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    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Neat idea. I would like to join the lottery as well..
  2. The problem seems that the rework is actually two changes rolled into one: 1) Change of gameplay from rts into arcade for carriers 2) Creation of odd tiers w/o carriers for events, ranked seasons etc. Instead of excuses about the perceived difference from progressing from tier to tier in carriers not being "high" enough, you should simply come clean and admit that there is a plan behind creating tiers with no carriers so we could discuss it. For the record I do believe that carriers as they work now are a bit unbalanced in a 7v7 setting, but perhaps there could be other solutions to that.
  3. Rasengan007

    Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    There is definitely a subjective element in this; When I play t7/t8 cruisers I am extremely aware of the presence of t8-t9-t10 battleships as these tend to one-shot me .. this is my main reason for not really wanting to grind for t10 cruisers - the t8 obstacle course.. When I play t8 battleships I seem to have a t8 centric meta; that there are sometimes 1-2 t10 ships on each side does not make it a "t10 match" in my opinion. Any t8 BB has a fighting chance in such a game. The meta is probably centered around the t8 bb's when it comes down to it (havent checked numbers). When I play t8 dd's you again realize how t9-t10 ships can dish out pain; Angry Taiho wants you dead? good luck escaping the 3-way cross drop and other t9+ dds/cas are deadly/have radar etc. Playing t8 cv and seeing t10 ships means it will be a frustrating game ... the increase in AA is that noticeable. In short; playing t8 bb (probably especially the Bismarck/Tirpitz): no problem. Any other class, whenever there is a t9/10 ship present you'll be very much aware of them.... and possibly forget that most of the ships are NOT t9/10..
  4. Rasengan007

    Anyone else find CV's the hardest line to grind?

    I can join the chorus about playing cv being more taxing; I can't play cv if tired/drunk - but even if you micromanage, position near caps, anticipate other cvs action etc, it happens way too often that your team potatoes die or camp at the back blaming you for the inevitable loss. I'd say I could do 3 games at T8, then I'd need to play another class. I think most of the times I have been reported it is while playing cv because some BB potato driver was dissatisfied ... perhaps this is why playing cv is extra frustrating; you can see clearly on the mini map when your team is trying to escape the map by going to the border instead of pushing/supporting and yet somehow the blame gets placed at your feet .. I did notice the low xp returns too, 90k damage fx gives less than you'd expect and the premium cv's can be quite a challenge. The good thing is that when you're up for it it IS refreshing to have a mind battle with the other cv..
  5. Rasengan007

    Battle of Zanzibar phase 5 broken?

    Following the same logic as in the previous post you received 1280 base xp and then the 50% premium bonus.
  6. Rasengan007

    Playing tier 5

    If you're playing several cruiser lines I would suggest your first tier VI cruiser be the USS Cleveland - I've found it very sturdy and it can contribute with anti-air support even against higher tier cv's.
  7. Rasengan007

    Playing tier 5

    For the record, tier VI meets tier VIII ships on a regular basis and the same goes for tier VII vs tier IX. I think cruisers in particular suffer vs higher tiers so you will have to be much more careful and learn situational awareness; don't ever let yourself be the most convenient target in such matches :)
  8. Rasengan007

    Latest Collection event.

    When you say the "collection item at the top" I believe you mean switching between the various collections. There are round buttons at the bottom of the anniversary collection to switch between the 4 sub-collections... hope this helps.
  9. Rasengan007

    Hipper, Talents and modules

    It does not improve with hull upgrades. I chose Expert Marksman and it is playable with it. Adrenaline Rush is inferior to EM for this ship. Edited: I actually do not recall if it improved, can only speak for Hull © which needs EM in my opinion.
  10. Rasengan007

    Could you please prohibit pinks to queue ranked?

    It is easy to say "just don't shoot at team mates ever" but in reality s**t happens. For instance, I was in a smoke cloud as a Shchors alongside a Belfast with the enemy blind-firing and we tried to maneuver to avoid it. In the process one of my shells hit his superstructure - unfortunately he was at 297 hp by then so I turned pink after the battle. Apologized in chat immediately of course and there was no bad feelings. Didn't think too much of it and queued for a ranked, not knowing people had had bad experiences with this. Another player started complaining he had to put up with a "pink monkey" and sent me some friendly AP shells when I stopped behind an island (still in Shchors, maybe he was pissed at seeing that ship in ranked as well) to avoid being focused by the enemy team. Turns out I was in a good position to harass the enemy team and his cries of "report the pink" faded away after I killed their Belfast, Atlanta and Shira in short order. Capped the epicenter and killed off a Nagato before dying. I would probably have been reported if I had not had this impact on the game though. Decided to play off my team-killer status in "safe-mode" as CV then but even brushing against another CV extends the pink flag ...sigh.
  11. Rasengan007

    Fire Prevention combining superstructure as one.....

    It costs 4 points - not exactly cheap and there are plenty of other skills every BB would want to have as well ... The same with Radio Position Finding - 4 points - you'll be sacrificing something to get this for sure... lets see how it plays out supported by statistics and arguments.
  12. Actually, it seems like this patch is a very slight buff to carriers ... The tier I skill with +10 % AA which before was practically auto-include is now 3 skill points (but 20% AA) - however it now competes with a lot of other skills and thus may not be taken to the same extent as before, especially not by cruisers. Other buffs: You get +1 fighter/dive bomber earlier (5 sp before, 4 now) and a better tier I skill. I can also fit the concealment into my skill budget now which should help surviving in some games. You can argue whether strike setup was nerfed versus fighters with this patch, but thats about it. Note that I agree that cv play at tier 7 and up is much harder than tier 4-6, especially tier 8 where you often face tier 10 is brutal.
  13. Rasengan007

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    To see it raining fireballs from the sky, also known as mobile no-fly zones? This was more useful when there were more cv's playing though... but it doesn't seem like high-tier US BBs are bad, just not the "best".. Edit: seems Deathbysoup beat me to the punch and I agree that the play style is different, thus a matter of personal preference.
  14. Rasengan007

    Implementation of RDF

    A counter to it would be the obvious fix, but will it really be taken given the other skill alternatives?
  15. Rasengan007

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    Good post. After the ijn dd nerf and line split they have become harder to play while us dd's were relatively unchanged. Thus, a relative boost to us dd's....for now. I would fear a Fletcher more than a Yuugumo too. What ijn still has going for them is the slightly better concealment which you should make full use of to succeed. Sadly, that means not firing your guns but with the poor rof this is not such a huge sacrifice..(I know that after the split some ijn dds have better guns so they would be played more like us dds, but this would not be the main tree tier 8-10 ones)