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  1. MrAceRimmer

    Edge of Map!

    1: You have a mini map 2: there is an audio cue when you hit that line 3: what are you doing at the map edge anyway?
  2. MrAceRimmer

    DD Torps

    think the distance differs by torp type. Would need to check the aiming guide for torps on various ships and compare though to be sure.
  3. MrAceRimmer

    ..aaand Hood first week official results are out...

    You need to re do the math as well - Hood is not 100 Euros. She's about £34 with the extras being worth what you think they are worth. In all honesty the skilled captain and the extras were well worth the price for me, for others they aren't. That doesn't mean that I like the staggered package releases though - that is poor form on WG's part - I wonder how many hoods would have sold by now had all 3 packages released simultaneously?
  4. MrAceRimmer

    Kaga is in the premium shop

    Umm its tier 6 this coming season isn't it?
  5. MrAceRimmer

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I think this counts...
  6. MrAceRimmer

    Why does not ships return to harbor after the fight

    ^This^ battle isn't over till it is over even if you sink early
  7. MrAceRimmer

    Victory Salute Camo

    It's the fact it was 7 days last time, 4 days this time after bills have been paid from pay cheques.. had they released it last week id have bought 1 or 2 Read: I'm salty because this is now twice they've been out when my money i have to spend on nice things has already been spent on other nice things.
  8. MrAceRimmer

    Victory Salute Camo

    But again, limited time offer - thanks wargaming
  9. MrAceRimmer

    Battleship AP damage to destroyers.

    But but but.. potatoes like me levelling up battleship lines like broadside battleships firing he at them oblivious to what AP is /sarcasm (honestly I wish players would remember to fire AP at me when I'm stupid enough to show broadside - it's the swiftest way of telling me i done goofed!)
  10. MrAceRimmer

    mm is broken

    This. Angling wont rule out citadels from a well placed overmatching shell or two, but broadsiding as a T5 BB in a T7 match guarantees deletion if you are seen. Also - don't be like me, don't yolo, watch the battle unfold whilst being active and adapt as needed.. Ideally all tiers would be +-1 but they aren't and it's good to learn at tier 5 quickly how to play when you are the underdog as believe you me, when you get to T8 you'll be seeing a lot of those G.K's and Yamato's and one mistake.. you are toast.
  11. MrAceRimmer

    SAIPAN is a clear cheat. Dot. Change Matchmaking.

    no no no, you've got it all wrong. If potatoes/newbs like myself ask sensible questions and make sensible observations we get polite responses.If we write complete and utter hog wash they grab the popcorn and let fly the curt responses. Quite frankly I think that is fair.
  12. MrAceRimmer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Potato reporting a rare case of playing the correct strategy and helping the team in key engagements. Low damage score, decent(ish) xp by someone still grasping at the game mechanics despite owning a T9
  13. MrAceRimmer

    ..aaand Hood first week official results are out...

    The bundle does not make the Hood 80/10 Euros.. , You don't get the extras for free - they are a part of the package deal.. I feel like we are talking to either a troll, brick wall or both, not sure which tbh.
  14. MrAceRimmer

    SAIPAN is a clear cheat. Dot. Change Matchmaking.

    My friend tends to lure the saipan fighters over my North Carolina - Om nom nom nom
  15. MrAceRimmer

    ..aaand Hood first week official results are out...

    OK put simply - if you don't want or can't afford the extra items packaged in the bundles wait for it to be released stand-alone on the 9th of June.