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  1. New Map ?

    This makes for a good argument, as it seems to be anything but balanced for random - let alone any competitive mode.
  2. New Map ?

    Or - for the very talented - C5!
  3. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    My colleauges probably mean that not for the "bigger better faster ships", but their better-than-stock modules. Read: In low tier you have to grind, let's say, five matches in stock configuration, in higher tiers you might need to do so for 30 matches. Thus (beside other factors) the bigger need for FXP at higher tiers.
  4. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    The main factor is possibly your own endurance; but the general advice is usually "spend free XP on new ships, if you have any AND you don't want to keep them for other things (f.e. FXP ships)". In older versions some of the stock ships were significantly worse than the refitted ones (stock Fuso came to my mind for example), but even today it's a very smart way of doing things if you can. Especially since the Zuiho afaik might get worse MM and AA creep than the Hosho, and while you might not be able to do anything against strafes anyways, in any other situation plane survivability helps a lot, especially with the abysmal hangar sizes. ...the only, though rather big problem is that as a relatively new player, you don't have the means, nor the ships to farm a good amount of free XP, and since low-tier ships don't require too much grind, as for now, it's probably a better - far less irritating - idea to just go ahead and play the Zuiho. That few stock match will probably not account for much. Converting FXP for doubloons is generally considered to be a rather bad investment; again - especially for the sake of lower tiers.
  5. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    I think it's a cheeky reference to the Eurovision song contest. And not a bad one, I mean, we sort of already have the fitting camouflage schemes in the game...
  6. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    It's purely personal taste, but I'd rather not have a lot of minor single-DD trees just out of... what? National pride? Rather than a more or less fully fledged-out european tree. As such, my "ideal" european tree, while I don't have any too specific request for exact ships, would... - aim to have the most diversity (contain the most nations) possible, and - aim to have, whenever possible, at least two or three ships from each nation, even if that means that some nations don't get full al-branches. - keep the paper designs on a sensible level. There is nothing wrong with stopping for example with the battleships at ~T8. Esentially, do a patchwork. It would be more fun and interesting for me and it would mean easier captain management.
  7. Proposal

    Of course, I'm just joking. I'm not in any way behind just because you got some sweet ships - and also of course, I'm hoping for your good luck in the future as well!
  8. HE for all secondaries?

    I see the problem with AP secondaries in the following: - they are usually not the ones to spec for, as such, don't hit anyting - and when they do, they either bounce or probably overpen. (note: AI tartgeting tend to aim for the center on the waterline, so in a perfect world, it's usually either a citadel or a shatter). However, they are still cruiser-grade armour piercing shells, so when they DO hit, they rip apart cruisers like it's noone's business. You can check that in Training Room. The problem is, the window to do so is extremely limited. I'd say fix the AP by implementing more intricated targeting AI (for example, shoot the superstructure when target is angled), but... ...do we really need even more secondaries? Okay, we got the germans, we had fun. French top tiers? Fine. Now WG works on an american "brawler", read: secondary build BB too. How much more ships does this game need of which the game itself plays instead of you?
  9. Proposal

    Hold on, you are getting ships from super containers? Or even - you are getting super containers?! If you don't mind, gentlemen, allow me to reee.
  10. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    While not anytime soon, the pan-asian tree made a precedent - and frankly, a fair amount of customers are from regions with some degree of historical naval influence, but not nearly big enough to be represented by their own tree.For that, a pan-european tree seems to be a welcome option over more single-DD "trees". Plus you can change the flags in the client now too. I mean, sh*t, up to this day I laugh thinking about that none of the "pan-asian" ships are actually asian bar the japanese. Contrary to that, the pan-european tree has more than enough justification. Those barges were usually "made in Europe"
  11. which DD line to choose? DD questions

    Usually, when it comes to torps, there are a few factors that seem to be more interesting than pure range, and that would be stealt firing window, speed and reaction time for example. It wouldn't matter much if you only had 4km torps in case you have in theory a torpedo boat with 2km concealment. As such, USN torpedoes become viable far earlier, certainly on the Benson - can't quite remember for the Mahan.
  12. Awarded ribbons

    Ah, my bad.
  13. Awarded ribbons

    The awarded ribbons are blocking the captured zones as you can see. - Yes, and you can get the same information from the minimap.
  14. Awarded ribbons

    But it does not block the minimap.