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  1. dforce105

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    I opened more than 30 of the Gift containers I got from playing my T10's and mostly only got normal camos and signals and hardly any at that. The rewards just keep getting worse and worse every year
  2. dforce105

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    In game news today: Don't miss your chance to get a rare Premium or Tier IX ship! Don't make me laugh WG. I have 95 or so premium ships already with a zero percent chance of getting anything but a Makarov if I even got a ship at all. I just watched a video of someone opening 60 Big Santa containers from 4 days ago and they didn't even get a single ship. Not even that heap of junk Makarov. Why in the world would you think myself or anyone else would waste our money on these scam crates, especially after you've been exposed? The only way I'd ever spend money on WoWs containers again is if I knew for a fact that ship drops were truly random with a realistic expectation of actually getting a ship and not one of the many crap premiums that you release every year to make players waste their money either buying them first or spending even more money on premium containers just to have the slightest chance of actually getting a halfway decent ship.
  3. dforce105

    Anyone seen this before?

    It would not surprise me at all if they came out with a statement like that
  4. dforce105

    Anyone seen this before?

  5. dforce105

    Anyone seen this before?

  6. dforce105

    Anyone seen this before?

    I have the exact same issues but couldn't be bothered filing a bug report because WG will deny that there's an issue and blame it on my hardware like they did to the OP on the second page of replies. The game keeps getting buggier and buggier with each new update. I have pretty much stopped playing the game because of how bad the player base has gotten but the ever increasing amount of bugs that go unfixed while they list fixes for bugs that no one I know has ever experienced in the change log is just the icing on the turd cake the WoWs has become
  7. dforce105

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    Agreed 100% here. You can't even give WG the slightest bit of criticism without running the risk of getting banned on the forums or on live streams. For example a couple of years back they were streaming an event from Russia where there were issues with the stream freezing/cutting out. I made one comment saying that there was an issue with the stream on Twitch, instant permanent WoWs Twitch channel ban. For some reason early this year at the around the start of the lock down WG decided to lift the ban, fine. At around update 0.9.7 WG did a live stream about the Lexington. I made one comment saying since that update I was having issues with game bugs. I got an instant time out for maybe 5-10 minutes I don't remember exactly. When the time out ended I asked why was I timed out for saying I was having game issues since the update. I get another permanent Twitch ban on their channel without any explanation.
  8. dforce105

    Final nail in the coffin

    I've got 200 ships and usually play only the same 5 or 6 all of the time. They need more operations for all of the tiers and not just limit it to 1 operation a week unless you have 4 people. The only semi enjoyable operation at the moment is Narai, all the others are crap especially Defense of Newport Station. It's impossible to do when you have a crap team which is usually the case.
  9. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    I opened up 23 of the super containers last and as I expected I got nothing but crap out of them. Actually the rewards were even worse than normal. I made a video of opening them, it's up on YouTube. Not sure if we're allowed post links here or not.
  10. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    I'm not too interested in the 2 million free xp ships either, from what I've heard the updated spotting mechanics are going to be a huge nerf to Smaland and the Hayate isn't really worth getting. I might get the Agir though but I'm not earning free xp as quickly as I refuse to pay for premium anymore until all the bugs that have been introduced since update 9.2 have been fixed. The game most days lately is unplayable because of all the game freezing, not being able to see clan chat unless I spend 10 minutes in the armory for the spinning blue circle to disappear and the ghosting of sheels to name a few. There might be something else worth getting though by the time I have 1 million free xp
  11. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    Same here, been playing since Beta and I've never gotten anything worth while from SC. The 10,000 free xp is also a disappointment when I can make twice as much from a single game with signals applied. Every time I get a SC instead of the Resources container I clicked on I say I wish I had just gotten the coal instead. The only players that I see getting rare ships from containers are new players because as far as wg are concerned all of us loyal long time players can eat a (you know what)
  12. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    I think the most that I've ever gotten out of a super container is some crappy T4 premium that I didn't want and never play. Whenever they have events like this all I ever get are camos and signals I already have hundreds of. The camos are rarely ever used
  13. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    I just can't wait to get nothing but temporary camos and signals from the Supper Containers for the 23 tier X ship's that I have in port. Not like I would like any of rare but power crept ships that I've never gotten a single of in the 5 year's that I have been playing the game that they hand out like candy to new player's. No I definitely need more of those signals and temporary camos that I already have hundreds of if not thousands of. Yes that is what all of us long time players want, more temporary camos that we can use on our power crept tech tree ships that we never play anymore because premium ships are the only ships worth playing any more. Or maybe I'll get really lucky and get 10,000 Free Xp from Super Containers, it's not like I can make more than twice as much as that from a single game or anything. Or maybe I'll be really really lucky and get those tier 2 premiums that nobody plays or wants. Oh that would be just swell.
  14. dforce105

    Update 0.9.8

    Gotta get those gambling mechanic's into every single part of the game because that's exactly what everyone has been complaining about not being enough gambling mechanic's in the game. Gotta get all the kiddies hooked while they're young and impressionable
  15. dforce105

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    I had mostly terrible teams this season. Some team members even sailing off to the boarder of the map and I still managed to rank out in 16 games with only 3 losses keeping my star in every loss with a win rate of 81.25% in the Kitakaze. I think I started the season with a 14 point captain on it and ended with 17 commander points. As long as the rest of my team stayed alive long enough we got the win. Even had a game where I killed all 3 enemy ships. All my losses happened where I was paired with 2 BB's