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  1. Tyrendian89

    Ship Upgrade Module Ideas

    not entirely sure tha's possible mechanics/code wise... and you'd have to answer quite a few balancing questions as well. To name just one: flat or percentage increase? But either way, this would tend to be most beneficial for ships that already have very strong torpedo protection (even if it's flat, it's a lot more useful for a Yamato to go from 50% to 60% protection than for a cruiser to go from 10% to 20%...). So you'd probably have to come up with some sort of complicated formula to make it do what you want...
  2. Tyrendian89

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    where right now you have a good chance of running into four Kievs or Akizukis (depending on which level you're playing at)... so yeah...
  3. Tyrendian89

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    or is dumb enough to get farmed by them, especially when they have to rely on random derpy teammates to actually spot for them? If anything, three-of-the-same divisions should be banned because they usually put their team at a massive disadvantage - three ships coordinating different strengths are sooooo much stronger than that kind of meme comp. And that's not even counting your usual Wehraboo Triple Bismarck 40% Winrate divs that you see all the bloody time...
  4. Tyrendian89

    Various bugs and no answer from support

    all of those are essentially websites, so them not loading is a very old problem with how abysmally optimised the entire client and especially the port interface is... you can try just doing what you need to do via your regular browser, a quick google will give you the relevant links (I dont have them memorised)
  5. Tyrendian89

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    on a general note (I wont comment on Ohio specifically, or any of the other controversial ships, that'd just derail things)... That's not what "being competitive" is about. That's sealclubbing if anything... Being competitive is about playing against equally skilled competition, where you need to capitalise on every little advantage you can - including the 500 extra HP Overchicken gives your DD at T10, as well as picking the absolute optimal lineup for your strategy and playstyle (which of course means different teams will have very different "optimal" lineups, even before we get into countering the other guys' strategies).
  6. Tyrendian89


    uh... probably one that you'll actually enjoy playing through again?^^ Unless you intend just throwing currency at the problem, in which case go for the cheapest one duh
  7. Tyrendian89

    How tall islands need to be to block line of sight?

    yeah there's no clear rule of thumb - it's supposed to be direct line of sight from masttop to masttop I think, but how accurately that works is very hard to tell sometimes... best bet is probably to just play the boat a bunch and get a feel for it (and explode a few times in the process, you know, FO'SCIENCE! )
  8. Tyrendian89

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    sounds like someone got outplayed...
  9. Tyrendian89

    Submarines with acoustic torpedoes. Bad idea or good?

    impossible to tell at this point, seeing as we have literally zero information on the actual implementation.... but thanks for the info on how they worked historically (and thus how they definitely WONT work ingame )
  10. Tyrendian89

    Submarines? Really?

    ...and then why do you feel the need to make your own thread?
  11. yeah that's what I was thinking - hence why I was curious about the respecitve charges, to get an idea of how much of a shockwave a BB caliber shell exploding underwater would create... with the massively tightened dispersions we get ingame, you'd probably get a couple of close misses on your average BB salvo if it's aimed right, and the sub wouldn't have the usual time window between a depth charge being dropped and actually detonating near it to dodge (again, all assuming it gets caught at periscope depth and the BB fires reasonably quickly after that). Now, i do realise that I'm very much mixing "realism" and ingame mechanics here, but this is all just thought exercises at this point until we know a lot more about how WG are gonna implement things, so... might as well speculate and ponder a bit
  12. stupid question... how does "the average" depth charge compare to a Battleship caliber shell when it comes to explosive mass? I.e. how much would a sub that's at periscope depth (which places the conning tower a few meters below the surface at best) and gets spotted have to worry about a nearby Monty just saturating his area with 16" shells?
  13. Tyrendian89

    Submarines Stats :)

    been posted several times, including in the news thread
  14. it's bloody Reddit, what the fork did you expect? Plus which, this kind of baited question always attracts the bitchers and moaners in their droves... *looks at who made the thread* Oh right, I shouldnt even say anything lol... according to you the game would have been dead a few years ago...
  15. Tyrendian89

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    true enough - for newer players belt thickness is more important I suppose. I'd argue it still pales in comparison to things like citadel layout when it comes to overall survivability, or even the presence or lack of an armoured deck to protect against the five million cruisers you'll run into, but... yeah point taken.