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  1. shhh... I've done a Kiev versus Kiev 1v1 secondaries (or Secondary, in this case) only battle in a training room. Only took ten minutes... Although, to be a little bit more helpful than my first post, while those ships are all really really bad for the job, the least-bad is probably a well-played Edinburgh I would guess, simply because of the smoke... still not going to get you a relevant amount of secondary hits any time soon, but...
  2. Simply put: none of them.
  3. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    Being stock in a Carrier is more problematic than in many surface ships, particularly because it means you straight up lose againt your opposite number while in a surface ship there usually isn't that kind of very clear 1v1 situation. one thing you can do is grind out the modules on the Zuiho in Coop battles - Bots should be easily digestable food even for a stock ship - and switch back to PvP once you're satisfied that you have the more important ones installed.
  4. whelp... on the upside, he's not called Schiffmann, so at least we dodged that particular bullet I suppose...
  5. same here... boy, would i have loved improved Adrenaline Rush on a german commander! Damn you frenchies!
  6. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    yeah pretty much what Xaero said. I'll add one thing: Richelieu and especially Alsace really want IFHE for a secondary build, because that allows their massive 100mm batteries to actually damage things as opposed to just plinking them and setting the occasional fire. Same deal as with Akizuki HE essentially... Republique can do without IFHE, but is still good with Secondary spec (and can thus take Concealment or Fire Prevention instead).
  7. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    for me personally, the french BBs after Lyon don't need Expert Marksman anymore, with 36°/s base traverse (which is also why I put Monsier Honore on the Henri IV). And, if you're so inclined, from that point on secondary builds are also pretty decent on them... But if you want to keep him there and stick with EM (it's not like that's a bad choice, not at all!), then I'd probably recommend Basics of Survivability for your last three points, or if you're comfortable with your resistance to turning into French Toast then you could consider BFT for the boost to your already mean AA. I don't rate either Jack of all Trades or High Alert all that highly for two points...
  8. Personal challenge - Ranked T7?!

    dont worry, we get that about fifteen times per Ranked season...
  9. The border force

    yeah I dont see where you get that "almost immune" bit from... just takes a little bit of practice to adjust your aim to murderizing a bordersurfer :)
  10. Current Ranked T10 Meta

    while you don't wait and see, instead you just keep repeating your opinion without anything to back it up...
  11. Sick of the game (MM, Map rotation)

    six game losing streak? and what about that is supposed to be unusual? You do understand the concept of random distribution, right? And, sidenote, you seem to contribute more than your fair share to each and every defeat your team suffers, at 44% overall winrate (that can't even be called bad anymore, that is downright impressive!). So maybe look in the mirror first when you want to assign blame...
  12. Clan cheating in Ranked

    ahhh this brings back memories doesn't it @Aotearas
  13. SMOKE **

    seems like a BBaby got roasted one too many times...
  14. WG please stop stupid game with 5 DD

    you know, yes that would drop the number of unhappy players massively. It would also drop the number of players overall massively, but...