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  1. AkosJaccik

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T2: Albany (Boy, was she an underdog back in the time...! Still, a cutie.) T3: Bogatyr (If one day someone starts to ask the hard question "Hold on, are OP ships only a thing in hight tier?", she's screwed.) T4: Yubari (Can't remember much if this tier, but weeaboism tanks through the day, just to be sure.) T5: Furutaka (Metas come and go, but the schlong stays strong.) T6: (okay, I legitimately have to start up the game at this point to even check which ships are here... man, sometimes I miss the fun of two-nation-days) My brain says Leander. My heart says Pensacola. RIP Cleveboi. T7: Myoko. (The girl who gets lost in the middle of the bell curve until you take her into bed, then suddenly...) Okay, I admit, had Atlanta not lost her AA considerably.... T8: Atago. (Looks good, does good, tastes good.) T9: Ibu... okay, hold on, I'm not laughing. Ibuki. (Yes, I know, but that's all I got.) T10: Salem (Little do I know, but my main man says she's fine.)
  2. AkosJaccik

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    Purely personal, but apart from the exact ways of refunding I had zero problem with the notion of "after-balancing" or simply, re-balancing premiums. I had a massive issue with re-tiering premiums.
  3. Long time no see, forums. ...or game, for that matter. This is why I am somewhat indifferent about the whole issue. I understand and agree with most of the concerns regarding business ethics etc., but realistically, it doesn't matter much for me if I do not play with a T5 or T6 GC. Yet, I'll add my insights so I don't do anything meaningful while I do that because I'd like to stress one point: WG screws this up in technical terms (regardless of any other layer of this decision for the sake of the argument) in my book, because they are trimming hedges: they are looking at stats, oh no, excessive WR, we knew that for years, in some cases I bet your *ss they knew it at time of the release (but it was either an opportunistic decision, or simply deadlines came around the corner, right, GrafZepp?), but now for some reason this is on the table out of the blue. Okay. Let's take the OP Kamikaze. To be honest and transparent about it, a caveat: I am biased, I have the ship. Most of the people who have the Kamikaze are, "by definiton" experienced players. Most of us even started with the old Minekaze. In short, people who have the ship also have a basic idea about how to operate a stealth-focused torp boat, and new, inexperienced players are unable to get it. Obviously I am aware of the stat differences, but quite frankly, who excels in the Kamikaze will excel in the Minekaze in the same exact situation, but instead of five, seven torps will be needed. The ship tactically still has the same issue, still has the same weaknesses, and sti... well, I practically did not play since the CV rework, but you used to be able to completely shut it off for the match with a single squadron of fighters. In fubar situations, sitting in a battleship, unsupported, losing, maneuvering to prolong the inevitable, people are just as helpless against a Minekaze than against a Kamikaze, it only needs a bit more time. The reason I was "scared" when I saw the thing in the ship list at the enemy was less because of the capability of the destroyer itself, but because I knew that the guy will driving her more than likely will play the ship to it's strenghts and capitalize on any errors. So, let's shaft the Kamikaze, cut back the stats and... not much will change. Maybe the average damage, I'll give you that, and the WR might drop less significantly somewhat, but it will, under these circumstances, still not reach the run-of-the-mill T5 silver ship's stats, unless the drove-into-the-ground Kamikaze will be sold again and in huge numbers to newcomers. That "huge numbers" part will, however, not happen, if it's just another Minekaze, isn't it? ...which it was originally, of course, esentially. And so, it's an "elegant" solution idea to uptier the ship. Can't compare it to any clear counterpart anymore, chances are people will largely stop using it not because "oh no, it's not a faceroll anymore" but simply because I know only a handful of men who likes running marathons after getting shot in the leg, and most importantly: the new overall statistics will show a nice, flat graph hopefully. That's the problem, gentlemen. That stupid little spike on the graph, that's just too easy to show off. For example, three-men voice-comm divisions exploiting the meta are perfectly fine and sportsmanlike, that's inside the game's boundaries as the 50% stays 50% globally, but having X thousand more torp damage simply manifests in the average damage, and in a bad way. Regardless of other circumstances, or discussions about how stupid-proof the ship is otherwise (under what circumstances does it show excessive results and how easy it is for the player to create said situation), or how good it is at actually winning the game instead of one task and one task only: farming blind people. The numbers, they have to look good, not the gameplay. Still, after all this lamentation: Go ahead, WG, shear off that X thousand torp damage. Again, I'm not going to pretend that I am holding a lot of marshmellows in this fire, nor do I think that anyone is entitled to that plus damage just because. But uptiering...? I, for example, bought first and foremost ship tiers, due to the tier system, due to operations, due to credit earning abilities, due to whatever reason, really. THIS is the one thing that gets me, and this is something that I find inexplicable. I'd even nod my head if you nerf GC into the seabed, whatever, people who care about having the upper hand will always take the effort to adapt, but uptiering it is such an absolutely idiotic idea in a multitude of ways that I can't even belie... hold on. Oh, right, GZ. Nevermind, I can believe it. Still, one last thing. If we are suddenly the Cavaliers for Equal Treatment, can I finally NOT accept your argument about the Mikasa being a "collector's ship" and "pre-dreads just not work" etc? I mean, don't get me wrong, but apparently people have a right for a level gameplay experience. Just trying to color inside the lines here.
  4. Personally, I do not have a problem with nerfing VU whatsoever. I have a problem with putting her into T5 (...and then nerfing her), because you just can't work around the speed, the HP and the AA. Statistically, WG might get a perfectly balanced ship on paper, based on data, with a beautiful, fat and coveted '50%', but will it be a fun ship? F*ck no. When half of the player's games will end up getting dive bombed back to the Abyss in the first five minutes, when the games will end up getting pulverized by 406mm shells, and the rest maybe testing the glorious torpedo protection, this "balanced ship" will become a port queen faster than you could say "Otranto strait" out loud. I did not need an OP ship. I needed a ship that is fun to play, and if I need 12 guns on a slow platform sailing in T7 matchmaking, I'll just grab the New Mexico. Because if this A-H ship will not be a fun one, which will, the Monarch-class...? The U-14 maybe...?
  5. AkosJaccik

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    "we prefer to change the tier rather than make extreme adjustments to shoehorn it in somewhere else." Well, that explains Viribus Unitis that nobody in their right mind will buy in T5. Guess I'll just wait for the silver Tegetthoff if that ever happens, and get my face pushed in for free.
  6. AkosJaccik

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Funny thing is, while I don't want to take a standpoint in the exact question (I don't have to either, I virtually don't play the game actively anymore since a few months), I do feel that WG missed a golden opportunity. They could have marketed this as "Spring Cleaning" or some bull', and actually revisit all the ridiculous premiums (and yes, I have a GC and a Kami). Including steel/fxp ships, may I add. Chances are, it would still cause a hysterical amount of uproar, and for a good reason, but they could still play the knight in shining armor in quest for a Better and More Just Game. Now, however? "Uuh, we just realized that GC is a thing, hold on." Yes? Really...?
  7. AkosJaccik

    Plot twist: WoWs staff is paid by Gaijin...

    So, uh... how's everyone's weekend going?
  8. AkosJaccik

    What is going on with WoWs?

    Does continuously attacking the seabed with the hull to the sound of Stuka sirens count?
  9. AkosJaccik

    What is going on with WoWs?

    Oh, she absolutely has very real AA! There probably isn't a need for translating "Balloon-abwehrgeschütze"... source
  10. AkosJaccik

    What is going on with WoWs?

    ...and even if someone were to draw up a comparison between NY and VU, I dare to say nobody in their right mind plays the New York beyond the grind, and that's a silver ship! This is from where my problem stems with the T5 VU. I'm not even saying it won't work, it might - let WG pull their bullsh*t on her enough times and she will, I'm fairly certain. It will just not be fun to play her in T5, T6, let alone T7 with that speed and HP, not in a way that justifies the cost. I'd take a mediocre T4 ship all day over that. It's just a shame, really, I couldn't give less sh*t if WG makes for example the Radetzky-class a depression-inducing port queen dust-collector, but what we are talking about is the first and arguably the most popular A-H ship class. On the other hand I have to admit, my cynicism smiles through the clouds thinking that apparently the bloody Stabilimento Technico Triestino built a ship specifically for the Adriatic sea, but still to be able to take on the Nagato. Or at least the New Mexico. In the end it will still totally worth it I guess, in T5 players will be able to farm a metric ton of more credits than in T4, indeed.
  11. Viribus Unitis - classic Wargaming. "Oh, yes, right, I see the problem! Let me grab my chainsaw." Good thing I trained for this moment with Rule the Waves as A-H with small/historical resources. Not that it ever went pretty.
  12. AkosJaccik

    HMS Dreadnaught

    Not to troll or anything, but somehow I find it hilarious how above me - if I saw it correctly - so far noone exactly nailed her actual name.
  13. AkosJaccik

    Happy Holidays

    So, it's festive Kaga time again? Huh. Year sure went by quickly.
  14. AkosJaccik

    World of Weirdships - Ironclads - Discussion Thread

    Very interesting article, thank you! I'm a sucker for anything inbetween the Age of Sail and Dreadnought, that frantical age of innovation, with so many possibilities, but also so many dead ends. I kind of wish for WoWs to touch on these designs, but I highly doubt sail ships are a good idea - besides, Naval Action already tackles that fairly well, as long as the combat is concerned at least.
  15. AkosJaccik

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Yup. She kind of gets overshadowed by a lot of stuff I feel, and even when she's talked about, it's mostly about a slow, sluggish AoN punching bag. But boy, those guns are a lot of fun, and they especially were in the original, pre-nerf sigma setup. While I preferred the Nagato as the "pinnacle of a balanced super-dreadnought design", Colorado somehow took the show on occassions with her american freight trains. Last time I took her out I got uptiered, but even still I vividly remember the amount of pain I managed to dish out no problemo'.