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  1. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Rear turrets have a lot of combat value since they allow you to fire to the rear while you zig-zag away from the enemy. If you change course from zig to zag in a front turret only bb you need to wait for your turrets to complete a 270 degree turn (a full minute at 40 sec/180 degrees) before they bear on target again. That just wont do and front only turrets are a tactical disadvantage, not advantage. Dont forget that when the brit destroyer line comes every bow tanking bb will learn that bow tanking means that you get a line of single file torpedoes straight down the gullet. If WG had implemented three different torpedo spreads with the narrowest being narrower than the narrowest we have then bow tanking would never have come into use. IMHO three spreads is something they can and ought to implement.
  2. PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Due to an unexpected issue during the maintenance process, the previously announced downtime for the server needs to be prolonged by 150 minutes. It keeps increasing....soon it will be over 9000 minutes!!!!
  3. How to improve ranked gameplay

    The simplest way to improve ranked would be to have an upper limit of 2 bb, 2 dd and 1 carrier per team.
  4. Summer sales

    I'm hoping for a discounted Scharnhorst which I will use to sink your discounted Indianapolis.
  5. Summer sales

    What is your definition of a rare ship?
  6. IFHE Conspiracy Theory

    From experience it seems that penetration is truncated to the nearest integer, so 150=152=155/6=25. The 30% bonus is then applied to this and the final truncated again to 32. Also the armor penetration value for HE is the thinnest armor that will protect against HE fire, so 25 mm denotes the minimum thickness of armor that will protect against HE fire. It is very noticeable if you are in a 25 mm hulled BB that is getting HE spammed by an IFHE-less Cleveland or Belfast. IFHE is brutally effective for melting large slow targets at maximum range from any angle but only if they have a thin enough hull. Its not just effective against BBs but also against larger slower cruisers. So, any armor 32 mm and thicker protects against 15x mm IFHE. Any armor 27 mm and thicker protects against 127/130 mm IFHE fire. Now go and take a look at the armor thicknesses of heavy cruisers and battleships. Notice the 27 mm hull thickness on T9 cruisers like Baltimore. The 32 mm armor on T8 BBs like Amagi. Those thicknesses were not chosen by random chance or for historical accuracy. They are there to promote or demote intratier damage depending on whos firing on who. Wargamings business model is fundamentally to give paying players who play high (grind and silver expensive) tiers the ability to seal club lower tier targets trough various obscure game mechanisms.
  7. Ranked Battles Season 6

    Your text is there but invisible unless quoted. Head on Belfast will only do damage with IFHE if he hits your superstructure or top of front bow. Your two front turrets provide protective shelter for a large part of the superstructure. You should not rush a Fiji behind an island or inside a smoke cloud. He will seldom be alone.
  8. Ranked Battles Season 6

    Best DD for ranked is actually a regular DD because someone at Wargaming slept on the job and forgot to introduce a superpowered premium DD. The Shiratsuyu has the lowest detection range, good guns and rapid reloading consumable for its 2x4 torpedo battery. In tier 5-2 battles you will encounter teams that have nothing but multiple shiras, the lower you go the more often it will happen. The Leningrad has good speed but that is all. It only means that it reaches its end quicker as it outruns its own team.
  9. Ranked Battles Season 6

    This seasons game meta is totally awful. The primary ship killers by artillery are Belfasts and Fijis which are almost invulnerable to return fire since they sit safe in their smoke cloud. The WG game designers never thought that two or more cruisers or destroyers would share turns keeping a smoke cloud alive meaning that they can camp cloaked until a DD manages to get close enough to flush them out with a torpedo volley. It is very rare that you see another cruiser than Belfast or Fiji at rank 5 or lower, and if you do its usually Atlanta or Flint. In addition to dominating BBs with artillery fire Belfast and Fiji also do double duty as DD hunters. Fiji is also a capable ambusher with its torpedoes. The camping happens because smoke from both destroyers and cruisers lasts waaaay to long. I think that it should not last more than 20-30 seconds. It should reload faster and be an infinite reload item like repair party. A puff or two of smoke to help you escape, not a long lasting white mist bank that works like an instant virtual fortification to wage war from. Another thing that the WG game designers didnt think trough is that the IFHE skills increases the damage to 25-mm hulled BBs something enormously since the IFHE shell will do HE penetration damage regardless of impact angle or distance. If you play Nagato or Colorado 127 and 152 mm IFHE will tear up your ship shockingly fast because while you may have lots of armor inside the ship the outside is only 25 mm. Fiji AP will do 12x310 overpenetration damage per volley against 25 mm plates unless steeply angled or at large range. In practice this means that you take ~2-4K damage from most Fiji volleys depending on angle and distance and ~up towards 8K + potential fire damage from Belfast volleys from any angle and distance and this happens every 7.5 seconds. Regular 127 and 152 mm HE cannot penetrate 25 mm hull plates but they can set fires and shred secondaries and AAA. Such gunfire has to hit the 16 mm T7 BB superstructure to do penetration damage. Aaaaaand shell penetration damage is not counted as light damage like fire damage so you cant repair as much of it as you can from fire damage. Now enter IFHE. 127 mm HE penetration changes from less than 21 mm to less than 27 mm. 152 changes from less than 25 to less than 32 (33?). Fiji AP is also for some reason at least as good as or better than regular 152 mm HE at killing gneisenau 128 mm secondaries. I think it is because Fijis AP shells bounce a lot alongside your 50 mm deck and this causes the secondaries to get shredded surprisingly fast. And I had that +100/100 to secondaries and AAA durability ship upgrade. I dont know what they thought when they implemented this IFHE captain skill since it totally ruins their previous game model. If you use the armor viewer you will see that lower tier ships of all types have thinner outer hull and superstructure thickness than the higher tier ships of the same class. Its an artificial way of making higher tier ships resistant against HE fire from lower tier ships and vice versa. The hull plate thicknesses chosen are not chosen at random, they depend on which caliber HE shells the particular ship should be vulnerable to. Their thickness also help determine if an AP shell bounces, does penetration damage or if it over penetrates. AP shells have armor penetration pathway calculations done since they pass trough or bounce on armor. HE shells have grossly simplified mechanics, they detonate instantly on contact and the hull plate thickness in the hit position on your ship determines if you take zero or HE penetration damage. Being shot at by a Fiji or Belfast is equal to recieve 2-4 BB-gun class penetrations from another BB at BB rates of fire of one volley per 30 seconds. That is A LOT. And that is from just 1 cruiser! And you cant shoot back because they drop smoke and cloak before you see them. And you cant run from the because you are slower. And since you are so big and so clumsy you are so easy to hit with fast firing cruiser guns which also have way better accuracy than your guns. And Fiji and Belfast both have very low detection ranges compared to other tier 7 cruisers. So what does a BB really contribute to the team in this season? In the prevous tier 7 seasons BB had to help contesting the cap, in this season its sniping from greatest possible distance. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are partially protected against this Belfast/Fiji cruiser meta because they have 350/45 mm side hull and 50 mm deck armor. This is too much for Belfast IFHE and Fiji AP. They can only damage the bow, superstructure and stern, and bow and stern are partially armor protected on the lower sides. This and Scharnhorsts/Genisenaus high speed means that these are the most survivable bbs in ranked. Scharnhorst has a clear advantage over Gneisenau because it has more and faster firing guns so it can blind fire into smoke and hit back more often. Scharnhorst is basically a large sonar, smoke and radarless supercruiser with enough armor to be partially resistant against this seasons totally fucked upp metagame. Scharnhorst produces 27 shells every minute, Colorado 16, Nagato 15 and Gneisenau 13.8. You have to "waste" your shells firing on the suspected position of smoked campers. Since firing without a lock-on have a way higher disperson and you can only guess where the target is you usually miss unless you can spam shells which only the premium can do. That premium also happens to scatter its shots less because it has a main gun sigma of 2.0 compared to 1.8 of Gneisenau. This is why a premium battlecruiser with fast firing small caliber guns is the best BB in the ranked meta. If Scharnhorst had some kind of fantasy 6x3 203 mm or 8x3 150 mm main battery setup it would have been even better than the regular BBs. At ranks between 5 and 2 the most common BBs are Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. I think the Fuso would have done just as well or better than the Nagato in this ranked meta since it would be better at spamming shells into smoke clouds from long range and it has better protection against 152 mm IFHE because of its semi all or nothing armor scheme.
  10. You have an I/O problem. Check if your drive is in pio mode, if it is, check/change sata cables, if its not try turning off windows defender real time anti virus scan. Get a 3rd party scanner, these are much faster. Use process manager to check that windows defender is permanently turned off because it will reactive itself.
  11. Please remove the map "Ocean" from the game

    The ocean map emphasizes team coordination more than any other map. I played it several times when it was in ranked rotation a couple of seasons ago and we (I) generally won because I chatted a lot and worked to negotiate a team strategy. Ranked games at that map became more interesting the lower the rank number (my best that season was 3 IIRC which was equal to one star) because small differences in group skill were greatly magnified. If the other team did not have a team strategy or bad team play they almost always lost even if their individual skills were greater.
  12. I love the pink Kongo. It made me
  13. Update 0.4.1 General Feedback

    I noticed that the very same secondary guns on the cleveland have 4 km range while the very same guns on baltimore and des moines have 5 km range. I thought it still was 5 on the cleveland so I was quite surprised when I bought 2ndary battery upgrade for my cleveland and it turned out they were nerfed to 4 km basic range. Could you please keep identical stats for identical weapon systems across different ship tiers and classes? Otherwise the game becomes a lot more muddled.
  14. Update 0.4.1 General Feedback

    Why was the Wyoming main battery range nerfed?
  15. secondary armament: very short range.

    Dont forget that secondaries have awful accuracy, Even if they had 10 km range they would have a 5% hit rate. I myself think that secondaries could have longer reach. As it is, my cruiser secondaries are unused in 95% of my games and if they fire the total damage they inflict is 1000-2000 hp.