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  1. AkosJaccik

    THE BOBS 1st Annual Festive Events upto Christmas!!!

    Meritocracy in WoWs? People getting gifts who are nice and competent?! What is this, some kind of utopia? :) Kudos and hope that karma will get you for this.
  2. This is fantastic news! ...this way maybe after those we can move on to actually interesting, God forbid significant designs. Then again, in before soviet BB sub-branch...
  3. I was sceptic, but supportive originally. While I never was a huge advocate for CVs, I liked them, liked the brave concept, the new approach, the different mentality behind the class and the completely different interaction between the combatants, the need for something else in terms of skill and experience. Still, I saw and read about their disparities, I was aware of the serious problems they cause, and such, I accepted that for some cloudy "greater good", for the Future of the Game and really, for all players and for our entertainment, something needs to be done. And so, CV rework happened. I was less than thrilled - what I saw was barely any air-to-air interaction, and the CV gameplay being degraded into a numb, monotonous, repetitive chain of bombing runs. But again - I accepted it, and hoped for the best. ...but then THIS?! You are not simply neutering the gameplay, you are taking away HALF of the content, including famous carriers?! What's next, will we get the "opportunity" to buy them back as premiums...?! I'm not even going to voice my concerns over the implications, as they are mostly already written above, people stuck in lower tier CV-s seemingly forever against constant +2 MM will be just lovely. I never, ever wrote nor on these forums, nor on any other this yet. But now I do: Delete CVs. Just get rid of them. After all these years, let them die with dignity, after all, half of them are already in front of the firing squad. Admit your defeat, accept that you have no idea what to do with them in terms of this gameplay, and move on. I mean, imagine if the same would happen in for example WoT. CV players will not be happy, CV haters will not be happy, CV owners will not be happy, would-be CV players will not be happy, what is even the plan?! Oh, by the way, thank you for the doubloon compensation, it would even make sense if you did not clean up the in-game tech tree a year ago or so to "rotate the offers". Now I can wait for another year so the ship I actually want instead MAY be appearing. Just... I... wow. Just wow. This is low, man, and I was the man who laughed about the GrafZepp fiasco.
  4. I know others will and already did answer to this very reasonably, but let me put it this way: WG is entitled as a business to offer me no choice but to buy something - in this case put in a ridiculously, but not unusually inflated bundle -, or give me the possibility to slave away for a month for what is basically copy-paste T3 ship. I, as a customer, am also entitled to react to this by not participating anymore. Do note, it's not about free stuff. It's about treatment of people. I don't know the exact stats, nor do I care a lot (I am the moron who bought the Mikasa with his own beloved money for example, because muh Tsushima), but what we are possibly talking about is a historically very interesting, but otherwise dull and somewhat pointless ship in terms of gameplay. I have the credits to buy the Bellerophon multiple times over. I have a fairly good line-up of high-tier premiums, and could get more, thank God, it would not slam me into the ground. Again: don't care about the free stuff. I'm reacting to the "feel honoured, peasant, after all, I'm not obliged to give you anything"-mentality. That's the truly funny part. Maybe if WG would not """give""" me anything, I'd just play normally and regularly again, no strings attached-mode, as I always did. So no, I'm still not grateful for the possibility, thank you. If someone is feeling grateful after knocking out 40 or something daily missions for this vanity item, be my guest, but I'll stay "entitled". In a way it sounds like having a healthy self-respect and an appretiation for my free time.
  5. My last actual match was played about at the time of the Aigle marathon, ever since then I read the forums but when it comes to playing and spending money, I am just doing other stuff instead of WG products. And a fairly big reason among others for that is exactly as written by OP. Wargaming achieved that I said "You know what? No." The hilarious thing is that in "my prime" I easily and voluntarily spent the "necessary" time on WoWs to complete such mission chains, but there was a huge difference. I did not felt compelled to do so. I mean, sh*t, do you remember when we got a T3 barge for a single week long-ish mission consisting of five consecutive parts?
  6. AkosJaccik

    A severe blow against competitive play

    Does not ease much for the competitive T1 CV mains, considering her AA is still ridiculous even without speccing. :(
  7. AkosJaccik

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Putting aside the whole "professional" side of spotting, alpha, map control etc., this looks, by God, repetitive and annoying. For both participants, honestly. Then again, this is jus an impression based on a limited, early footage, I'm well aware of that.
  8. ...nothing? Nobody? Alright, I'll jump on it. But joke aside, if something, this IS an indicator for just how much our game changed over the years. Arguably not necessarily always for the better, and maybe not while driven by a clear vision. ...but changed. However, I'm still salty about the thought that I might be able to drive a fokken' sentoku-class submarine sooner than finally take out the Tone for a spin.
  9. Hello, yes? Wargaming? I'd like to subscribe for the memes, yes.
  10. AkosJaccik

    Carrier APM

    Just for hilarity, someone should check apm for other classes too. I reckon with sufficient situational awareness, regularly "right-clicking" out of salvoes, maneuvering etc. some numbers would be surprising compared to the ones above.
  11. AkosJaccik

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Sure! I do too, and got pink a few times as well (hell, once a stray shell of mine citadeled a friendly cruser). It happens. Sometimes one calculates the risks and screws up. But friendly fire, as far as I am concerned, is a legitimate element of team games. In fact, this way everyone could take (if they would take) responsibility without any practical skill. In this sense, the "get out of jail for free card" would, in my subjective opinion, dumb down the game. And it might even screw over the torp guy, because if you shoot carelessly, blow up your torps, then hello cooldown, compared to just holding your fire.
  12. AkosJaccik

    Torpedos and Team damage

    Point is I'd like to stress, while it is strictly speaking offtopic... There is no such thing as "but he could have evaded my torps by simply turning". At this point in my 'career" (stop laughing) I never evade friendly torps. Don't get me wrong, I never turn into them deliberately, because what's the point, but I don't evade them either. Why - it's rather simple. When I am doing a maneuver, it's usually for a reason (also don't laugh). If I have to evade "friendly" torps, I might show broadside, might get into a part of map that is highly disadvantageous, or just simply would wase a lot of my, and in turn, the team's time. Worst case scenario, the turn would get me killed, and the torp guy would never realize this. And at this point, I'd rather make a point by taking one or two torps than to get f*cked over all the same but without the game's exact and harsh feedback about it. So, I get hit, because evading is more often than not almost as bad, but without the penalty for the perpetrator. By this logic, this is why there is no such thing "but the torp guy did everything he could to avoid hitting a friendly", IF he still hits someone. This is the whole "bla-bla" point of "your torps, your responsibility". Because actually hitting with the torps is not required to screw a friendly up, should it force him to evade.
  13. AkosJaccik

    Torpedos and Team damage

    While it isn't necessarily a bad idea, probably and simply too much is standing against it. - It isn't really historical at this point. I know, arcade game, but still - this is an argument. - If you can't select exactly which torp to self-destruct, then would you negate a five-torp spread for a single "friendly" hit? If you do, you might lose a deva. strike, or even the game. If you don't, you might sink an allied ship and lose the game. - If you can select exactly which torp to self-destruct, then that would still take effort, attention and still would not necessarily be accident-proof. Hell, it might be even worse. But the main problem would be - WG could not be arsed to implement far more simple gameplay elements because "that would be too complicated". So this would require a fair amount of work to implement, would still not be accident-proof and it would be complicated. ...compared to just not pressing the trigger if you don't have a clear shot. It is true tho'.
  14. There kind of is, although not exactly. Check out Naval Action, but do keep in mind it's early access since awhile, so even if you like what you are seeing, do not buy it in haste.