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  1. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    What you use for Admiral Schröder 6 upgrade slot?

    Adm 100% sec
  2. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    IFHE on the japanese cruiser?

    I use ifhe on the line anyway never make fires so I prefer to take the 32mm pen with me to annoy a few more
  3. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Ich brauche Credits.....

    T6 und t7 schiffe fahren bringt auch gut credits. Hat damals mir sehr gut geholfen
  4. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Wie findet ihr die neue Belohnung des Brawls

    Kp Spiele in brawls nur adm Schröder. Belohnung sind recht normal schneller verdient als im Zufall. Nutze den mode nur zum.season pass farmen.
  5. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    CW ohne Ohio ??

    Muss sagen ist mal wieder schön fast an alte cw Tage erinnert zu werden wo nur yami gab mit den overmatch. Kann ruhig öfter kommen .
  6. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    nations against nations in the game

    why not bring ne blücher and chokai out ne hipper and atago with radar. for wg share money for us 1 historical ship and a german ship with a radar
  7. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Which is the best secondary ship now in 2023?

    I don't know, I don't think the schliefen sec is good just because of the 105 and this soft armor .... i use on here 0814 Tankbuild
  8. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    unsportsmanlike conduct is not working propperly!!

    how please create something like that even a friend of whom the pc exploded has more base exp than you. i hope i will never see you by accident... if so wargaming give me the power to do a teamkill.
  9. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Is Vampire OP?

    possibly favorite waifu.
  10. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    OP Ships according to ChatGTP

    Grozovoi is Russ Gearing is a US dd or sommers
  11. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Spezialkapitäne für welche TX Tech Tree Schiffe

    😅 hab bei mir lütjens auf der Nürnberg nutze ihn als CL kap.warte auf ner deutschen cl line
  12. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    I opened 400 basic containers

    89 supercontainer on last year
  13. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Admiral Schroder: thoughts?

    what they could use would be the sec spread of the graf zeppelin. but it's still a fun ship. guess t9 brawls or rank good you will be a good choice
  14. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Welche Schiffe aus dem Forschungsbüro und für Stahl?

    Wenn dir smolensk Spaß macht eventuell der Franzosen kreuzer colbert. Oder yolo emilio
  15. Darkwhite_SaltyBelfast

    Witzlose Events bzw Aufgaben

    Ist gerade 5vs5 .