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  1. The_Reichtangle

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    And elimitating Error Sources is bad WHY?! Do you expect that the person working on your ticket is somehow telepathic and knows what machine with what drivers and what state of updated System you run? Because they can? If you find someone like that please refer them to me i have a well paid job for them.
  2. The_Reichtangle

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    Really? Even 3 Clicks are to much but you can still reply with a moan here? LOL because it is 2020 and people want instant gratification. How dare you to expect anyone even read out specs or in his case do 3 clicks to open a ticket.
  3. The_Reichtangle

    2 update in a row, still crashes after everything

    First things first. We as Forum Members and or People that work with Hardware or Software Problems can not deduct your problem for the Description : IT DOEST WORK TWICE You will need to include a few things like DXDIAG logs maybe some specifications etc.
  4. The_Reichtangle

    PSA: Guepard "French Navy" bug

    Oh! cool :D
  5. The_Reichtangle

    Gameserver immer schlechter

    Ja so ne scheiß Infrastruktur die dich angemeldet im Game halten kann dich informiert das deine Servershard gerad ausgelastet ist und dich danach automatisch OHNE VERBINDUNGSVERLUST auf eine andere Umlenkt ist auch schon scheiße und keineswegs sehr ausgefeilt und ziemlich gut. Meine Fresse. Wenn man wirklich keine Ahnung von Servern und Interlinks und Shards und dem Zusammenspiel von Software hat.... BITTE*edit*, bevor man sich durch solche Posts selbst disqualifiziert.
  6. The_Reichtangle

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I do appreciate that. What baffles me is that we get told Worchester needed a nerf for Stealth Radar and this ships basically take a dump on that statement with their basevalues. Now you have said things where changed. I am hopefull that they changed a little to the better especially at the detectablity department as i can not fathom why the large cruisers need this good of a concealment. With the Paper Values alone not taking dispersion in account they look pretty horrific to what we see in game right now. Soviet Heavy Cruisers where hard to crack to begin with and now even more harder to crack nuts. Seemed a little over the top and to good. And the Light Alexander thingy must be a joke with that caliber , that speed and that much utility as it is right now. :x
  7. The_Reichtangle

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    GULAG NAO, for making sense. And no can do that would make the Russian CL to "weak" in comparision.
  8. The_Reichtangle

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    .... Why do they get stealth radar, and the gun ballistics that Worchester lacked. I mean it was quiet a meme with wooster and a pain for dds. This new T10 "Light" Cruiser with more HP then the Des Moines can chase down said Destroyers unless they speedboost away with a flag in some cases, can not be seen before it radars according to your numbers and has the ap shells and the "Average reload" of 6 seconds, witch i will improve with the module cause 19km is enough to spam this shells frankly.... I mean i do absolutely grant that this bring new content. But what reasons are there left to play other cruisers? Smolensk replaced Worchester, that "CL" can easy replace anything that used to flank like hindenburg or zao. and do not start me on the "Heavy" cruisers or should i stay development studies of the Stalingrad hull.... I do not know what to think of this ships. And even more Premiums that are russian? :/ I feel oversaturated and disinteressted allready. While i was on heavy cruisers why does the Base Detection Equal the full stealth build of both exisiting ships? how is that balanced? with the reload? 13,5 seconds on overnormalising AP shells is not the best "Balance" i can think of. And if this CA's resemble only a little of Stalingrad or Moskva Deckarmor you will have to go IFHE on them while giving up a lot of your DOT Potential what eventually killed aforementioned Cruisers. I fail to see real balanced ships with this Data. And i am very sad that you basically exchange any option of driving something else than RUSSIAN Ships in competetive modes... Oh man. Feeling a little Sad. But well here is to hoping that the ST and Clantesters go ham witht his boats. Not that it ever changed much when it comes to balancing.