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  1. My point is that small caliber, fast firing cruisers firing AP shells will grind down a BB in no time because of this change. You cannot miss the superstructure, particulary so if the BB tries to run away and 152 mm AP shells will trigger on 19 mm superstructure. Brrrrraaaap and you are gone within two of your own main guns salvo's time from a guy sitting in a cloud of smoke! Its going to be hilarious when this change goes live since cruisers will now be able to sink BBs faster than bbs can sink cruisers. The moans from DD players will be even more hilarious when they find out that the metagame changes and the BB campers are replaced by radar and sonar carrying cruisers who are faaaar better att hunting DDs than clumsy sniping bbs. The screeching! The salt! The embarrassed excuses from WG.
  2. Forget about the bulges, think about the superstructure. Its 13-19 mm all over and very easy to hit. And you can possible penetrate a dead secondary and then the superstructure for double overpenetration damage.
  3. From the reddit link: Brit tier 7 cruiser with AP vs oversaturated 19 mm BB superstructure = 12 x 310 x 8 RPM = 29760 dmg/min. Brit tier 10 cruiser = 10 x 320 x 18.75 = 60 000 dmg /min. BBs and cruisers are rekt! You cant fail to penetrate the superstructure from any angle on any bb or cruiser as long as you can hit it. The Minoutar has ~1.75x the AP alpha of Harugumo. Instead of fixing the misinforming ribbon problem they change the game model and now they run into the downside of make those AP-only hack british cruisers earlier. Oooops. This is precisely what I am talking about when I say that wargaming has no game design talent because if you have actually done game design you know that dont break your own game model to fix errors in the graphical user interface ! You also do not introduce hack ships lacking HE but with compensating superduper AP.
  4. Yxkraft

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    A simple solution to reduce bow tanking would be to reduce horizontal dispersion and increase vertical dispersion for all types of guns. Another solution for less broadside citadels would be to increase gravity which would force more realistic shell arcs. Wows shell arcs are way too flat which have obvious consequences, more hits against the side of a ship and more bounces against the deck. This would also require adjustment of air resistance. *edited* This is why wows is multiturreted-tanks-on-water and not a true naval battle game - the poor guys cant do better. There are plenty of simple obvious things that could be improved everywhere but because of what I outlined earlier the developers cant understand the solutions proposed and they cant understand why this and that is required. They are not even smart enough to steal simple but superior user interface concepts from other games.
  5. Yxkraft

    Großer Kurfürst - Legendary Upgrade, Keep or Sell?

    The poor base range really cripples GK in ranked. You guys may not realize it but long range plunging AP hits gives citadels on cruisers and penetrations plus the occasional citadel on bbs. You get these hits at 20+ km range where the GK is not present. The base range of GK should have been 24-25 km, not 20.6. Its even less than the T8 Bismarck. Long gun range also means that you can be in cap A and fire at someone in cap B. That is very handy in ranked for obvious reasons. GK shold have had the Montana LM. It seems that the WG team does not think trough their game design because some of these modules are very useful in all situations while other are sidegrades that subtracts more than they add.
  6. Yxkraft

    Bonuscode 45k limit(?)

    In the end it does not matter if you read about it here or on reddit because sub_octavian will learn what he actually asked by giving this code, namely how fast and wide information initially posted on reddit spreads trough the internet. These containers are virtual goods which means that they can be produced in infinite amounts at no marginal cost. Sub_octavian will not be sold to a potato gulag farm to cover the cost of creating them.
  7. Yxkraft

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    YY is gimped because it cannot torpedo other DDs. This has sad consequences for capping particulary if the yy is the only dd on the team and the opponent is any other DD. I have already ranked out using Yamato despite using a sub-optimal build. I can give some general advice for easier advancement trough the ranks. 1) Do not play late evenings because people are tired and grumpy. They will throw by playing like zombies and you wont be able to cover for them. In the end it comes down to random chance if your team wins or not, not skill. 2) Use the chat box to tell people what you want to do. Read what people write in the chat box. Dont spam it. 3) If you are a DD, dont outrun your support to be the first to cap. Very common error. DD does 40 knot, i follow at 27. He outruns me and gets sunk, then rages in chat. Let me move up first so I can flush their radar cruiser from his hidey hole. 4) If you are a BB, keep track of their dds. There is a mod that shows last sighted position on the minimap, if you know that all of their dds are not near you move up to get that flank shot or cap. 5) Learn the armor scheme of your bb. Learn the armor scheme of all other bbs. Yamato have very vulnerable armor if you know where to aim. GK has good hull armor but crap turret armor. crap guns too. Dont play GK. 6) Sink the Conqueror first before he burns you all down. 7) #¤"%!½ Stalingrad and his 50 mm deck and bow. Use HE on him if he bow tanks you. His aim in battle is not to sink you but to tie up a lot of your damage output. 8) Some ships are better than others. Dont bring poor ships to ranked unless you know something that the community does not. Ship performance in random battles have little bearing on performance in ranked battles because there are no inferior tier 8 and 9 ships to shoot up.
  8. Yxkraft

    Ranked Season 10

    Des Moines is a poor choice of ship for ranked because it is not a primary damage dealer. A primary damage dealer is a ship that does a lot of damage on average each game. Players that use such ships efficently seldom lose their star. Des Moines is a radar support cruiser which means that you are dependent on someone elses skill at hitting the enemy while you radar from behind an island. If your team fails at that you fail too no matter how good you are at radaring caps and smoke clouds. DM does not work as a damage dealer because it is very fragile with a large overwater citadel. Hindenburg is a cruiser that works both as a cruiser and as a primary damage dealer because of its superior armor scheme and enormously superior HE shells compared to DM. Zao is another good choice for ranked because of its torpedoes. The key to winning ranked as it is set up now is to play the ship that is most efficent at inflicting direct damage on the enemy. Remember that a ships performance in random battles have very little to do with performance in ranked.
  9. Yxkraft

    Ranked Season 10

    I made it to rank 3 last time and I have made it to rank 1 when ranked was tier 6. Success in ranked depends heavily on the ship you play and I do not have the optimal ships for ranked tier X. Worst battleship (GK) and worst cruiser (DM). The BB I need is conqueror and the cruiser I need is either hindenburg or zao with its new ability to stealth torp. Lower tier ships are far more accessible enabling you to have a multi nation full lineup. This cannot be said for tier X and if you happen to chose wrong you are screwed. WG balances their ships upon random matches and not ranked and since there are no lower tiers to club in tier X ranked this magnifies shortcomings in some ships.
  10. Yxkraft

    Ranked Season 10

    Tier X ranked is far worse than any other tier because tier X is pay to play. Repair and ammunition costs are so huge that you go back -50 to -100K silver per game on average. You need premium or a 5K doublon camoflage to participate. Tier X ships are also extremely large and clumsy making gameplay very static.
  11. Yxkraft

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    The problem with the top player on the losing team saving his star is that it promotes negative teamplay. It would be better that the top player on the winning team gets two stars, the rest of his team one and the losers all lose one star. The current system rewards selfish people who play to keep their star, not people who play to win the game for the team. This leads to a poor metagame based around damage farming with zero interest given to team oriented gameplay. Irrevocable ranks are another bad idea that should go - people who are carried by random chance to a certain rank only distort gameplay for the interval covered by that rank. The gameplay in rank 10-6 was very different from rank 5-2 because of all the people who were stuck at rank 10 with no stars and unable to climb but protected from dropping out. It is always like that when there is an irrevocable rank in in the rank intervall you play in.
  12. Yxkraft

    Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Rear turrets have a lot of combat value since they allow you to fire to the rear while you zig-zag away from the enemy. If you change course from zig to zag in a front turret only bb you need to wait for your turrets to complete a 270 degree turn (a full minute at 40 sec/180 degrees) before they bear on target again. That just wont do and front only turrets are a tactical disadvantage, not advantage. Dont forget that when the brit destroyer line comes every bow tanking bb will learn that bow tanking means that you get a line of single file torpedoes straight down the gullet. If WG had implemented three different torpedo spreads with the narrowest being narrower than the narrowest we have then bow tanking would never have come into use. IMHO three spreads is something they can and ought to implement.
  13. Yxkraft

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Due to an unexpected issue during the maintenance process, the previously announced downtime for the server needs to be prolonged by 150 minutes. It keeps increasing....soon it will be over 9000 minutes!!!!
  14. Yxkraft

    How to improve ranked gameplay

    The simplest way to improve ranked would be to have an upper limit of 2 bb, 2 dd and 1 carrier per team.
  15. Yxkraft

    Summer sales

    I'm hoping for a discounted Scharnhorst which I will use to sink your discounted Indianapolis.