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  1. "Lock on" bug?

    An hour ago or so we did some Scenarios with BlackYeti. As he grinded his Dallas, I thought I'd not interfere with that and the left lane goodness, instead try to go for the objective and secure stars by being an eyesore for the bots - BB time. I did not expect magic from the Dunkerque's dispersion - and as such, came in dead last -, still, wanted something of a bit more blappy for the occassion, so went with the Mutsu next time. Ho, boy... It wasn't a daydream to begin with, but for the last more than two minutes I couldn't hit aaaaanything. Anything. Instead, I went full Straddle City for at least four to five salvos. I thought sure I simply suck donkey balls, but that's now more than that. I wish I took a pic of every shot, but I only have one about the last salvo. Now obviously I thought this is the mix of bad aim and bad RNG, but hey. It sure was noticeable. Like, "there is something wrong with our bloody ships today"-noticeable.
  2. It's suspicious indeed as according to this roadmap WG has a plan and vision for the future of WoWs. Now, call me a pessimist, but...
  3. I was about to kindly ask for the source as well.
  4. Operation Cherry Blossom - what went wrong?

    I am with you on that. While I did like the aesthetic and the historical side of the scenario very much and fighting at night to see the dawnbreak feels fantastic, I couldn't help but feel a bit - dissatisfied. Originally I was hyped, and WG certainly did play under it: NIGHT BATTLE! STAR SHELLS! etc., which in the end turned out to be ...circles on the map. Insignificant circles, may I add. In fast-reloading CLs the players were practically constantly visible anyway, and being lit up did not matter the least. Originally I steered clear of the light sources, but ultimately after a few matches I couldn't care less about them. The only place the darkness served at least some kind of purpose when I spawned on the very left with the Baltimore and trusted the team to handle the Myokos (...), so I intercepted the Aobas and some of the DDs, then one could play "now you see me, now you don't" with the IJN heavy cruisers, but that's about it. And it was rather pointless to, as it was not intentional, but due to the short reload rate. Other than that, the darkness helps the shore-shelling Myokos somewhat, when they go dark a bit, but that's about it. Quite frankly, most of the scenario features so far (healing zone, picking up survivors, Schnellboots, land based batteries, forts, land targets etc.) feel more interesting and immense than the Next Big Thing Night Battle. Which is somewhat of a shame, but hopefully it's just the start. By the way, sometimes I don't understand the public opinion. People: "Eh, Cherry Blossom is ridiculously easy, basically you can lose a single star at the regiments." (Completely true btw.) Also people: "NOOOO, WG, why did you take away my sweet, beautiful Narai, whyyy?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Submarines confirmed!

    What I'm even more impressed of is the fact that the AA gunner is aiming for the stahanovist medal even deep down under. "Turning into an abyssal vessel is no excuse, comrade!"
  6. I understand, and a little, greedy little part of my soul is fully with you on this - you don't spend a whole lot of time in T3 and for that, Nassau was more than hliarious. However... ...quite frankly, we should care, as the differences, while I obviously did not check through every ship, are probaby among the biggest on a tier-to-tier basis. Nassau is (and Belle' almost is) esentially 150% better when it comes to dealing damage, K/D or survivability than either SoCa or Kawachi. One can make the usual [edited] Conquer(or)-argument for Bellerophon, "buh' it's repairable fire damage", not so much for Nassau. The reason why we should take low tiers more seriously is because it is supposed to be the gate drug, and if the Weymouth plinging away at the Nassau gets a fifty percent weight reduction in return every 22 seconds, then the guy will not "git gud" but make sure that player retention will plummet even lower. Sure, at low tiers, players should learn, but first and foremost, they should have fun. In most of the ships, if it's possible, not two. The bigger the playerbase, the healthier the game's prospects, which is in the interest of all of us.
  7. Nassau? Oh, right. I completely forgot about how utterly broken that thing was.
  8. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    That is correct, but one does not have to go full yolo just because Pandora's box have already been opened. I mean, people still seemingly and continuously are against gimmick-based gameplay even though that train is also gone since long ago. While we are at it, almost my biggest issue with Hood's AA is that... it's just a single AA value. No itty-bitty mines on parachutes or at least something visually interesting. Same thing would be with Yamato, press button, DPM jumps to "lol, over nine thousand", entire squadron pops like bubble foil and that's the end of it. I'd actually be in for the show as long as it would be show.
  9. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    I have to agree with most of the opinions above. Historically speaking, Type 3 shells were actually rather decent ...as long as you shot those at ground targets without any significant cover á la Henderson Field and not something in the skies. I'd wager even with VT fuses and decent, God forbid radar-guided fire control they would be next to useless, considering RoF and turret traverse / elevation. Type 3 was a question "Can we utilize weapons for AA purposes originally not designed for it simply by a new shell type?", and the answer was, unsurprisingly "nu-uh, gov'nor". It's not that I can dish them for trying, though. In a scenario / operation, sure, go for it! But the max. the Yam's should get are, as Bics93 said, the 25's on the turrets. I'd also mention the AA powercreep-issue, if it weren't a moot point due to The CV Rework: Rework Harder arriving to your nearest movie theater somewhere in the very near future - stay tuned! PEGI 13.
  10. Ah, yes. It's kind of a running meme now that I'll honestly buy the first... - historical (Harekaze is out) - not riddled with gimmicks (Asashio is out) - interesting, and... \ - at least mediocre and/or useful IJN ship | (just about everything else is out). Okay, it's not that it's that completely horrible as I describe it, but off the top of my head, the four notable premiums I can think off the bat that sort of fits my "requirements" (Katori, Yubari, Atago, Kaga), only two is higher tiered "classic premium vehicle". Although not that for example the USN is so much better lately these days with the n+1. fast battleship and "Here, have another Fletcher". Who knows, maybe after CV rework we get a very underwhelming, just to fit in the tradition Tone.
  11. Born in the USA Baltimore camo

    I'm a bit torn with this "camo", because while I dislike the art style, I have to admit it's a well done model. While I can't say it's tasteful, it is stylish. I can sort of accept it as "art" I just simply do not like, compared to say, Kobayashi Roma which I am still unable to decode in any sort of way other than "da'hell?"
  12. Remember X marks the spot?

    While I don't know, I presume without the lock-on it won't and did not have a serious effect anyway. However, let's play on level field or not at all, so - welcome, I guess? I could imagine more useful UI tweaks, but oh well.
  13. F*ckin' 'ell, I just got a Monaghan quest out of it! As it seems, Mr. Fingers, I owe you a glass of beer. Thank you!
  14. Whales in the game??

    Do the following test: Did PETA or Greenpeace "open" your door with a shaped charge and keep you at gunpoint while they tried to deploy a dinghy in your aquarium? If no - it was not a whale.
  15. I am beating the dead horse here, but regardless of the well-commented concealment issue (rendering delay, proxy spot dist.), some other things. - why are your guns trained in the direction where there is nothing at all? You can see on the minimap (I know, I know...) where they were last spotted, you actually enabled that option, yet you don't act accordingly. You are the last ship, they have four, chances are they will rush in for the kill and won't waste time with flanking and tricks. You could have "seen" that Dallas before you ever spotted it. - You heard the gents above talking about that what you achieved with your smoke is blocking your own visibility, worsening with the lack of hydro sweep. In fact, however, your enemy can see your smoke clound plenty well, so you managed to pinpoint your exact location even in the case if their data on their minimap (last known position) is obsolete. So you blindfolded yourself, then shouted out loud "I AM HERE!" Edit: Do note that the rendering delay applies for all (except for bots...)