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  1. The_Reichtangle

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    You can borderhump in a Hindenburg while farming BB's for 150k Damage and having little to no impact on a match or you can influence the Match while backing up your DDs and be usefull and decide a match. I don't considder conquerers Skilled that do that either or shima's that "scout the outside" and don't care about caps to spam torps can also have high Damage yet are of little to no impact to a match.... Skill != Damage Just taking the last 10 Matches as Indicator would exactly make the good day bad day waves that demotivate players a lot .....
  2. The_Reichtangle

    The Imperial German naval flag, does it have a place in WoWS?

    You are correct. There still is a Article in Criminal Law outlawing any display of Nazi Emblems etc. You simply can not do that. The IJN Ensign is also not in the Game because of sensitivitys of Asian Players, namely China. And well the Russian Ensign is the Soviet Ensign cause all ships in the Game basicly where a part of that Navy *shrug* I do understand that it is confusing but it still would be best to simply have a Fantasy Flag for Germany and keep the current Japanese Flag.... As i allready said, it is quiet easy to replace this Ensigns via a Mod and then you can have your cake and eat it for yourself and be fine.
  3. The_Reichtangle

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    uhm... okay? Ever thought about that the "top" clans have more than seven members and that they all want to fight clan battles and therefore not to hinder the main ratings progress have to que up somewhere usually even leave the lower leagues very quick and it works for the same for the second ratings of that clans as well....
  4. The_Reichtangle

    Stalingrad OP

    Thats a Battlecruiser and she comes with drawbacks for that role.... see above.
  5. The_Reichtangle

    What is this?

    No i don't but thats the point.... Also you evil person owe an appology to my assistant i spit out the nice coffee she just brought me laughing about that post....
  6. The_Reichtangle

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    The Problem occuring is not a Skill Issue it is an incentive and reward issue, as long as camping and longrange sniping pays and no one gets rewarded for playing the objective propper it will not change. I am against any matchmaker that is skill based because as a matter of fact i don't get rewarded for playing hardmode all the time. It also seggregates the Playerbase with Fringeplayers to some "MM POOLS" very actively swinging from beeing very good cause they end up the top for a while in a lower pool from swings to where they get litteraly thrown into the Sharks waiting for them. It just does not compute out to any waiting time acceptable. Cause i want to click the battlebutton and find a battle. So yeah belive is fine but think the proposal through please.
  7. The_Reichtangle

    The Imperial German naval flag, does it have a place in WoWS?

    Judging by the current threadnought on Display i would not insert the Flag for any reason what so ever, if you wish to immerse yourself there are plenty of Mods out there that have the Flag in them and you can use them instead. Legally it is questionable to implement them and personally i do not care that much if some other Nations Flags are in the Game like this or that. There is always the risk to WG to get in trouble with one of their biggest markets due to forbidden display of this markings like the KM Ensign etc. Ensigns are supposed to be a mark of recognition for every player in the game and i think the current Flag is close enough to remind people of the KM that it was depicted of and is recognizeable.... As a german myself i could not care less what flag is on my vessel as long as it is the Vessel..... everything else can be fixed via mods for me.
  8. The_Reichtangle

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I do not see a need to Buff any of them Cruisers, they all have something to Teach the Player. Neptune in particular is in a fine spot, sure could bring the Smokefire detection a little more in line with the rest of the CL's but still she is very strong, as is Edinburgh. Fiji too and Leander.... Mino is without any doubt one of the most deadly destroyer hunter / Anti Air Platforms out there..... What they need a buff for is beyond me people need to start playing her to her strenghts and not sit still in smokes and keep the left mouse button held down to give a perfect fix where to blind fire them...
  9. The_Reichtangle

    Fehlermeldungen - Update 0.7.11

    1. Beschreibung Klar und deutliche Beschreibung des Problems Nach beendigung meines matches friert der Client teilweise ein. Es sollte ein Endscreen erzeugt werden dies geschiet nicht. Der Client reagiert auf taskmanager input mit einer abfrage also ziemlich sicher server problem oder connectivity. Divisionmate sagte mir das ich noch als im Gefecht angezeigt werde. Von daher weist es sicher auf ein Serverseitiges Problem. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu reproduzieren Alle Schritte, die unternommen müssen, um den Fehler zu reproduzieren. Dieser Fehler ist schwer repoduzierbar da ich nichts anders als sonst getan habe... 3. Ergebnis Was passiert genau im Spiel, wenn der Fehler auftritt? Nichts. Der Client ist da und reagiert aber bekommt keine Daten da Techical Issue. 4. Erwartetes Ergebnis Was sollte eigentlich passieren? Endscreen, zurück im Hafen, in der lage einzuloggen.... 5. Technische Details Replay, DXDIAG im anhang.. .. DxDiag.txt 20181207_210114_PASB017-Montana-1945_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  10. The_Reichtangle

    the "carry harder!" thread

    First Boise match, no modules in it cause i forgot, doubt it would make much of a diffrence..... only 9 plane kills cause all the BB's shoot me with HE -.-
  11. The_Reichtangle

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    Simple Answer : Read reviews before purchase Complicated Answer : We are talinking about a drop in to a sale made by WG as acknowledgement for People that own the Regular Version of that vessels. So it is hardly false advertising as proclaimed. If i would be the marketing guy i wouldn't have tossed that in as it can be easy misconstrued by feelings of a customer that you have to take into account before constructing an Offer. Legally WG is not getting away with anyway because they have not done anything wrong. The Legal Code on the issue is clear for the EU in that anmd has been observed on the issue as you have dedicated sales pages in multiple laguages it did tell about that in the Video Pitch with the Offers.... And there are discussion threads on the Forums. Trippled Fullfillment of served notice. Of course as i agreeded 4 times by now one could avoid a little more outcry by stating it a NOTCH clearer on the Sales Page in the Premium Store cause it only identifies the Dubloons will be given out for Shipname omitting the B for black. But to be brutally honest and as someone with experience in negotiation and such i don't see why one would have to go the 4th Extra Mile not requiered. And if that all still is not enough there is a customer service and EU Law that states that you can get a god damn refund in the first 14 days for no reason what so ever even on digital goods..... So for crying out god damn loud if people do not want to read or do not want to excercise their rights, how is that in the ballpark of the selling company that legally did everything right?
  12. The_Reichtangle

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    Agreed you can say so but the law thinks diffrent, it is by no means the duty of a company to inform you about every little detail they only have to make the information accessible and that was done with every promotional post , video on the content. The Forum is just a bonus where you can ask others about it and by all means should.
  13. The_Reichtangle

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    *sigh* well once again into the breach.... It did state this for the whole action on the News Page... I don't know how your coffee with mug metaphore fits into that but it is a clear statement of IF YOU BUY HOT COFFEE YOU WILL GET THE MUG IF YOU HAVE AN OLD COFFEE STANDING ARROUND. That this whole black thing could have been stated more clearly on the Premium Storepage i can agree on. But i find myself hardpressed in accepting the rest of your Argument there mate. I am sorry.
  14. The_Reichtangle

    matchmaking still sucks

    But he is correct.
  15. The_Reichtangle

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    None needed i can clearly see that people can get confused if they only see it on the Premiumshop Page. But that page is a store and it says what it does in clear enough letters. And i agree that it could be marked red there too. But as in the Post above, one could simply ask the big forum before buying.... there is always a troll that wants to give you an I TOLD YOU SOO!!!