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  1. TheBl4ckB4n4n4

    Montana vs Yamato

    Can you tell why this ship is so useless?
  2. TheBl4ckB4n4n4

    Montana vs Yamato

    New patch an WG did nothing to improve Montana... still most of shots is 0 dmg...
  3. TheBl4ckB4n4n4

    Montana vs Yamato

    And you, Azalgor, think that you have learned to play both ships properly? Looking at your stats i have many doubts about it... And if the Montana isn"t worse than Yamato, but it needs different playstyle, why you have 10k avg dmg less on Montana compared to Yamato?
  4. North Carolina was very lucky to shoot broadside Yamatos... The problem is Yamato doesn't need broadside to citadel BB
  5. Nothing more than bad play from both Yamatos...
  6. Why all of you mention AA as an advantage for Montana? Have you ever seen fight between Midway TB squadron and Montanas AA? And whats more Yamato take less torp damage so its AA is in practice equal or even better than Montanas. And you also mention better performance against cruisers... Yamato has better accuracy and penetration so it isnt worse in killing cruisers
  7. In my opinion another problem in balance is deck armor thickness... Montana has only 150mm (less than Iowa) while Yamato has 200mm... Montana has also bigger deck so at high ranges she gets ridicolous amount of damage PS sry for my english
  8. I was wrong... I thought Montana got buffed in the patch but i was terribly wrong... It is crapcompared with Yamato as it was before
  9. TheBl4ckB4n4n4

    Montana (X)

    A tak w ogóle czy którykolwiek z użytkowników Montany również zauważył pozytywną zmianę po ostatnim patchu?
  10. TheBl4ckB4n4n4

    Montana (X)

    Msiiek gdybym wiedział, że jesteś z Polski to nie rozpisywałbym się tak na temat buffa dla Montany na anglojęzycznym forum...
  11. Unfortunately there is no info but trust me Montana is way better after the last patch and i'm talking about my own experience... Yamato is no more the problem for me because almost every shot (not all of them but there are no 0 dmg shots as it was before) on Yama gives me some pretty good damage (from ~4500 up to ~20000) and i also receive way less dmg from Yamato... of course there are some shots which take about 10k but not as often as it was before the patch. PS sry for my english but it is not my native language and of course those shots from Yama taking 10k of your HP are when angled but as i said before it isnt so often to complain about it
  12. Actually Montana received buff in the latest patch ( now it is really enjoyable ship (better armour and penetration).