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  1. internally, it's probably the turn of the intern to turn on the hamster ...wait...
  2. heh... maybe WG spawns those CVs a couple of KM outside the actual map (we know planes can go there with a few tricks, so I would guess WG can spawn ships there too?)... maybe someone can take RPF to that corner?
  3. something I really want to try is to find and sink the Luftwaffe. Sounds odd, you say? Well, with Extended Tech Tree mod you can actually see that WG was lazy and has a Langley model with 9999 plane capacity and 0km detection launch the planes for the Luftwaffe (and the RAF as well actually) - and 0km detection doesnt help against proxyspotting, so we'd just have to form a line abreast some 3.5km or so apart and comb the southeastern edge of the map. Just to try out whether we can break the mission that way (because once you know where the thing is you could just go after it solo every time as well), and maybe troll WG a bit for being lazy sods :D
  4. meanwhile, madman me doesn't even run CE on a 19pt dedicated Kutuzov captain... I've been thinking about switching back into it, but for now double rudder works just fine usually...
  5. I think we need to have a serious talk you SCRUBs! Looks like the latest version of your WindowLickingHags causes some serious interference when running at the same time as our OriginalTTTHags! Caused our poor growpaw to momentarily switch his brain (well, such as it is...) off even! This will not stand! We demand you roll back to a previous version that is compatible with ours, or countermeasures shall be initiated!
  6. even a comparatively small string of bad luck can feel a lot more significant in a new ship where you dont have much to compare to yet... hang in there, the MK is an insanely strong ship once you get the hang of her. What do you have on her, captain and upgrade wise? Maybe we can get you rolling a bit smoother that way :)
  7. a lot of this tells me your setup is very much suboptimal, to the point of explaining some of your issues... one smoke? no wonder you struggle... get Superintendent and a Premium smoke, those are simply must-haves on the Kutuzov. No HE damage? That's precisely why IFHE is mandatory on 6" cruisers. And you still set a stupid amount of fires with that (RNG screwing you over notwithstanding, that can always happen). AA is easily the best at T8, and the AP is also crazy strong when you use it right... and bad maneuverability? Oh boy you better never get yourself a Chappy then... And the complaints about accuracy are straight up nonsense, no other word for it. It's a cruiser, it has cruiser accuracy, end of story.
  8. oh look, another completely braindead idea by WG, that pretty much their entire playerbase tells them is stupid. Guess it's going to happen for sure then, judging by multiple past experiences...
  9. hardly. Breaks from the game happen, and i suspect we're gonna see a lot more of these down the line. But, you really cant expect WG to provide an even semi-competent UI can you? :P
  10. I think that reason should be blatantly obvious to anyone with even half a clue about the game... and it is because the OP said so!
  11. don't the 150s even have straight up superior DPM? too lazy to calculate right now... Anyway, 150s all the way - you're at a tier where you meet lots of Omahas and Pensacolas in randoms, and smoking up 7km from one of those broadsides and citadelling it to hell in a matter of seconds is just way too fun!
  12. it's still massively annoying though, just a waste of time because it's not even a useful, interesting or particularly good (let alone even remotely bug free, half the time I'm watching empty air or some bugged out magic floaty container...) animation... just let us friggin' disable the damn thing already WG...
  13. we shall never step aside! HAGS FOREVER!
  14. but only if the BB I do it with happens to be from the same clan? So if I do the exact same thing, for the exact same reasons (having some more fun and earning some more XP and credits, both via doing some more damage and being shot at, when the match is already won), that is suddenly rigging? Sorry, but Error 404 logic not found.
  15. or, you know, design a slightly better system for Ranked?... but that's probably too much to ask...