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  1. SirAlex3

    Some suggestions

    One time after getting sunk I went back to port to go play another ship that was still in a battle. The only ships in port are the ones I don't feel like playing. OK, that sometimes happens. Unfortunatly, I have no idea this happens until I quit the one I was in. Could there be some waay to view your port without leaving battle? Then I can check to see the ships I'm grinding arn't avalbile and continue to watch in spectate mode on the current battle. Also, maybe a suggestions forum would be helpful. I'm bet that only 1/3180 people browsing the general forums actually are in the mood to care about suggestions (such as my current post) when in a general discussion forum. A suggestions forum will enable them to not see this mixed with the general discussions.
  2. SirAlex3

    How Do I Sell Ships?

    Thank you, I've been wondeirng this too. Always helpfuil zFireWyvern . I wonder why people labeled "beta testers" seem to respond less than you. They tend to respond to the original querry with a technically correct answer that raises another question by the original newbie poster (like me) and forget about the thread :p.
  3. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    How would I do that? I don't remember the install process. Does it prompt you to put it in a certain directory.
  4. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    OK, so doubloons can be bought from the corresponding store and match the server I'm using. I'ts unknown if usernames are unique to World of Warships or just each server. I have to download the NA client, create an account with the NA server, and I can buy some doubloons and premium status from the NA store. The doubloons can be used to convert xp to extra xp and replace the better consumables. Can I use the doubloons to give my captains xp so that they are like my European ones, and buy some signals so that I have the same signals as my EU one? Again thank you so mch for your help.
  5. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    Well you can always buy doubloons right? That's why I wanted ot know what I could do with them. Thanks zFireWyven for answering my questions.
  6. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    Ok one last thing. Since it seems that I need a seperate accoutn for the NA server and it's inevitable that I lose all my stuff , what can doubloons do? I know they can buy consumables. Can I use doubloons to buy flags, extra xp (not tied to a specific ship), customization points for captains (I know doubloons can give them the frist three, but Idon't know if it can go frather than that), xp for captains (which is a workaround if I can't actually buy the development points) and the consumable flags? I fI can buy some of that, i won't have to start from scratch with the new account.
  7. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    Ouch. Redownloading the client is one thing, but I was hoping to not have to start over again. Oh, so do I delete this account to free up the username so I can keep it when I download the NA client?
  8. SirAlex3

    Wong Server

    I tried to pair up with my friend and we found out I was on the EU server while he was on the North America Server. So we can't do anything together and my client does not let me select his server. So how do I join him? Do I have to delete my account and get another one and lsoe my grind>
  9. SirAlex3

    1.5 multiplier

    Sometimes my ships says 1.5 extra xp on next win. Is tis a multiplier for "free xp" or ship based xp on the next win? Also how do I find the topic's I'm following?
  10. SirAlex3


    OK. So I'll just have to grind quickly so I can reach tier 5 and see Islands of Ice. In the meantime, I'll have to put up with domination. I think a stock grind on a destroyer is OK. And I hope they buff the premium ship Warspite, I mean, it did score the longest range hit in history against a moving target. The game tells me who sunk me, but without the replay I don't really know why. Oh I see. I guess I have a long grind ahead of me if I want to save my precious ship slots.
  11. SirAlex3

    Winrate - An annoying stat

    I beleive you should see you number of wins, but not losses or total battles. Maybe give a stat for how the last say... 7 battles went, but I'd rather not know I can only win one out of 6 times
  12. SirAlex3


    I am new to the game and somewhat confused. My experience before this week was watching YouTube videos and my friend's stream during the closed beta. I have many questions, but I will stick to a few minimal ones to start. How do I join a desired gamemode? Domination doesn't really impress me except for Islands of Ice I've seen people play on. Of course, if there is insufficient people in the beta, giving them options is probably a bad idea as that would lead to lots of people in a queue that can't be filled... What's the difference between xp and extra xp? I want to buy the Wakatake without the Umikaze since I only have limmited ships slots, so I need to reasearch both. I supposedly have over 18K xp on my IJN ship and the Umikaze costs 2K xp, but I can't reasearch it, so I think there is a difference. If I buy a presium ship, does that make me a premium user? Also one thing isn't a question but more of a suggestion. In 7 seperate games I lost 75% of my hp to artillery in 4 seconds. I don't mind being ambushed and dying, but I want to know WHY I got sunk, especially since the closest enemy was 4 km away and only one of his turrrets pointed to me. I am really confused. I don't think the game said "Our hull was penatrated" so I don't think it was citadel hits, and anyways without enemy battleships (low tier game) I think I can survive three volleys from anyone. Maybe the server can save the gamestate and when you sink, you can have the option of either going to the normal watching of your allies, or watching yourself in the last three minutes of your life (and all ships not in smoke 100% visible ingoring distance) so you know what you did wrong. Then you go to the normal watching of allies. This won't spoil the game by "ghost captins" infomring their allies about ambushes since their info is three minutes out of date.
  13. SirAlex3

    DD tiers

    My friend was one of the closed beta testers. This sounds EXACTLY like what he was describing. It was like, yeah make the firing time of the torps 8/7 of what they were and shorten the range of three of the IJN destroyers. "Thanks guys it's just right" Then three different times destroyer torpedos got nerfed after that...