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  1. How fast are the shells ? Exactly like Shima or somehow faster ? I can see myself slapping a range module + AFT and gunboating in open water 15 km away
  2. nooberg

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    Taking my Tashkent (with 19p Ovechkin) and raking in all the hate Disclaimer - I have all Tier 10s
  3. nooberg

    Server down??

    3 wins away from enough steel for Bourgogne ... and Ranked will end. GG (this season was fun, now if you only get rid of them pesky CVs)
  4. nooberg

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you ! Stay safe fellows. Stay inside.
  5. nooberg

    New upgrades, where are you using them?

    All DDs are gunboat DDs if you try hard enough Anyway, the new upgrades seems a step forward but I'm not changing my Concealment for anything
  6. This Every Free to Play game have small window of opportunity to make an impression on a new user, where you are few bad minutes of gameplay from pushing him towards the uninstall button. And during that time you slap him with triple carriers ??? I remember I almost deleted the game because Tier I is MEGA BORING . (in retrospect....should have done just that)
  7. nooberg

    continueous server , ping problems!!!

    500 to 1000 ping last two battles. Not playable. For a game that's exclusively multiplayer server problems crop up way too often.
  8. nooberg

    server interruptions, 19h

    Seems server reverted to previous backup ?
  9. nooberg

    server interruptions, 19h

    That remains to be seen.
  10. nooberg

    Duplicate drop rate for Italian collection?

    Opened first container - yay, item from collection Opened second container - Duplicate. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  11. nooberg

    Update Audio Hotfix

    What kind of lunatic thought its gonna be good idea to have a slider that first 50 % of the travel does one thing, and the next 50 % does another ??? I'm seriously baffled how can someone fully conscious can design and program such monstrosity ? What kind of benefits this design have ??? Explain it please. We're smart enough, we can understand you.. And then completely broke the system right on time for the Birthday of the game. That time where you have to proudly display how awesome your game is. And to put the cherry on top - fail to fix it. Year ago there was a contest where UI designers had to design the worst possible system to enter a phone number. Some really clever designs in there in how NOT to do it (like this) You guys should enter this year.
  12. Sound are still not fixed...not even a word on an E.T.A. Completely normal phenomenon.
  13. nooberg

    Do you want submarines in the game?

  14. nooberg

    Did they fix the zero damage pens?

    Still getting zero damage pens. Nothing was fixed. But also a single pen that does 5000 (as per description of the shell and expected ) Then in the next salvo for the same single pen on the same target - 1800 ??? ....like....HOW ??? If I have to program the damage model I'll put single IF statement at the end before the displaying damage numbers / ribbons oh mighty server side code...a shell hit a ship are we going to subtract numbers from the ships health ? - YES - display the numbers then and show it as a pen - NO - then display the hit as a ricochet/miss and move on is it that hard ? Just hack it or something
  15. nooberg

    Carnal is crap

    Played my first Savage Battle In Carnal My teammates died early. Won the whole thing, 4 kills with torps Carnal is awesome