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  1. Tyrendian89

    Why do so many people prioritize firing at the Furutaka?

    pretty much. there are no particular reasons to focus a Furious Taco (like you would, say, a Nepnep for five million guaranteed citadels)...
  2. Tyrendian89

    Stalingrad OP

    looks like OP has a little minion in @Merlin851526 that up/downvotes every single comment in this thread according to their agenda... I wonder which kind of reaction I'll get from him... More to the point though - Stalingrad isnt a particularly easy ship to deal with, especially in the hands of the players that have one. And I personally don't really like how it severely blurs the line between cruisers and BBs with its sheer alphastrike - the very reason why BBs are limited to one per team, because that kind of nuke threat constrains freedom of movement quite a bit. Doesn't make the ship necessarily overpowered, but whether it's good for the meta is a different discussion.
  3. Tyrendian89

    Spotting and XP

    It's not an issue, it's working as intended (whether that intent is good is a different matter ofcourse). Spotting does get rewarded, just not as much as you're used to from Tanks.
  4. Tyrendian89

    this game is a [edited]joke

    Worcester. At least under ideal circumstances (as in, farming a 32mm plating ship like the Repu, that doesnt move to avoid some of your rainbows, and with nothing else to worry about)...
  5. Tyrendian89

    What is ?

    ...and now in legible English, please? I have no idea what you just tried to say...
  6. tank build would look something like this: http://bit.ly/2E8QyGj or, harder to play but arguably more fun especially when toptier or in Coop, Secondary Build (Fire Prevention can be exchanged for Concealment if you prefer): http://bit.ly/2EoIp1o
  7. Tyrendian89

    Clan battles useless?

    you know, they're called Clan Battles for a reason...
  8. short answer: right now, you shouldn't play her at all. Gather more experience first.
  9. the ship is massively more accurate than the Freddy - which kinda leaves only one reason to explain the difference: the guy behind the wheel. Either you havent adapted to the high velocity, or (and that's the more likely explanation here) you simply get a lot closer in the Freddy, which obviously improves your hitrate. Again, it's not the ship, it's what you do with it that isn't clicking. And without you giving any details on how you play her, what exactly are we supposed to tell you?
  10. In order... dead wrong, dead wrong, maginally so, why would you want more than 22km of range plus Spotter plane anyway, and yeah kinda with all the underwater citadels on every BB and their mum these days but offset by the much better travel times the flat arcs give you. Izumo guns are monstrously powerful tools. Get used to the crazy velocity and they'll serve you well. Treat them like USN orbital catapults, and they won't.
  11. Tyrendian89

    AP Overpenetration

    no changes, at least not on the game's side. Did you get new ships lately by any chance?
  12. Tyrendian89

    AP Overpenetration

    only the change against DDs - nothing to explain what you claim to be experiencing, so I'd put that down to confirmation bias...
  13. Tyrendian89

    Shafting DD players - Clan vs Clan mission #4

    lolz Pete, did you get lost? Or are you trying to Anschluss something?
  14. Tyrendian89

    Shafting DD players - Clan vs Clan mission #4

    easy: just play Harugumo, that's still a DD. I'm sure your teammates won't mind...
  15. Tyrendian89, all replays past 30 deleted again

    okay that's pretty ...