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  1. The_Reichtangle

    Penetration ribbon with overpenetration damage

    I noticed the opposite though, had some overpenetration ribbons displayed and dealt a full penetration damage. Something seems whacky lately.
  2. The_Reichtangle


    Once people start to realize that she is just as vurnuable as Kutuzov in her smoke and stop trying to blind blap the thing it will get better. In a division this thing is a real monster if you pick complementing ships.... Had a lot of fun in my Richileu yesterday chasing that buggers down especially since 38CM guns don't produce that many overpenetrations
  3. The_Reichtangle

    Wo bitte ist da der Sinn drin?

    Resette einfach noch 1-2 Lines und dann rotierst du durch...
  4. The_Reichtangle

    Pls Buff Yamato

    geht so ne? Find die Performen solide wenn richtig benuzt. Hab mich größten teils von ihren Secondaries als meme verabschiedet und bin auf Survival gegangen mit Kleinkaliber Kanonen funktioniert ganz okay find ich.
  5. The_Reichtangle

    Gewertete Gefecht ..... Es muss was getan werden

    Wirklich, Ranked Sprint... Zugangs beschränkt... Kann den Frust nachvollziehen irgendwo, aber das ist die Crux daran man will Sprint Rank 1 aber nicht die Unannehmlichkeiten dazu. Wie gesagt es ist eine Sprint Saison. Leute sollen rangeführt werden an den Modus. Und das klappt eigentlich auch ziemlich gut. Das ich da etwas ändert denke ich weniger bis gar nicht es gibt auch keinen Grund dazu. Wenn Ranked zu sehr frustriert einfach ausmachen und gut.
  6. The_Reichtangle

    Pls Buff Yamato

    Probier mal die 15km distanz vielleicht nicht bow in sondern auch bissel auf Kiten gestellt also nase weg vom Gefecht... und die Vorhaltung ist immer ein Problem ja aber nicht komplizierter als mit Montana zb. feuer die Granaten mal in einer Sequenz wo du quasi die erste vorhältst und dann bissel hoch oder tief je nachdem wie der Gegner reagiert. Yamato kann zwar weit ist aber episch tödlich in der Midrange.. durch das in Kiteposition stellen kannst du reagieren falls dich so ein HE Dauerspammer ins visier nimmt.
  7. The_Reichtangle

    Pls Buff Yamato

    Boernie OP PLZ Nerf. Oh warte, konstruktive Anmerkungen vergessen. Die Yamato funktioniert immernoch einwandfrei. Hat sie seit langem. Ihre genauigkeit ohne Legendary Modul ist klasse, mit um so besser und nur weil man 500+ mal mit einem Schiff Spielt heißt das nicht schlussendlich das man die Grundmechaniken des Spiels hinreichend verstanden hat. Paar replays würden helfen um zu sehen wohin gezielt wird aus welcher distanz.
  8. at least he didn't put in a spreadsheet at once.
  9. The_Reichtangle

    World of Warships - Roll the Dice

    I wholeheartedly agree with that notion :) That would still be betting on it but well XD I won't split hairs. Just need some sort of regulatory influence on the wild west of digital goods.
  10. The_Reichtangle

    World of Warships - Roll the Dice

    Basically nailing the Problem there, the growth is hard to sustain as in every aspect of the Games industry, you only have a limited playerpool that need to be enticed to spend something on the game as the Basic Premium itself is not enough to fabricate growth. :) Well i don't wish to sound accusing towards WG in that regard they have to generate content it is in the Nature of the Game. What makes me really scratch my head is why they develop in so many diffrent directions at once. And what baffles me are this very very very clumsy responses i.e. Spreadsheets-Memes...
  11. The_Reichtangle

    World of Warships - Roll the Dice

    Dear Saltface, there is a diffrence between beeing Influenced with the intend of Maximising the Randomness of a Purchase read make you spend as much as possible and the contious decision of wanna go to a Casion that is regulated by Law in every State. You see the nefarious thing here is that their is no disclosure of your chance to get something, there is no other possibility to aquire somethings like that New Ship missions for a fixed Price and that is something that is forbidden in EU Laws and regulated. The Diffrence is that it is not yet virtually applied. And as many people pointed out there is a need to protect some people of themselves. Serveral Nations and even the United Staates have caught up to that stance, thats a good thing. Because it wouldn't be okay to go to a baker ask for bread and you have to buy breadboxes till you get the one you want... or would that be okay for you? Please do not misunderstand me i do respect your opinion and yes the state should not interefere to much but digital goods get sold with all the possible scam for maximising Profits at the Moment. And someone has to restrict it for Persons vurnable to the vice of having something so bad that they even spend their lifelyhood away on such things.
  12. The_Reichtangle

    World of Warships - Roll the Dice

    Quiet frankly that is not what the definition says, you buy a box that has x% chance of containing desired Item X and y,z%chance of containing undesired item. By definition: Gambling is the wagering of Money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an even with an uncertain outcome. You only have an uncertain outcome as you can not say how much it takes to get desired ITEM. It is gambling as you spend money on a container that produces a desired event with undiclosed chance x. You do always get a "Something" out of them. The question is is it the value i invested? Whats the Payout on investment? ;) And you can buy this boxes in two diffrent variants including a "Premium" Variant for most events. By god now days they make us gamble to get a mission for a Techtreeship.... Long Story short i wouldn't buy this boxes unless i see a reasonable chance for something nice in them. With all due respect mate i have to disagree with your opinion out of Principle there :)
  13. The_Reichtangle

    AI ships cheat

    I like to report players : :Scheer: :Nimitz: They clearly are using an Aimbot and Bot in general.
  14. The_Reichtangle

    Ships like T-61?

    Somers out damages Alaska in that Table just as example. Keeping up 60k+ Damage in the Enviorment on T10 is no mean feat for a destroyer. And yes few players with exceptional skills help that ship a lot.