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  1. Yxkraft

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Ocean map requires team coordination for best outcome. Games can be very good on this map. It is actually a map where a "lemming train" works better than scattering everywhere.
  2. Yxkraft

    Broken ranked, some questions to WG...

    You need 5 heal powerups before you start to heal fast enough to offset 1 fire no matter your ship class. Maximum number of powerups are 6. The heal powerups benefit cruisers and especially DDs more than they benefit battleships since the latter already have a heal ability and some games have no heal spawns at all.
  3. Yxkraft

    How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along?

    The BBs you should not play are GK and Montana. Thunderer is an OK pick but Conq is better. The performance spread of tier X bbs is huge.
  4. Yxkraft

    Please never do Arms Race again.

    I liked it because it made the game more dynamic as players were forced to pick up buffs instead of sitting in their favorite camping position.
  5. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    The swedish torps are very fast but they have literally Tier 5 damage potential at Tier 10. If you have a full hp Tier 10 DD with extra HP captain skill you can take two swedish torps and still be afloat.
  6. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Dude I have played ranked and reached rank 1 a couple of times. I know that a DD that cannot kill other DDs or even cruisers is not a good DD. The skill level in randoms is just one step up above coop.
  7. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    People do not use the targeting module because it doesnt really help. The WG solution is to scrap and replace it with this hack, not fix the targeting modules shortcomings. It seems that WG developers thinks that the targeting module should give great torpedo awareness,. but instead of buffing it and see how players react they introduce this game model breaker that goes against the grain of the game, just like deepwater torpedoes. Remember that the WG game design guys do not play this game and they are too clueless to realize that if you dont understand how the game works introducing hacks is risking trashing it.
  8. Yxkraft

    The Asashio; Not a Hack ship.

    Deepwater torpedoes are a hack. And ashashio is a hack by derivation. Playing random is just one step above playing coop. Come back and play ashashio when we have a regular ranked season featuring tier 8. You have only one ranked battle in ashashio. I want to see you try contesting caps and battle DDs. Claiming that a ship is good because you can harvest random battle simpletons is just nonsense and shows how little you understand.
  9. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    I dont have an ashashio because I do not spend money on retarded ships but you have spent money on both ashashio and ashashio B. I have fought against ashahio in BB in ranked and I cringe every time there is one on my team and I do not fear one on the enemy team. You see, WASD, angling and speed up/down works as well against ashahio as it does against regular DDs. You have to keep track of where the enemy DDs are spotted. I checked your stats, you dont really play ranked, you stop at rank 10 unless its sprint. I guess you duo trough sprints? And you have only played 1 ranked game with ashashio. My conclusion is that you are whats commonly called a "whale".
  10. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    A kagero can scout just as well as you (you are a kagero!) and also torpedo DDs and cruisers camping in smoke. You cannot. Ashashio is a crude hack ship meant to harvest straight sailing potato BBs in random. It works great for that but in ranked you get people who are far more difficult to hit because of manuvering and positioning. What happens if you play rank, 7 ship teams and there is only 1 bb in the team? What happens when you play rank and you are the only DD in the team? Its a single trick ship that is a sign of a developer team that have lost track. If there is an overpopulation of a certain ship class it is because the games natural dynamic promotes that. You fix this by expanding and tweaking the game model, not by making hacks, because when you do it properly, you fix it across all tiers and all classes . Its easy if you have the gift, next to impossible if you dont. Some day ill make a thread about simple game model changes and expansions so you can see what I mean.
  11. Kurfurst have piss poor turret armor, you will lose them at long range if you dont have main battery upgrade. You can get main turret kills on german bbs without main battery upgrade at up to 20 km range with yamato or musashi. I once killed the main turret of a bismarck with a new mexico at 12 km. I have tried both upgrades and my conclusion is that the main battery upgrade is the only one viable even on yamato. If you dont have it you will also have disables far more often and you will have your turret out of action for a while.
  12. That upgrade is useless because you will lose your main turrets way too easily when you are in secondary range and your main turrets are your only real weapons.
  13. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Ashashio is just a kagero with different torpedoes. And you cant support your DD ally against a DD or a cruiser because your torps would go under them too. Meanwhile, a defending cruiser or DD can spot your DW torps as they pass below alterting BBs behind them. If your torps had been regular kagero torps you would have gotten a kill, but now you get nothing. I hate when idiots take Ashashios into ranked because it puts the team at a disadvantage in cap fights. Its a meme ship aimed at potatoes. Look at pan-asian dds, they are very rare in ranked, look at ashashio, it is a very rare ship, the DW torp idea was and is a silly hack that does not belong in the game.
  14. Yxkraft

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    I suggest you check wowsft or just look in the game client, some basic info is listed there.
  15. Yxkraft

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    DW torps are a crude hack and should not exist at all. I have seen DD players dueling other DDs dodge enemy torpedoes and broadside to turn of a perfect torpedo volley .... that passes underneath the enemy DD without doing any damage since they were deepwater torps. The ashashio is a dumbass hack ship that cannot defend itself against cruisers and DDs. If there are three bbs in a game and they get sunk, the ashashio is reduced to a spotter with poor guns. I would remove the DW torps and give the DW DDs regular torpedoes.