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  1. What to do with Duplicates?

    ...and why is this the thread you choose to necro?
  2. Any chance to repeat James Dunkirk?

    Who is this James Dunkirk? Some relative of Jack? probably not, seeing as it was tied to the movie release
  3. one of the better maps in the game. could do with being a bit smaller around the margins, actually - there's too much open ocean at the back of both spawns that BBabies can camp in...
  4. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    if we do, our Hags are good enough at hiding the relation that I'm not aware of such a thing...
  5. Operations - rotate the missions more frequently

    you do realize you can do any operation you want when you have a team to do it with right?
  6. RNG and individual gameplay eperience

    and what about this is in any way RNG? You mispositioned, were overextended without support and didnt realize in time and didnt prepare an escape. Your fault. No RNG involved.
  7. Steven Seagal is bugged

    has it ever occured to you that going from 36.5°/sec to 37°/sec may not actually be noticable? not a bug, just gets smoothed over by rounding...
  8. Advice on Russian DDs - playstyle

    again, why not go to the Public Test? Try out whether you like the Kiev playstyle there, and then decide what to do.
  9. Advice on Russian DDs - playstyle

    if you want a RU gunboat, dont play the Ognevoi. That ship is a surprisingly decent allrounder with good torps, sorta like the Benson except with worse dpm on the guns... in that branch, Udaloi is the only one that really does the Run-and-Gun style well; Grozovoi has harshly limited range and Ognevoi just doesnt have the firepower to be worthwhile. If you want to really play the RU Gunboat style, I'd suggest hopping onto the PTS and getting a Kiev to try it out.
  10. just ran into @Corvi in his Flint. Managed to finish him off and had a pretty decent game in my Udaloi otherwise as well, but not good enough to eke out a win - gg to you sir!
  11. Same ships - different torpedo damage?

    thank you. I was just about to despair of the amount of clueless that had accumulated in this thread in such a short time.
  12. 30 seconds into the game and detonated

    lolz Context, making things even more amusing since... well... forever basically!
  13. The Language Barrier in game.

    Quick Commands to exist... otherwise, do you really think running Google Translate over the ingame chat would make that even the slightest bit more intelligible? I wouldnt mind because I expect the results to be nothing short of comedy gold, but I doubt it'll be of any use...
  14. Team Communication

    aaaaaand there's your mistake... assuming the average WoWS player has any thought processes at all!
  15. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    75k Elite XP is a new record for me I'm pretty sure... hell of a tense game too, died simultaneously with the last enemy ship, 20s before it ended while they had more points than us...