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  1. The_Reichtangle

    Game is currently a mess. What about premium time ?

    I agree there, i made a purchase of Premiumtime in good faith. I did know that some changes where coming but the whole of the Patch that was delivered was a bit overwhelming to grasp arround and all around changed the Product. If i get treated like a Tester i should not have my Premiumservices ticking while i help to balance the product they deliver. So yeah Freezing of something would be a not so unreasonable request in my eyes.
  2. The_Reichtangle

    IChase and his new CV tactics.

    yeah.... That CV is strange... But fun.....
  3. The_Reichtangle

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    If that is not your reality i suggest you work on your gameplay a little , stationary bbs can be flanked with the torpedoes, radar has been tuned down and yamato and montana or iowa and izumo don't really care how hard they penetrate the superstructure of a stationary JB. 152 MM Cruiser spam her to death with IFHE and the 203 to... If that not is your reality yet you should work on it to make it your reality.
  4. The_Reichtangle

    Are CVs counterable?

    There is no dodging all of worcesgters aa, you can dodge the flak bursts but not the contiious damage all the time, it also is hard to take out her aa capablitlies because of her main guns doubling as AA. What was the whole point of the quoted post.
  5. The_Reichtangle

    Are CVs counterable?

    Have fun trying to destroy worcester or mino aa mounts... And CV's can get deplaned down to nothingness fairly quick.
  6. The_Reichtangle

    General feedback

    absolutely agree but i dare to question if he stood still and got hammered while beeing alone, then you'd die to any t10 Carrier before the rework exactly the same way.
  7. The_Reichtangle

    General feedback

    it IS MECHANICALLY NOT POSSIBLE. Even a good and quick run with torpedobombers takes up to 6 or 7 seconds and even a good strike is not capable of dev striking a yamato, you take a lot less damage from flodding and yamato is one of the last vessels you want to torpedo cause of the belt and the relative low alpha of the torpedos not to mention that you hardly take flodding on the belt. and the enxt run will take time. A lot more than flat out sunk in 10 Seconds as claimed. This only shows how little is known about the new mechanics.
  8. The_Reichtangle

    General feedback

    pictures or it didn't happen mate. It is Mechincwise completely impossible unless you get detonated that has nothing to do with Torpbombers to begin with.
  9. The_Reichtangle

    How are ship AA stats actually determined?

    Puffs go a long way in the new defense system 7 puffs are extremely hard to dodge combine two of them auras in any given place it gets ugly. So if you wanna max your defense go for puffs and then max the continuous damage. The puffs weaken the planes and the continuous damage then drops then fairly quick.
  10. The_Reichtangle

    What is going on with WoWs?

    Humor me , how does saying A CORE MARKET, translate to THE core market. There is a significant diffrence in the meaning of this two phrases. And once you take out the franchise model from the other two example regions you can easy go down to more profit from a smaller market if you keep that money directly invested into said market and the ressources to generate the income. But glad you just simply run for the Russian Bias triade again. You're right less ships are better for a game about ships... totally... i can not make the choice for you to be bitter or frustrated. But this up there is a monument to frustration. Have a good evening i hope it gets better.
  11. The_Reichtangle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Pfff you only got mobile development stuff in my area :[ Meza no like zhat sorry... staying with this small company in my hometown arround the corner
  12. The_Reichtangle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    No it does not, that what i just told you. And unless you have coded the whole mechanic i can not take you serious on that because that what was described was that feedback was accepted and it will be implemented. But if you decide you want to keep grunding your personal frustrations then please feel free. So far that PSA gave reason for why it stays in because it is something that is wrong with the code that has to be adressed and by chance it feels like a good feature and the community has spoken widely for it.
  13. The_Reichtangle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Is it? I will be implemented as a part of the Code for the whole and not as some error in the code and that is bad? Please bother reading the whole announcement before you judge that it is a "i don't get what i want you ignored us all" case. Because it was explained why and it does make a lot of sense if you think about it with context.
  14. The_Reichtangle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    @MrConway Please be so kind and relay my thanks for that dev blog. As i am not privy to the code regarding the spotting mechanics i can understand that if it is something that could potentially break the rest of the whole it must be adressed even if it is minor at first glance it could relate to so many other things. Well patienence is the cast now as i hope it can be implemented soon. Anyhow thanks for the update and soaking in all the Feedback.
  15. The_Reichtangle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Yeah Patchnotes and a Changelog that gets communicated would work wonders in that regard. I do realize that this is a lot of work but not needed if just minor changes are implemented and changed. Dev Blogs do help to but i really can not recall one where this was described as a bug and i don't have all the time in the world to be on top of them blogs either.