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  1. nooberg

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Prime time in EU and this ? You done goofed up.
  2. nooberg

    Blyska still worth?

    My Blyska build is Priority Target Last Stand (duh) BFT Concealment Expert Demolition Expert SE dont give enough return at Tier 7 IFHE - nope, guns do enough damage as it is and my main targets are DD. as for BBs , I have torps and good fire chance. About Leningrad captain ... The Legendary upgrade for Grozovoi lowers turrets turn rate so if you gonna use that later EM will fit nicely and that will make the captain ideal for Leningrad.
  3. nooberg

    Tirpitz or Roma

    Hello captains. This anniversary event I was blessed with loads of dobloons from SC, so here I am, pondering what premium ship to get. Two main contestants are Tirpitz and Roma. At first I was sure for Tirpitz but now I have some second toughs. Pro's and Cons Tirpitz Pro's Secondaries. Main attraction. I love secondaries builds. My Yamato is even secondaries specced. Torpedoes - goes well with secondaries. Good armor, no citadel Can swap captains. Kurfurst one will be the main visitor. My main concern about Tipitz is that is very similar to Bismark. I dont like to buy and own almost identical ships. Variety is better. Roma Pros Fast shells, good penetration Good armor, bow tanker supreme Different / Unique Cons Easy to hit citadel if broadside. I have deleted Roma's numerous times, especially with higher tier ships. Both ships appear to have equally bad dispersion Another option for about the same dobloon cost is gonna be Sharnhorst + Leningrad. Two ships instead of one. My concern about that is - I doubt I will be able soon to collect another 10k dobloons without shelling out real money so this is my chance to get Tier 8 BB basically for free. Any advises please?
  4. nooberg

    Blyska still worth?

    Always But speedboating and spamming HE Russian style is not her best side. She have nasty guns, high alfa damage but arks are on the slow side and the ship is big. Also not the same speed. All this means enemies will have easier time hitting you. I find her best use is as DD hunter first, cap contestant second - if there are no tier 8/9 DDs with much better concealment than you. Later in game mix in smoke spamming, behind-island spamming, torping lone BBs. Gunboating is best used when enemy ship engages friendly and you come form the side/back. All in all, versatile ship. If you enjoy russian style run n gun Leninngrad will be better choise. Later you can use Khabba / Grozovoi captains on it.
  5. nooberg

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    Results of 30 Supercontainers ( I had some saved from before....and these 30 are not all. But I got tired of opening. Will try my luck again later) Tons of flags, I'm swimming in Detonation ones. Tons of cammo - got to be usefull in pushing new lines. I guess. 7 days Premium 30 000 Coal (2 x 15 000) 1500 Steel 5000 Dobloons (5 x 1000 ) Gonna turn that in some premium ship. I was hoping for two containers with Steel, missing only 1500 for Black. And never EVER EVER again to play Ranked. Pls RNGesus, get me one more steel container and free me from this curse ! All in all. not bad. Thank you Wargaming for the PHAT LOOT. P.S - made a little video from the opening https://youtu.be/23TDro45ZSk
  6. nooberg

    How is your ranked progression going?

    Progression ? What progression ? 9-th day in a row I'm still Rank 8. Win one, lose 2, win one , lose 3. After the last season I made an oath to never play this "wonderful" game mode ever again. But...I'm weak. Apparently I'm weak player too, because for these 9 days I'm the one constant in all the garbage teams. Sorry, my fellow teammates, I have failed you.
  7. Deep Water torpedoes CAN pass under a shipwreck of a Destroyer. Apparently the game still treats the recently deceased DD, in the process of sinking, as a normal DD and let them pass right trough. I guess the already deep water torps have to go even deeper. Amazing technology :) Jokes aside, pretty rare occurrence - for all my gameplay with Pan Asian DDs since they were released last night was the first time it happened. Fired a spread at one stationary Yamato, then a low health Shima popped right infront of it and got killed on the spot. To my surprise (and the Yamato's too) torps still passed trough and hit him. (apologies for my glaring noobishness if this is known far and wide)
  8. The first ever freeXP CRUISER. Waited too long for this. Hoarded 1.5 mil freeXP. My body is ready ! Bring it on !
  9. From top to bottom ALL OUTSIDE LOOK (direct translation - probably camos , cosmetics ) SIGNAL FLAGS SHIPS CONTAINERS MODERNIZATION (upgrades ? ) COUPONS
  10. nooberg

    Space Battles

    Riddle me this. If this is Space....why there is a water foam around my ship ? Also bottom half of my ship is darkened, as if it is submerged into some kind of space water.
  11. nooberg

    Kronshtadt "nerfed"

    In English naval tradition. I just can't call herr Bismark or Imperator Nikolai I, she
  12. nooberg

    Iowa class guns- upgrade sigma?

    I seems to be unpopular oppinion, but I also find Missouri to be inaccurate. And I have gone trough Izumo and FdG, so I know what Inaccurate means. With them the dispersion, while bad, seems to be consistent and usualy I can hit at least 1 shell per salvo. With Missouri its like throwing a coin. You get a head ? Laser preccision with shells flying so tight they overlap eachother. You get a tail ? Shells go BLEEEUGGGHHGGHG all across the screen (except your target). On average you may get OK-ish accuracy, but that incosistency is really, really irritating. Often for the whole match you get ONE really good chance to do serious damage, a big satisfying volley, and in that very moment dispersion is like - Naah Mate. Like you finaly caught that pesky Minotaur in the radar, 8 km perfect broadside and then you miss ALL THE FREAKING SHELLS GO WHATEVER. And then Minotaur scurries behind an island, that was your moment of glory, you worked hard and clever to surprise him like that. You know, these are the moments when you close the game. Missouri provides alot of them.
  13. nooberg

    Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    Using concealment on most of my ships. On IJN BBs I use it, because my captains dont spec into Concealment Expert and droping the spoing distance from 19 to 15 km helps. Also that 5% dispersion is realy helpfull - when I park my Yamato infront of a cap I expect ALOT of incoming ordnance. Shaving of some of that is nice. Now lets see the ships I use TAM ... Tashkent and Kiev - concealment is a no go, since I spend 100 % of my time with all guns blazing. and TAM helps hunting DDs - spoting torps and surprising Shimas with assured spoting in smoke. I usualy sail infront of other ships and spot torps for them too. Once upon I time I used TAM on Khaba for the same reasons but then they nerfed the rudder shift and now I shifted ( ) to Steering gears 3 Bismark and FdG - full secondaries build, I expect most of the time to be close and personal with the enemies, concealment is useless there, TAM helps with dodgin torps while I push the caps. Akizuki - I find that Concealment Expert skill on the captain gives enough and eating toprs is my number one reason for sinking with that clumsy ship. So I tried TAM and it seems to work well enough, especialy when hunting DD's. But I dont have much play time with that, overall effectivnes is still under investigation.
  14. nooberg

    Are secondary builds still viable?

    Care to share your captain build ? I'm planing my french BBs to go secondaries too.
  15. nooberg

    Detonation change with 0.7.2

    So you still gonna get detonated on the very first salvo that hit you. Or with a single AP shell penetrating multiple parts of the ship and bringing you below the threshold on the first penetration. REMOVE IT ALREADY !