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    Your "Famous Last Words"

    ╭∩╮(¬ ͜ʖ ¬)

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Wow lol WG, that's a new level of copium having to delete your forums to hide the distain and discontent, truely the gutter tier, bottom of the barrel shitter developers that you are!.
  3. Cruisers: Stalingrad Moskva Napoli Agir- Suprised how good this ship is for this mode. Siegfried Carnot Alexander Nevsky Hindenburg Yoshino Azuma Alaska Salem Gibralta-Because it's ugly and bad and dies very quickly if you screw up. Other than that Illinois is fun to play in Asymmetic battles.

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    It's a decent PvE game mode but the Ai needs some work, they prioritize Cruisers regardless of ship positions, will ignore ships right infront of them to shoot the cruiser, and as i posted in another thread, bots that have aggroed on the Cruiser will stop firing their main battery guns once the cruiser is sunk or goes dark, it's not unusual for a cruiser to have 9 bots targeting them, shooting across the map while dying to a ship right in front of them. I see no reason for divisions to be excluded from this game mode. Enemy ship composition seems to be the same ships over and over, the game has a massive variety of ships to choose from, utilize them all. I'd like to see a Tier7/8 version of this mode too. Subs and CVs add nothing to the gamemode, they should be removed. Maybe one ship in the Ai lineup could be a T9 or T10, like some sort of mini-boss.

    First battle in Asymmetric battles

    Something i've noticed about asymmetric battles, is the bots exclusively will focus on a cruiser over all other ships regardless of ship positioning or who got spotted first/last, bots that agro on the cruiser will stop shooting their main battery guns if the cruiser goes dark or is sunk. They sail about as normal, secondaries will shoot while in range but they no longer shoot their main guns for the duration of the match, i've tested this out several time now....lol oh WG.

    Team Bot

    Are you in a cult? because you act like someone who is, jesus you're a creepy induvidual.
  7. Interesting because i too got the Chkalov drop from the mission containers, i can guarentee WG have weighted the CV to drop before anything else, i personally don't want it, i take the T5 DD over this in a heartbeat.

    Is it worth coming back ?

    A definitive no, the game is an absolute mess and beyond redemption.
  9. But, but WoWs has millions of players, according to WeeGee fanboi's.

    Pan-Am ships, Rio de Janero

    Rio's HE slaps, the AP is pretty decent aswell, only drawbacks are snail speed and no AA, but that can be somewhat mitigated.

    Panama Cruisers

    @Itwastuesday Don't worry, the upcoming Spanish cruiser line will be capable of deleting BBs with it's burst mode, basically superships, without actually being superships. WarGreedy really don't give a f**k about balance at this point.
  12. The game is an absolute mess, how could it possibly get any worse?, oh wait this is how!, what's next WG?, a ship line that has a respawn ability as it's gimmick?

    Are Submarines OP without homing torps??

    Neither are WG in reality, they're a marketing/sales company with an attached art dept. that aquired a game engine and hired some engineers to cobble together some code. XD

    Wedgie......fix your ......artillery bugs!

    It's pretty evident they are incapable of fixing bugs, hence the "why are you complaining about aiming bugs, they affect everyone equally so it's not an issue" responses they give. Bottom of the barrel game development in a nutshell.

    Suggestion: SOLO Play Mode

    I'd be interested in a progressive waves mode, a team of 5-6 players facing progressively harder and harder waves of ships, one life, with standard consumables, with special rewards for reaching wave level 100 ect. Wave 1-10-progressively harder waves of tier 5 ships, with wave 10 having a "boss" ship included in the wave. "boss" ship being a t5 BB with doubled health, +50 range of secondary batteries, -50 reload on main artillery. next 10 waves would be tier 6, then tier 7 and so on. Rewards for completing each of the 10 waves and sinking the "boss" Something alone that lines.