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  1. well then, replay please
  2. you do realize the Zuiho has two TB squads? I suspect he landed one and launched the other (possibly had been destroyed elsewhere so you didnt see it return)...
  3. important

    10/10 OP, would read again. but only because of the absolutely hilariously stupid formatting that you invented (looks like a LOT of brain power went into that, certainly more than you ever invested into the game itself...)
  4. iS yOuR sHiFt Or CaPsLoCk KeY bRoKeN oR sOmEtHiNg?
  5. while most of what has been said in here has merit (whether I fully agree with each specific point or not doesn't matter, there is at the very least a kernel of truth to it), this is something that I feel like I have to comment on. Have you ever played T10 competitive with CVs allowed? I have, and let me tell you: Playing a DD when the enemy has a competent AS Hakuryu is probably the least fun experience you can imagine. You can pretty much not go anywhere away from your team's AA blob, because there's a high high chance that there will be planes there - and while they won't necessarily kill you, they will spot you (and your torps, so good luck hitting anything... much less likely than with Hydro...). And that doesn't just affect DDs. When there's a Haku around, there are very few ships that you could ever send off on their own to flank somewhere... Hindenburg... and that's pretty much it. Others dont have the AA to fend of a strike (BBs, Moskva, to an extent Henri... Des Memes doesnt even want to go flank usually^^), or they want to rely on their Concealment (hello Zao or Conqueror...), which flat out does not work when the enemy has a Hakuryu. And yes, you might say "but your team has a CV too - he can protect everything!" Yes, most of the time - but competitive will always be about minimizing ressource expenditure and risks, so sending ships that need heavy protection is just not economical most of the time. Having clear skies opens up quite a few extra possibilities for pretty much all the other classes. So while I fully agree that it sucks for CV players big time, having played both, I have to say that in my opinion and experience T10 competitive gameplay is much much better off without Carriers (at least in their current state... who knows what the mythical CV rework might bring...).
  6. oh, I know how to Atlanta - and yes, MAA doesnt play a major role in that :) but it's probably the best out of a lot of bad uses of MAA in the US lineup... might just be a question of priority between IFHE and MAA, depending on which ship someone would play more often - neither is straight up bad on the respective other ship...
  7. yeah looks like a solid ship, and an interesting but overall not massively more powerful alternative to the Benson - which makes it a very good premium in my book. Two things have so far kept me from buying though: The significant price for a T8 premium that I am not terribly likely to play all that much with the current state of matchmaking And the fact that it's pretty incompatible with anything else in the US tree captain skill wise (closest MIGHT be an Atlanta that happens to take Last Stand, but on no US DD would I ever want AFT or MAA...), and I do sort of want to earn captain XP with a premium, not sink it into one...
  8. repeat any mission you wish to get extra stars (you can only not get the rewards multiple times, stars work just fine) - and then probably hit WG over the head for not making this more obvious... we've got someone asking/not knowing this about once a week...
  9. and the motive on that particular flag would just have to be some variation of this: Come on WG, you know you want to... make it happen!
  10. good job. you can quote Wikipedia.
  11. compromising basic logic you say? and then that kind of proposal? errr....
  12. I'd suspect the R class will fill either the T5 or T6 slot (depending on upgrade status and "Stalinium treatment") in the inevitable RU BB line whenever that shows up...
  13. you know, you say that while having better average damage in the T5 than in most of your other T6 cruisers (which also are by no means horrible by the way, I've seen people with less than that in their T10s...), so... yeah. Not sure what to make of that claim. Oh, and you maybe should actually PLAY some of those gunboat DDs before you talk about them...
  14. yeah I know right? we certainly do! Must be all those hags that we haven't adapted to CBs yet because we're having too much fun owning Halloween bots with them!
  15. I take it you're still at the lower tiers? too lazy to check... but even there, most of them arent half bad... the T4 is stupidly good at its thing, long range HE, for example. 5&6 are okay, not amazing but workable - and from T7 onwards you get mean damage farming machines (even if the carry potential might be a little lackluster at times).