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  1. Brainzzzzz

    Summary of North Cape

    Sorry. Making a poll always leaves room for improvement. Maybe I should have let go of the explanation and just go with yes/no/meh.
  2. Brainzzzzz

    Summary of North Cape

    As I invest money and time into this game I rather bloody well take it seriously if a gamebreaker of that magnitude appears. If you can’t understand this it is your problem. As stated I didn’t want to have the DoY as it didn’t appeal to me. The camos of the accompanying tasks would have been my goal together with the full collection. And to judge in hindsight is easy. Should have could have and so on.
  3. Brainzzzzz

    Summary of North Cape

    So. Finally. Finally we are done with the Battle of North Cape. And maybe I am done with WoWs. First, let me give you a summary on how I feel about this mission, afterwards I would really like to read your opinions, comments and so on in the thread below. Thanks in advance! Now, I play this game as a premium user since the roll-out to live servers. Invested some money into ships etc. Why? Because I love this game. I love the setting, the design, the ships, the overall feel to it. Yes, there are some flaws and faults, but hey, the overall appearance and gameplay is ok. Some hickups in between (ships like Belfast, Nikolai, Conqueror; maps like Tears of the cruisers Epicenter; ....), well, you name it. Still, it was fun to play. And, sometimes not fun, it was at least ok. If some of you have been around for some while, you will have also encountered some of the more severe hick-ups in the game. The "Kill x amount of y ship" missions. These missions always produced the same predictable results: the to-be-focussed-class of ships were avoiding queuing in, and killsteals were common. Who doesn't remember the fun mission: "Kill a CV with a Destroyer". Oh boy, did we laugh at the rushing DDs, ignoring the caps to hunt down the Carrier on the map border. Oh those beautiful memories. Or, do you remember the great "Kill 20 soviet cruisers" mission... Jesus, did no one dare to play soviet ships for a while! Anyway - a big community outcry later, the missions changed to more playable variants, where your team doesn't start acting like starving hyenas. Having lived through all those missions, I was pretty satisfied having achieved all ARP-ships, Kamikaze R, all the new "Collections" etc.; sometimes the grind was borderline gruesome, but it was ok so to speak. But not this one. No. No no no, not at all. See, first of all, it seems you didn't get any Collection items anymore from shortly after New Years Eve. Second, the mission parameters in North Cape 5 were so stupid, that you could not achieve them in a regular amount of time. Three times 75k XP? 90k dmg in torps in a single battle? 11 torp hits with british ships? You could tell what mission your teammates or enemies had chosen by watching them: charging down the enemy lines with a Minotaur and launching torps and guns silent. Wargaming, I understand that it is hard to make the game fun and engaging. And I am really not all to mad at you for throwing the occasional screwball for reminding us how grateful we should be if you do things right. But this time, this special time, you went wrong on so many levels, that I can not sit by and let it happen. Don't get me wrong, I literally would sell the Duke of York if I would have gotten her, I didn't NEED her. But what you did was that you ruined the gameplay for the last 2-3 weeks. This, I can not take lightly. Not with spending my money on your game for premium time, premium ships and all the other things. Not with your blatant ignorance on what the community wants and the game needs. If you don't need the money any more, just tell me, and I will move on. For now, I have reinstalled another online game and spent the money dedicated for the Roma on some ingame credits. It hurts that much, because I really love this game. Question is: will it be a lovestory with a happy end, or will it end in a drama. Until then...
  4. Oh how much I hate WG for putting up this ********* piece of ***** mission that is only good for infuriating me It is not fun to do. It is not fun on the receiving end. The missions are cruel in design and execution. Give me more of such idiotic missions and I will pull the plug on this game. You can of course decide to not take part in those missions because of the stupid tasks, but you can't prevent the rest of the team focussing on 90k Torp damage. Or killstealing BBs. How the ....... argh...... Who comes up with such a utterly stupid mission? Didn't you have years and years now of learning how to avoid such stupid tasks in the first place? Wargaming, take your DoY and put it where the sun doesn't shine. This game just hit an all time low. Edit: just realized: Battlefront 2 has a similar kind of reward system. Guess this means: good job! You reached at least triple-A status in one place.
  5. Brainzzzzz

    Kindness in the game

    She was receiving medical attendance, so far it looks good. Thanks mate!
  6. Brainzzzzz

    Kindness in the game

    Hi there, I just got back from a battle that could not be more underwhelming for me - not even 20k dmg done. But this is not on my performance. This thread is solely dedicated to all the people that were with me in this match, friends and foes alike. See, one of our members wife is pregnant and got sick during the gameplay, and naturally my buddy rushed to her assistance. I then pointed out via allchat to the people in the game for what reasons he just went afk, and all, really all players were reacting in a understanding manner. They all found the time to write some nice words in between their battles to wish her good luck and my team said not a single bad word because one was admittedly afk. Thanks to all of you players out there who wished her all the best and shared kind words for her and her wellbeing. I wanted to post this here so that there is a small 'memorial' for the good people here. Thank you all Brainzzzzz
  7. Brainzzzzz

    [R4ge] Rage sucht Mitglieder in der Flotte

    Danke fürs Kompliment - und für Xairen
  8. Brainzzzzz

    Öffentlicher Test des Clan-Systems

    Sauber! Die Einladungen in unserem Clan sind raus, Kudos to you mate
  9. Brainzzzzz

    Öffentlicher Test des Clan-Systems

    Danke für den Hinweis! @WG: sehr gut - freut mich, wenn das endlich kommt, das wird uns Clanleitern das Leben hoffentlich deutlich einfacher machen!
  10. Brainzzzzz

    Post-Battle Stat improvement

    No class has better spotting ability like in WoT. But stealthy ships can perform better at this if you mean that.
  11. Brainzzzzz

    Post-Battle Stat improvement

    That's what I am hoping for - as they stated "...After analysing it, along with the gathered statistics, this data is planned to be integrated into the in-game economy in future updates, which will be announced at a later stage."
  12. Brainzzzzz

    Fail Divisions

    Finally. As funny as it was to see a Novik (not kidding here) going after a Hipper like the madman itself, it still was and is a nuisance to all the other players in the respective team. This - for me at least - is a must have for this game, cause sanity and reason does not keep all the trolls outside....
  13. Brainzzzzz

    Post-Battle Stat improvement

    Oh please please please - add spotting damage! Honestly as a DD player I would love to see my contribution worthwile. And as the BB player that I am, too, I would love to share my XP with a DD that goes venturing for spots instead of just doing the smoke-torp-smoke-torp-torp-smoke thing...
  14. Brainzzzzz

    Matchmaker on krokodil?

    Hi there - nice to see you again. You performed very well in this match and picked us in the right situations. Kudos to you!