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  1. WeGreedy


    How can you get Kuznetsov on a Commonwealth ship??
  2. WeGreedy

    What new tech tree lines would you like to see in 2022?

    Russian CV split
  3. WeGreedy

    1 sided games due to divisions

    Triple BB division are nasty. For team green.
  4. WeGreedy

    Subs replacing DD:s ?

    The good thing is, a bad CV player can ruin your game almost as much as a unicum, simply by spotting you occasionally.
  5. WeGreedy

    Sayonara 2

    "Abuse what abuses you" -Confusios
  6. WeGreedy

    Monarch fire chance

    Are we talking about glorious HE-Yamato for example?
  7. WeGreedy

    WoWS on Life Support (or worse)?

    I play a lot of T1, there are also zero DDs. It's a mess.
  8. WeGreedy

    My idea to fix random battles

    One can of course skip the co-op penalty by paying 666 doubloons.
  9. WeGreedy

    Monarch fire chance

    How about nerfing the rest of the line accordingly?
  10. WeGreedy

    Free camera in port

  11. WeGreedy

    What keeps you playing WoWS?

  12. WeGreedy

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    Wasn't it 2x3?
  13. WeGreedy

    What happened to the Z-52?

    Fun fact: 23,767 Shima-players never heard their guns
  14. WeGreedy

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    Nagara, Agano, Oyodo, Mogami, Fantasy I, Fantasy II I'm not saying this is any good, nor that I'm an expert, but a split isn't impossible.
  15. It depends heavily on personal opinion and playstyle. But I'd vote Marceau any day of the week.