down / problems?

    I could still connect up until a few minutes ago but it won't let me start a battle. It's say that there is by last count around 3300/7200 in my range waiting for a match. After trying several different classes of ships at different tiers I eventually gave up.
  13. dforce105

    Exchange rate dubloons to free xp?

    I'd like to know why they don't let you see a total for all the xp you have from elite ships that can be converted to free xp. If I sell an elite ship and forget how much xp I had on it I have no way of knowing the total amount of xp I could convert without buying doubloons. I usually keep at least 1 doubloon to be able to tell but I converted by accident when I meant to close the window. I think that I have somewhere between 160,000 - 180,000 possible xp that could be converted but unless I buy doubloons I have no way of knowing for sure. Is it really a big ask to know how much total xp I have accumulated?
  14. dforce105

    Premium ship question

    There are only 2 things that would make me even consider buying a premium ship considering the exorbitant cost of them but I don't see happening because of Wargamings greed is that if XP from premium ships could be converted without doubloons to free XP and if I could train a captain from any nation on it, say a IJN on a Tirpitz. Sorry but there's no way I'm paying 60+ euro otherwise for a ship or more if you have to buy those stupid bundles, especially after the shitty experience I've had with WoWS customer support. They don't give a crap about their users even those that buy stuff or helped with feedback to improve the game they just want to take your money and then in the nicest way possible say screw you and close your ticket without solving the technical or other issues your're having with the game. So I give a big [edited]You to Wargaming. I will never spend another penny on your game.
  15. dforce105

    [Gnevny] AFT + (DE or Concealment Expert)?

    I sold the Gnevny because it was such a piece of crap. I had abandoned the Russian tree until I saw some Youtube reviews praising the Kiev saying it was the olny ship in the Russian tech tree worth having. After I had already researched the Kiev I heard from other players how the dev's had nerfed the Kiev but I went and bought it anyway. Boy were they right about the Kiev being nerfed. It's a far worse ship than even the Gnevny. The only ship in the Russian tree I have enjoyed playing is the Izyaslav. The next time I need to free up a port slot I know the first ship I'll be getting rid of. In conclusion the Russian tech tree sucks big time. If you want to have fun with DD's go down the IJN tree, the Minekaze is a blast.