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  1. Nah, you have to pick yourself up out of the gutter at some point.

    Seattle range 18km?

    GL hitting anything at 18km with the Seattle's shells.

    Match Making 1 Up 1 Down

    It needs to be on a ship to ship basis, some ships up-tier really well and should remain +2/-2, but some ships really need to be +1/-1 and that can be a unique selling point of some ships.

    Suggestion for a fun premium ship!

    Duca Degli Abruzzi- Looking good while having fun, that's what this ship is all about, heal, slow [edited]torps with insane concealment, typical CL armor, ie none, reasonably fast, reasonable turning circle, 10x 6 inch guns with dreadful fire chance, but boy do they sound good. Need i say more :P.
  5. With 0.8.0 i'd actually expect WoWs to experience an increase in player population and a massive decrease in what's already abysmal match quality, and the long term for that is Relevantly skilled players will eventually leave killing any competitive scene there is, basically a mirror of what happened in WoT.


    So i needed 15k coal to get the Musashi, just got a super container with exactly 15k coal...........oh Wargaming.

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Duca Degli Abruzzi is my fav ship in WoWs, i often get abuse for using it. Duca Degli D'aosta i also enjoy. (Can't wait for Italian heavy cruisers) Hipper i also enjoy a lot, played right she's actually a really good CL hunter.

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    RNG based game, poor balance, increasing powercreep and the slow emergence of P2W, Dodgy, unbalanced MM, legal mods which remove some of the very few skill elements in the game ie Angling Mod.... Yeah stats are meaningless for most part in WoWs, tbh i wouldn't be surprised if WG were actually manipulating them, the fact you can lose 70%-90% of your matches and maintain a 55% winrate makes zero sense.

    Gameplay is now a joke

    What you will find is one team with more than half of it's team with no camo ships, while the other is decked out with camo's and flags, i also notice a trend of one team getting a number of players who have very high win rates, while the other gets the exact opposite. At this point it isn't even remotely a PvP game, but and epeen shooter for fanboi's basically, GG "Pointless".

    Match making and really bad teams....

    This is all i get now, it's a complete waste of time, there is nothing balanced or competitive about this game at all.........and unbalanced sh!t like this makes stats meaningless. WoWs random battles is nothing more than a series of pre-decided matches, what i want to know, what parameters are used to construct teams, because there is no way in hell it's random, so WG what you gotta say about it?.

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    Yet WoT is still universally considered garbage, it's losing players, it's lost all it's competitive players, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who isn't a mouth breathing fanboi that recommends it, facts man, facts. Armored Warfare was almost an instant fail, it's MM was bad from day one. BTW you just described WoWs MM incredibly accurately, that's 90%+ of matches without any skill based considerations, or it is for me and many others. Tutorials won't make much of a difference, but restricting bad players from tiers they shouldn't be playing in will to a degree, but ya know, WG care more about money than they do a good gaming experience. PS. Deleting posts, how original WG, gotta hide those hard truths.

    crashes to desktop

    Eeeew Windows 10. Has nothing to do with external 3rd party programs, it's all in WoWs, WG need to stop hiring randoms off the street to do their engineering.

    crashes to desktop

    currently 2500 players on EU, try to launch into a match, server overloaded, not to mention the UI spazzing out where you have mission overlays in port and vice versa, what a quality game, top notch!.

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    It's a pvp game,competitiveness is vital, it's the cornerstone of all pvp games, it's the whole f**king point. Being a potato in a T10 ship(that you didn't legitimately grind/earn because of the retarded ability to free xp it) and not knowing how to play it, is spoliling it for anyone who did, but that's a cornerstone of WoWs, so playing that way isn't selfish, it's apparently expected according to WG, so if you ban one person, you have to ban them all, otherwise it's a form of discrimination, but there's no point discussing it, it will never get better or ever improve as long as WG can continue to make money off a sub-par product. WoWs is irrelevant, like WG in general, a meme for everything that's bad about games.

    Unbalanced Matchmaking

    So WG are reluctant to ban players regardless of what they do, interesting...... The only thing revealed about my character is that like most people with standards, i have a breaking point. Truth is matchmaking in this game is far from random, it's actually quite consistent, and match outcomes are easily predicted at the loading screen once you have played for a while, no software or program is actually needed either. In contrast MWO also has bad matchmaking but it truely IS random, making predictions about outcomes just doesn't work 90% of the time, funny that.