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  1. WeGreedy

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    Wasn't it 2x3?
  2. WeGreedy

    What happened to the Z-52?

    Fun fact: 23,767 Shima-players never heard their guns
  3. WeGreedy

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    Nagara, Agano, Oyodo, Mogami, Fantasy I, Fantasy II I'm not saying this is any good, nor that I'm an expert, but a split isn't impossible.
  4. It depends heavily on personal opinion and playstyle. But I'd vote Marceau any day of the week.
  5. WeGreedy

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    My bet is, there will be a split eventually.
  6. And also WG: We won't sell >T8 Premiums directly.
  7. WG: Do you like submarines? Playerbase: No! WG: Rented Submarines in Random Battles 0.10.9 (Also WG, 2015: There will be no subs ever in World of Warships.)
  8. WeGreedy

    Kurfurst gets removed

    More 30 mm overmatch. Yay.
  9. WeGreedy

    Chances of fire

    That's probably the same marketing saying Atlanta is an AA cruiser.
  10. WeGreedy


    Carriers $hit on everyone and everything. That's more than enough realism for me.
  11. WeGreedy


    I have the feeling that most of the players complaining about islands play a lot of battleships. Which (sane) person would want to get "Ocean" in a (light) cruiser?? But yeah, it is a lot of fun being crossfired and devstruck by a BB all across the map.
  12. WeGreedy


    Poor BB-mains
  13. WeGreedy

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Don't worry. Aerial torpedoes are not affected.