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  1. WeGreedy


    Thx for explaining. But since I'm obviously not worth your time explaining what you mean, I'll just take a guess. Noobs in T10, since buyable for money Of course, the chance for new players sucking at the game is higher than "experienced" players, but since there are a ship ton of plain bad player with 5k+ battles, I don't bother any more. Ship is only available for money (at first) I actually kind of like the payed early access approach. You just have to wait a bit and can then get the ship for coal. Those who want it asap pay the game. There are way worse ways of making money from the game. And WG are usually masters of those.
  2. I case anyone comes across this, there was a problem with RX6000 GPUs and AMD's drivers. It has been solved in optional driver version 22.11.1. The last recommended version 22.5.1 (six months old) is also fine, but everything in between was broken for me.
  3. WeGreedy


    What's the problem with that?
  4. WeGreedy

    Accoun transfer to NA

    Due to technical reasons they probably can't tell you which technical reasons hinder account transfers.
  5. WeGreedy

    Tier 9/10 broken, supership bs

    I vote for carriers and subs. But of course, the combination (super carriers and soon tm super subs) will overshadow everything.
  6. WeGreedy

    Bonus package for supership

    Yeah, in the beginning I didn't see them and was wondering why there are so many superships a times. Those missions are just so bad and stupid. WG in a nutshell.
  7. WeGreedy

    Bonus package for supership

    Superships are meant to be expensive.
  8. WeGreedy

    War ships for the japanese navy made in the uk

    We could assume that Yamato could have been built by the UK and then supposably would have been transferred to the IJN.
  9. WeGreedy

    British Ships Suck

    Nothing about the nickname?
  10. WeGreedy

    British Ships Suck

    Right after Nakhimov.
  11. WeGreedy

    Main battery hits and submarines.

    Hitting subs with your main battery is way more important.
  12. WeGreedy

    HE spamming simulator

    Seems like the usual battleship captain wants his enemy cruisers shooting and bouncing AP of his stronk BB, while blapping those xp-pinatas in return. How convenient.
  13. WeGreedy

    What happened to CV plane spotting rework?

    Stop complaining. Y'all really wanted submarines implemented in the game, so that's what WG have been doing for the last months. There was and is no time for other trivialities. Server numbers clearly show they have done the right things and made good decisions. F11 and F12, WG. Keep on leading us out of the dark past, into a bright future. Amen.
  14. WeGreedy

    Cannot upload photos to threads in forum.

    Has been like that for several days for me.