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  1. I think the bar you are missing goes to the "Win 3 battles", so you still need to do that.
  2. Fantastic and inspiring work, @Cosseria! I especially like for some reason your MAS model - I only have a limited knowledge about the Regia Marina, but as far as I know, the MAS boats were exceedingly successful. I also really dig the rigging on Leone Pancaldo plus the very neat camo scheme! It's interesting to look at your water surface too; I just recently bought some commercially available "Water effects" product, just to experiment and go wild with all kinds of techniques with a similar diorama (albeit with one that will most likely stand on a much lower quality).
  3. You know, I do not dismiss the possibility anyway that "more premium battleships will make the MM even worse" is somewhat of a false argument. We have a more or less given amount of players, they have their preferences, and their preferences - which ultimately results in the "average MM composition" are largely based on the simplicity and safety of BB-play (so "the meta") and their own liking of different ships and ship types. With the latter you can't do anything, with the former you can, but not on the level of individual ships (well, except if some silver/premium turns out to be OP). What I am saying is - it's not like we have a bucket of twenty thousand ships, and introducing a new premium will pour into it five thousand new battleships. BB players will play BB-s regardless, people liking the DD-gameplay still won't bother etc. and if someone plays all kinds of different ships, a prem BB won't push his ship type percentages off the chart. The dangerous example is say, the cruiser player who gets the new battleship, says "hey, this is great, I'll play only with this from now on!", but honestly, how many are such up from this point who did not do just this yet? While I am not denying at all that some individual premium batleships indeed add to the problem to a certain degree, but their ratio compared to other premium ships is in my mind a far less significant issue.
  4. Guys, what the hell? Why didn't you tell me that the Atlanta seems to have such a good credit multiplier coefficient? (Edit: Oh... you did. Just three comments above...)
  5. Strictly speaking, we have exactly zero "Kongo clones" in the game. We have Hiei clones. ...so we need at least one. ...but seriously, just a Kongo class modeled in the spirit of the "new quality standards" would make me buy it. Would I rather see another IJN carrier-, and especially cruiser? Absolutely! ...as members of a whole new branch in the silver tree.
  6. Probably the biggest issue for me, yeah. Development feels like not having an overarching concept, but going with ad-hoc bullsh*t that is "fun" enough to be sold but not OP enough to cause an uproar. And gimmicks are the easiest way of saying "buy/play me, I'm unique!", but once Pandora's box was opened, there is no going back. It's even more hilarious to think that they are sitting on Tone for maybe a year, because things like her "do not fit into the game", but "regular" ships are slowly, ever slowly going batsh*t insane in the meantime. We can't have "gimmicky" ships - but we make them! ...anyway - ontopic.
  7. That's a shame though! Imagine half of the team getting Titanic'd in the first two minutes. Matches wouldn't be any better, but at least it would be hilarious! Well, for the first three of four times... I'd be rather delighted if they at least would bring back the old Islands of Ice and Land of Fire maps, but I guess "balance is above all!" But if nowhere else, I hope they will go crazy with at least the scenario maps.
  8. So, like... you are on sea, your enemy is on sea and between you is also the sea?
  9. It's insignificant. You need to pass a ~10k citadel hit through some guy to get the beloved pink nametag - at lower tiers, often several torpedo hits are not enough for that. Compared to that, how much damage does a collision do, 10-50 HP? While ramming your allies all day everyday is rather unprofessional, I'd recommend that don't put so much emphasis on it. It's just like strafing down someone's floatplane. Falls into the category of "oops".
  10. ...has to be.
  11. 0.6.14

    Apart from the noted issue above, let me just say that one of the things I really like about operations are their fresh and unique aesthetics. Whenever the map designer guys go a little bit crazy, the results are rather fantastic. Well done! I also like the little historical-ish touch, hopefully one day we will be able to play even actual historical scenarios for various tiers - I rather look forward to those.
  12. A fair point. My stance is basically "all or nothing" regarding this issue, so an all-around option for accurate flags would be welcome, although I am afraid that it would still be problematic to some. Isn't there a way to modify the EULA that way that it gives a leverage in situations like this? "By playing this game, you accept that you have an option to use historical flags, and by accepting this document you take full responsibility over the usage of these textures, Wargaming isn't responsible for / does not agree..." etc. etc.?
  13. It's rather sad that simply putting the historically accurate flag and be done with it can't be an answer, and I understand that a global company that uses historical emblems, badges and symbols is always treading on thin ice. If the solution will be the implementation of historically accurate flags, but making them optionally available in the client, I would not complain, although I am certain that there will be people who will still be pissed off because some game file, somewhere hidden deep in the options menu depicts a blue cow playing on a balalaika that you can install on the related ship.
  14. Sometimes I feel like playing CV is like playing goalkeeper in football in your small little village. If you do your job (in the example, defend like an animal) and your team wins somehow, noone will care. If your team loses because you let one goal in out ot the five strike attempts, barely anyone will talk about your forwards being utter rubbish, your center-backs being incompetent morons, but just about everyone will remember that one goal you sucked in. ...unless, of course, the viewers have a brain.
  15. While I decided to give it a go, I did not manage to give enough time for the project. However, what's "done" can be found here. For a fair game, let's assume that this is the finished version that will not be further expanded.