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  1. Was balanced arround a Skill that got dragged away from us poor BB Mains called "Deadeye" Thats it, thats the reason. To your other Question Whats the point of SAP is: SAP is developing standardised Enterprise and Customer Relation Software. So Companies can Standardise their whole supply chain starting as far down as the suppliers. Recently the Portfolio got expanded by quiet sophisticated Human Ressource Software as well.
  2. DasTongle

    Developer Bulletin 0.10.9

    OH really? You don't say? Black Red Gold are the colors of the Bundschuh Rebellion by the way adapted by the Weimar Repbulik as they saw themselves as the first federal state "bund".... This scheme still is like someone took the colours and vomitted them on the vessel,
  3. DasTongle

    Developer Bulletin 0.10.9

    What is this color scheme?! I mean it "has elements" but it looks like it is belgian... white black white red yellow black?
  4. DasTongle

    Update 0.10.8, technical issues

    Thank you for posting this :) Looking forward to the implementation
  5. DasTongle

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    When is the Future Update? I mean this fix took 11 weeks and was exhaustively tested? At least that is what we where lead to belive?
  6. DasTongle

    Clan wars - are we having fun yet?

    By a margin.
  7. DasTongle

    Tonight's official Livestream a request

    It will be them because they can actually get away with beeing there and also are senior enough to do the stream :/
  8. I mean, i feel the distress and stress in general that will be laying on your shoulders right now. But this response reeks of "Well it was a mistake and corporate doesn't make mistakes it was mispelled on discord." Guys USE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT DATA OF HER IF ADRESSING HER. It is not that hard.
  9. Hello Dear World of Warships Team, i am sitting here reading this carefully worded Post and think to myself that one could really appreaciate the lenghts you went through to not ignite more emotion by staying positive on Issue you identified you can adress. I really do. At this Point i am sorry YabbaCoe that you have to deliver the Statement to this charged enviorment. That out of the way some Feedback: You should refrain from hinting in Discord Messages that you have to prepare the Statement more when it is than a short repetion of professional Phrases. This charges Emotions you do not wish to provoke and not really smoothes things over. In my Opinion it does only adress a fraction of the issues brought to the forefront and expectation was that there would be said more about things thrown in the Room. But that is only my opionion. The Cycle of beeing unable to read or unwilling to read your Customers is obviously continuing. As again after an Uproar of louder Minorities in the Forums and Social Channels the Pricing Policy and method of purchase get changed. It starts to really look bad in my Opinion. Also you assume correctly that many people are upset with what is happening with the Game they have not only invested money in but also Emotion and Time. But i am fairly sure that not many people are interessted in a Roadmap for a Vessel of a former CC. But more in the Reasons and what will be done to represent or have a more healthy way of communication between player base and company. This went sorely unadressed in this Statement and i am having a feeling that i am not the only player who notices this. Worse assuming that something is selfexplainatory. Nothing is, please make a point in your statement or it is superfluous to take 2 Workdays to formulate this Statement that leaves one with a lot more Questions than i gives answers. Regarding the Econmy Changes to Missouri : I am sorry but as a Fellow Professional Developer of Software i disagree strongly with the reasons the company provided for the Changes. It is baffling to me that this got not calculated to a point from the only party that should have all values , narrowed down to a minute and second when the vessel gets destroyed. I am fully capable to program something like that for calculations with up to 55 Factors influencing the gain of ressource X. Now i i don't think i am prodigy or unicum for beeing able to do that. Thats C++ Advaced Class... So someone in a Development Company should be able to do that. Not the least one of the fair Gentleman that scheme out Monetezation. Adjusting it on the fly and we see how it levels out makes you look , excuse the term incompetent to think of possibility named above and also leaves a poor impression. Leading me to belive that there where other motives in play for the change. Also the communication about the changes was handled extremly poor. But that is just my 2 Cents, please forward them to the appropriate bin Person who is interessted in feedback.
  10. Apology reads a bit like "crap they caught me" Can't imply racism, i don't know the context or the guy. Seems a little like sore butt drama cause this stuff only comes up after he saying something negative about former CCs. *shrug*