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  1. dforce105

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    I'd have probably bought the over priced T8 if I wasn't worried that the 2 mystery would probably be CV's. So I'd end up paying 70 something Euro for 1 ship that I kinda wouldn't mind having that costs half that and risk getting 2 CV's I'll never play. I already got dooped into buying the Kaga before, not falling for that again
  2. 100% agree. 1:35 conversion rate is an absolute joke. I have over 13 million XP I could convert that will never get converted because it would cost me literally thousands to do so. Even 1:100 is not nearly enough for me to spend money on it. It's far better value to buy economic signals than waste money on doubloons. If I stack signals I can easily make 15 - 20 xp, Free xp in a game, over a hundred games I'm looking at earning hundreds of thousands of XP. IT would cost me a hundred Euro's or so to buy enough Doubloons to convert the same amount
  3. Even at the discounted rate Xp conversion is such a ripoff especially considering how quickly you can earn it anyways. Oh the amount of players WG is going to lose if they bring in Naval Training Center. I'm a long time player with a lot of T10 ships I could regrind and even I don't want that Cluster F@ck. What is up with all the incredibly dumb decisions WG is making as of late. NTC is a completely r3tard3d idea. The discount now is only to milk players even more that don't want to be totally left in the dust if they bring in NTC. My advice everyone stop playing and paying and maybe then WG will listen but I highly doubt it considering that they never want to admit that they were wrong
  4. dforce105

    Automated Report System-Flawed

    That is completely and utterly retarded. So some poor snowflake has the right to get you chat banned? STFU. I've had this happen to me before without even commenting. The system is broken and if you can't handle someone saying haha to you after getting sunk you have bigger issues
  5. dforce105

    server down?

    It won't let me finish the Sea of The Philipines combat mission now either. When is this going to be fixed?