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  1. Honestly, for the sake of a single operation / scenario, I'd try that out, but only if there would be some visual clues that "Hm, I think the ship might be a bit f*cked". Broken steam pipes, fires, ship listing and slowing down, alarm bells, reports of counter-flooding, whatnot. Same with the the enemy, "Is it unable to fight? Is it sinking, or just temporarily inoperable? Should I pass over another salvo or prioritize other targets?" But again: Scenario, tops.
  2. Suggestions thread

    Realism mode, huh? Like you shoot, miss, miss, miss, miss, straddle, then a single stray shell hits a crucial element of your fire control system and suddenly you are fubar? Or a mode where you repair a stuck rudder a bit more than fifty seconds? Or a mode where Fuso(-"class") gets completely owned by radar assisted aiming done by US battleships? Or the one in which a few torpedo hits will slow down your battleship and it will start to list enough that your main guns will become inoperable just by that? ...or realism mode like in War Thunder, where you - instead of left-clicking to shoot - also left--click to shoot, but a bit differently? Otherwise it will murder WoWs once it's naval forces module comes out, just like it murdered WoT? Come on now. If anything, WoWs could use some historical scenarios with the current system, rather than diving deep into some "historical accuracy"-mode, that will not have a start nor an end. By the way,@puxflacet I have to say, I rather like your signature. I also had some "first world problems" with not the symbols themselves, but their unequal handling, especially now that some people got the soviet in-game insignias, so even the forum gets it's share of the hammer and sickle. I hope we'll also get a Murmansk port dressed into red cloth, while some nice Red Army tunes could play in the background. Mmm, good times, good times. Compared to that, a single chinese demand was enough to wreck an entire tech tree. But I digress.
  3. [PT 0.7.2] Visual effects changes

    Eh. Sure, it could be disturbing sometimes, but nothing that would affect my amazing performance noticeable. One waits one or two seconds more with slow-reloading guns, oh God, the dpm-drop, unbearable. And if the enemy is getting focused so hard that I can barely see it, hey - that's good omen for the team. But we'll see.
  4. Players Killing themselves

    Interesting, just yesterday a New York did the same thing bar the torps. It was a while when I saw something similar, so for a good second I did not even realize how it was even possible for a battleship to suicide. We lost that match, though I wouldn't give too much blame on a missing NY in a T7 match. Nonetheless, d*ck move. Guess people start to get bored seriously. But then why log in...? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's not even the classic case of "Oh, XVM says win chance is 49%, time to kill myself."
  5. Historical Links Exchange

    Today, we are going to take a look at the Musashi - or more precisely, what remains of her. Interesting to see that for example at around 1:31:00, you can see binocular platform(?) on a location clearly identifiable on the ship's model, however, the platform itself is missing there. The audio commentary states that it doesn't show up on the "drawings" either.
  6. Server problems?

    And nine months later, an inexplicable spike shows up on the birth rate graphs.
  7. Server problems?

    "Congratulation! You just won a one in a billion chance Enterpr... NOPE!
  8. Server problems?

    Sigh... It's a beautiful, late-winter sunday afternoon, and it might end up in me doing something actually productive. Oh tempora, oh mores!
  9. Server problems?

    In that case, good luck to the guy RPF-ing me staying in!
  10. Server problems?

    I rather like the style of the new WoWs-logo.
  11. Improving weekend experience

    I'm always baffled by the fact that there are still people that would rather get rid of half the playerbase rather than just to "suffer" incompetent players on both sides. They would legitimately murder their own game and can't even realize that. I mean, look what happened to Steel Ocean or AW. Or even World of Warplanes; if you watch the interview regarding the 2.0 ver, they actually thought about closing the servers and just end it all! Restrictions are bad. The more players, the more healthy the game is. What you are looking for is the competitive part of it, and it's already in the game. Join a clan.
  12. Mosaic and Spring Tie camo's

    Ah, the middle one... - "Give this scarf to your little ship, because the water is really cold, you don't want it to get cold, do you now?" - "Thank you grandma, but I..." - "What did I just say?!"
  13. Suggestions thread

    In short: Linking at least non-performance related settings to the account. I play WoWs on my desktop PC and sometimes on my laptop. Theoretically, I need to install the game maybe twice a year tops. In practice, I had to reinstall besides the usual Win-refresh cycles, because my Windows acted up, I had to reinstall because my pendrive successully got itself a nice little virus in the local copy shop, and just today, I also had to reinstall because the launcher decided that it's unable to continue the installation of the current patch due to some random file-something reasons. (The clean install solved the issue.) While let's not waste too much attention to the probably rather insignificant occurences where someone plays with his account on someone else's computer already featuring the owner's settings, it can also be a thing. So I have to do the ritual dance over and over again, set the sounds, voiceovers, mute music, graphic settings, detailed ribbons, CAS off, camera switch off, enable alternative battle interface, et cetera, you know the drill. Then reconfigure the minimap too, enlarge it, enable last known positions, enable aerial detection, screw with the opacity and so on and so on. Granted, it is not an unbearable, facemelting, tedious task. However, why is it necessary, when the solution is so simple? To push it further, I'm somewhat uncertain but as far as I remember, WoT already links settings to the accounts, no? It would be a small quality-of-life change, but it would matter in the long run.
  14. Mosaic and Spring Tie camo's

    Ooh! Lovely-nice "Focus me!"-dresses.
  15. Who needs balance anyway...

    "SCHTSCHORS"? Is this the german transcription? At this point, I'm more afraid of the word than the ship itself.