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  1. AkosJaccik

    The amount of bots on the player team in coop is insane

    There are less people?! Sh*t, I might pick up the game again!
  2. AkosJaccik

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Examining this in regards to the S.M.S. Szent István... ...but I'm still not buying the ship in WoWs, Wargaming. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. AkosJaccik

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Well, yes, but you see, comrade, higher tier, more Rubels!
  4. AkosJaccik

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Never thought I'd not buy this shp the moment it hits the game, but here we go. Funny thing is, it has to do less with the actual ship and more with the state of the game overall I think. I've spent quite a metric ton of money on the game in the past (from Kaga to Mikasa), but now I can't really explain to myself why should this sub-20 Eur be a worthwhile investment. ...and looking at the papership-parade, this beauty and Yahagi was just about the only two premium ship left I gave a sh*t about. I think I'll wait until the ship will get onto the techtree for sale for doubloons. If this never happpens, well, then I guess I'm sh*t out of luck. Or just hope that Tegetthoff will get onto the silver European line one day, and get shafted for free.
  5. AkosJaccik

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    What you have to understand I think that even if the guy seemed to "sail right into it", you can't reasonably expect him to dance however you sing. Let me explain simply, why. Imagine this: You are sitting in a big, bad BB, getting focused, as is your task. Your angle is acceptable, stuff is under control, armor is tanking. ...and then some "friendly" torpedoes are arriving. Let's say slowing down won't solve the situation, full rudder will. Now, here is the problem: If you sail "right into the torpedoes", the DD will know HE is the reason you are dead. If you turn and get raped with your now open broadside, the DD will never realize he's STILL the reason you are dead, but maybe he'll add "noob" in the chat, to crown the moment. This is the exact reason why I am reacting to "friendly" torps when I have the means, but when I have to choose between getting TK'd or getting killed because of a - to quote you - "muppet" constrained my movement, I go for the former. Unfortunately, I have no reason to think they'll learn from this...
  6. Ah, a familiar name. Man... :\ Not that I am walking in a different shoe, I did play barely a couple battles since... I don't even know, autumn? Nothig dramatic, I simply got bored of the constant shenanigans and slowly but steadily started to do other things with my time. I still follow the news, and this made me laughing. I understand that this company is a different one than the World of Tanks branch, but was not a single intern available to run over and ask "Hey guys, why did you not sell T9 premiums, T10 permanent camos and such for short-term profit?" But even the company itself, it's like they perma-delete their entire data and execute and re-hire their staff in a cyclic fashion, so four years of expertise in developing the same exact game goes null and void. Still, I owe gratitude to WoWs, they got me deeper into naval history, and they are one of the main reason I am running a Rule the Waves 2 campaign now instead of playing wows. So, no hard feelings. Just awe and wondering.
  7. "Welcome to WoWs, where your national / tech trait is unique right until everyone gets it by default; and where bullsh*t gets countered with newer bullsh*t!"
  8. AkosJaccik

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Reading this while looking at your profile picture, I had to laugh.