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  1. visual effects for citadel hits

    you do realize that the entire point of a Citadel is that it is inside the ship?
  2. Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    except Alsace was, and still is (with a few weeks of nerfed stats to influence the total), significantly ahead of all the other silver T9 BBs...
  3. Strassbourg Tier VII French BB

    this. there's not a single T7 BB that gets a 32mm bow.
  4. Cruisers Update

    tinfoil hat on head doesnt help against great big void inside head last I checked... although that might admittedly fall under "outside his control"
  5. When is the next skill reset discount?

    know? nobody except WG. suspect? probably when the CB season ends or shortly thereafter, so in a week or a couple.
  6. What to do with all this coal?

    yeah one would assume they'll warn us before removing something from the shop, even if you're a cynic you'll have to admit they should do it out of sheer self-interest (last-minute sales and that)... Other than that, we can't really tell you what you might enjoy... a T10, especially one as demanding as a Des Memes class, might be a bit much of a step up for you right now, but looks like you're doing very much okay in your mid-high tier BBs so a T9 BB would probably not be horrible... whether you want a Musashi or wait for something else is up to you, but if i were you I'd probably at least wait until WG announce their plans for Alaska and Jean Bart (I know I'm waiting for that^^)
  7. Cruisers Update

    that would probably be the problem here...
  8. Cruisers Update

    you keep posting these same links over and over... how about you actually tell us what you think they mean? Since according to you we are too stupid to get it, why not enlighten us, oh Great One?
  10. don't think we know yet... I'm not even sure it'd be entirely too weak for T10... I mean, look at what the Jean Bart can do with its Reload Booster, and this has 50% more firepower than that (albeit with a bit worse accuracy and base reload), that is pretty scary capacity for punishing mistakes... survivability would probably need a significant boost though, seeing as Republique is probably already worst-in-tier by far in that regard and this even has a good chunk less HP...
  11. RIP cruisers except those that know they can just bowtank it for all of eternity you mean... I always found the french 15"ers better at doing hilarious numbers of normal pens and the occasional citadel to enemy BBs than they were at deleting cruisers tbh... But yeah, is it just me or is that a hilariously sad admission of complete incompetence by the WG balancing team? They're essentially putting a pre-nerf Alsace with minimal buffs and one extra consumable at T10... which is usually a massive step above T9...
  12. Credits

    then what is your point? I havent found any yet...
  13. Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    depends on who you ask, but... generally anyone in my games that isnt doing what I want them do be doing right now?
  14. Legendary idea for legendary modules

    and what exactly makes you think they have not discussed that? it's money to be made, of course they're gonna discuss is - just doesnt mean they have to implement it right away...
  15. Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    This is your recent stats. Not completely horrible for an NC, but also not nearly average (you "should be" doing around 25% more damage than you are for example). You're definitely improving over time, which is very good to see... it's just that you should give yourself more time fo that improvement to catch up to your progress on the USN BB line. Hence the suggestion to play a few other lines first, especially something other than BBs. That'll give you a fresh perspective - nothing like seeing the game from the other guy's perspective to make you able to predict what he might do next!