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  1. The_Reichtangle

    i am so so mad at wargaiming ( rant )

    Aaaannnd in before it gets closed,,,, poor chicko,,,,, @Rock_n_Rolf says hi,,,
  2. The_Reichtangle

    Clan Battles 0.9.6 - Clan Tag Bug

    I had that issue yesterday. Clan Leader had the Issue and 5 Members faced same Issue. Not to fun to be honest.
  3. The_Reichtangle

    0.9.6 - Clan Battles: Loop

    Bug is back. No clan chat , unavailible to be invited into a division... Can you fix this somehow please?
  4. The_Reichtangle

    0.9.6 - Audio Improvements

    I am on Board with this statement , the Ricochet sounds are very iritating. The new Damage Sounds unintuitive, especially the fire outbreak sounds like you ignite some dry straw?! You had a somewhat strealined sound system before that. I can not comment on Engines as i had to many shikishimas that turned the Battlefield in a constant growl
  5. The_Reichtangle

    Continous chat bans

    Commendable, Reasonable Civil Discussion. Am i in the right Forum? *looks again recognizes some faces* Okay... Reading Bad Mojos examples i can understand the Chatbans :)
  6. The_Reichtangle

    Aircraft Useless Moves

    Aircraft Carrier Movement involves two things , WASD Keys for general movement, and using the mouse to aim your recticle. Some Planes like torpedo planes do react very sluggish when put into attack mode. Keep that in mind.
  7. The_Reichtangle

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Really, again a coutainer, again chance based , please this stuff is really not fun anymore not at all.
  8. The_Reichtangle

    [COR3] Stellt sich vor und sucht Kapitäne

  9. The_Reichtangle

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    How many games did you have where this was exactly the other way arround... This happens from time to time, and from experience this is one of 25 Games that was easier to carry. But if the TOP Player in EXPERIENCE on the Enemy team has 1200 base XP then there was more wrong in that match than TTT in the enemy team. A LOT MORE. And i find it a bit appaling that there is now an example set where other people try to shame others instead of working on their own game. Also everyone is beatable, even TTT....
  10. The_Reichtangle

    WTH is now with server?

    Yeah i'd check the User of the Client for really REALLY unwarrented expectations. Cause CLEARLY that is what is wrong... Your described errors do not have to be connected to a Server Issue, you after all operate a client to the server on your machine. as Mina has said, check the 2 things there if that wasn't the thing check if your ISP had a routing issue to the Server, check your Router Logs if you maybe lost some connection temporarly and then and only then you could post that.