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  1. MrDeg

    Disconnected from server

    We are not NA buddy!
  2. MrDeg

    WoWS Bonus Codes (EU)

    Works thanks!
  3. training room doesnt work for me and couple others. Version v5.15.0 #01
  4. MrDeg

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    You're awesome ID: Pavlos_Kountouriotis Ship: Arizona
  5. MrDeg

    Clan System Public Test

    4) on the top left at the port screen where their name is located press it and a dropdown list will pop up, under the ''invite a friend'' there will be an option that will show ''clan'' press it and the invite will be there your friends can accept or decline
  6. MrDeg

    Clan System Public Test

    Can we have an update for the clan test? Are the technical issues resolved?
  7. MrDeg

    Yubari and Sims back on sale in Premium Shop

    i actually think yubari its pretty decent i had success with her i dont understand why most people trashtalk her its a tier 4 cruiser, use (aiming systems modification 0). sims its ok too maybe a torpedo speed buff will make her a bit better but it feels ok
  8. MrDeg

    Competition - Win a Tacobanana