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  1. so, dont straightline. it's not like you had much chance of evading regular high tier torps if it's you that "hardspots" them (unless you run into one of those braindead 20km Shimas I guess)...
  2. agreed, DE doesnt do that much on heavy cruisers...
  3. you've somehow missed the entirety of the Anniversary Event even existing? heh...
  4. with the ship? nothing. with you? a lot, apparently.
  5. https://wows-numbers.com/ranking/?order=max_damage_dealt__desc is a thing that exists...
  6. what can a T8 CA do in T10 matchmaking? well, this for example:
  7. I could use some of that as well...^^
  8. ...and? it's not like you got a big shiny achievement to tell you what happened or anything...
  9. damage saturation. Google, Youtube or forum search for more details.
  10. depends... it might also just lead to more Amagis, Kutuzovs and Martels just doing donuts at long range because staying away will now be the only way to avoid focusfire (seeing as you can't drop detection reliably as long as CVs exist)... whether that's more or less exciting than pushing an NC close to a cap with the help of well-coordinated smokes is up to the viewer I suppose^^ But overall, I do mostly like these changes (assuming WG gets the numbers right to avoid shafting RN CLs too hard)
  11. well, it's not exactly a new "fun and engaging feature", and neither is it in any way tied to the Conqueror (we've seen screeshots of this happening from much smaller caliber HE). Not that that makes it a better feature in any way...
  12. I don't even remember... haven't looked at that for months, just using the one I've used "forever", never change a running system :D
  13. I think, and this may sound a little arrogant but it is what it is, that we are simply good enough to consistently hit our targets with the 150mm guns - and if we're being honest, for someone that's not yet as experienced at gunnery as us, the faster RoF of the 128mm is just more comfortable to play with. And the same sort of goes for everything about the line - the ships arent amazing at anything (well until you get to the Z46 and get amazing torpedo reload), but for experienced players they're good enough at everything that we can handle pretty much any situation by making maximum use of the varied capabilities the ship gives us. And, for me at least, that also made the line extremely fun to play - I always had options, I always had something I could do about a situation (didnt always work, of course, but I rarely felt powerless).
  14. completely unnecessary. If you have time to even notice that animation, you're doing something wrong (i.e. not fighting)...
  15. whelp, that's your opinion - a valid one for sure, but let me bring the polar opposite to the table, just for balance (and also because it's my own honest opinion and experience). The guns (150mm) are great if handled right. Sure, their DPM isnt amazing, but they give you a mean alpha punch - use them accordingly whenever possible (as in, fade in, fade out - avoid DPM races where you can). And their AP is a sight to behold - ever smoked up 7km from an oblivious Omaha or Pensacola and given him a 15k quad citadel salvo? I have, and it's hella fun when it happens :D Plus, they hurt BB broadsides quite a lot with AP, or provide pretty reliable fires with HE. And don't forget, you've got a ridiculously hefty HP pool for a T6 DD - only Gnevny comes somewhat close, and there are only two DDs that you can even possibly meet in your tier range that have more base health than you: the Maass and the Z23. Even a freaking Kiev has less base health than you. That gives you a lot of buffer to fight other DDs with. The torps are pretty decent for their tier. Sure, they dont quite match up to the IJN counterparts, but you can easily stealthtorp with CE, you'Ve got a decent reload on them, and the damage doesnt feel quite as anaemic yet :) Concealment is also not horrible (again assuming you have CE). Sure, 6.6km ain't great, but it's not disastrous - you'll outspot plenty of equal tier DDs that dont have CE yet, and arent miles behind most other T6 and T7 DDs (meeting a Benson or some such does stink tho...). Maneuverability I'll give you isnt good, but you do have hydro for torp dodging at least. Speed is pretty much the same as everything else at your tier except the Gnevny which is a little faster. Smokes are german, yes - so play accordingly. You're not a good smoke-and-spam boat, so dont try to be one. BB AP didnt feel more dangerous than in other DDs to me in the Gaede (yet - it's definitely noticable later on in the line), but that's purely subjective experience. The Hydro can be a ridiculously effective tool if used right. Remember, a DD that smoked up cant see you coming - so that often provides opportunities to be cheeky. And it makes you mostly immune to surprise/random torps while it's running - developing a feeling for when to use it is very helpful here... oh, and when you have to smoke up and someone (say, a Battleship) rushes you, it's also a total lifesaver to see them coming at double the distance that you otherwise would. For me, the Gaede is easily the best and most fun T6 DD overall - an absolute keeper because it's decent to good at everything and has a unique tool in its Hydro.