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  1. you sound a right [edited]

  2. Tyrendian89

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    ...are you sure you want to say that? the ebil gods of matchmaking will probably just end up trying all the harder...
  3. it kind of does, just not at T10 - but good luck trying to stop a determined Sinop pushing in with same or lower tier ships. Similar could be said for Gneisenau, just for different reasons - not because it's especially tanky but because it goes 32kts at a tier where Colorado exists... But no, T10 is an area where mindlessly zombierushing in like an idiot will not get you very far, sorry...
  4. Tyrendian89

    Where are the balance changes?

    that... sounds like quite the useful feature for Dunkerque, Richelieu and Jean Bart... you know, to help them reverse faster...! Damn, now I changed my mind... WG GIB DAT BALANS CHANGE NAO!
  5. Tyrendian89

    Battle camo

    then maybe, in your infinite grace and wisdom, you could tell us what you are actually talking about? because at least to me you're quite cryptic there good sir...
  6. Tyrendian89

    Where are the balance changes?

    see? it could always be a lot worse...
  7. Tyrendian89

    Where are the balance changes?

    dunno... I noticed how few balance changes there seemed to be as well, but I'm not sure I mind... part of the reason conveniently already mentioned by @Uglesett right above
  8. Tyrendian89

    18.5km range "feature"

    as far as bugs that actually made it to live go, this one has got to be one of the most impressive and hilarious the game's ever seen (probably outside of the earlier testing stages)... I kinda wish we could corner SubOctavian or someone else from the dev team into a little storytime of even worse better bugs that almost made it to the live servers... any chance you could send a poke towards StPetersburg in that regard @MrConway @Crysantos & Co? Or maybe you have a story or two to share yourself?
  9. at this point, we may as well replace the venerable ol' BBaby Bingo with a MMwhine Bingo...
  10. Tyrendian89

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    then maybe... you know... don't? why would you waste everyone's time (including your own) by cherrypicking the perfect replay to "prove your point" (hint: it won't)?
  11. Tyrendian89

    Fighting the Variance with a BB?

    yup, used to be the Yamato for me. to the point where I just gave up on playing the ship. the difference is, I knew and know it's just a matter of perception and confirmation bias as opposed to some magical me-specific bug or conspiracy... I just didnt care enough about the Yamato to persevere and prove myself wrong
  12. Tyrendian89

    Your favourite T9 and T10 BBs

    frenchies all the way, and that's a german saying that...
  13. Tyrendian89

    Ridiculous ...

    you dont need to know the exact armour scheme "of all ships" - but if you had any interest in actually improving as opposed to just complaining, you might as well at least start learning the very basic rules of thumb that govern armour plating... there's not a whole lot to the armour schemes of DDs (the only two notable examples that I can think of of the top of my head are Khaba and Gearing which get somewhat of an armoured belt - everything else is pretty much uniform at a given tier), so you can very easily figure out what you can expect your 100mm secondary battery to do... and while you're at it you can also take a look at how the extremities on larger ships are protected (also uniform across tiers, with a few ships here and there getting extended armour belts that sometimes reach the nose but you can start getting used to which those are once you've got the basics of plating down) and how that interacts with the various calibers of HE and AP you might end up shooting at it.
  14. Tyrendian89

    USS Enterprise

    although "there will never be submarines in Wows"... so who the fudge knows
  15. Tyrendian89

    "Potatoe Factor" and "potatoe paradox"

    look at it this way... that's not a problem the majority of the playerbase is likely to have, for sheer lack of the appropriate organ...