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  1. I think ten members of my clan participated yesterday in clan battles. From what I've heard everyone had a blast. This includes two destroyers [not mini-cruisers ;)] every battle. Radar wasn't that big of a problem, but maybe it's too early to judge. I think in higher groups it will gain influence. However, I'm saddened like never before for not being able to play WoWs on this weekend. Maybe it's only initial euphoria, maybe not...
  2. Because of the Russian destroyer split my Udaloy went from elite to stock... But those 20 km torpedoes are probably awful, too.
  3. If not now, then when? ;)
  4. added Aigle (WiP), T-61 (WiP), Duca degli Abruzzi (WiP), Musashi*
  5. You mean automatic updates? That makes sense since I don't have that enabled... and probably won't do so. I thought maybe the game could be updated in advance in the launcher, too.
  6. Since a similar post by @Cobra6 in this forum is quite popular and I enjoy it a lot, I wanted start this one. I decided to post it here because the English Speaking Forum unfortunately has no suitable subforum in Clan Zone. I'll start right of with our second clan battle. Unfortunately we met @IVebastien, @zagamor_1, @BlackTorp, @thisheep, @Aruhmata, @icemike68 and @malimoo from [UFR]. Pretty obvious what happened (hint: -18), but at least they were polite!
  7. I actually see no problem. If some tier one players play clan battles they will probably end up in Squall League Group III pretty fast. There they will mostly fight against people at their level and maybe have some fun. I guess they won't ruin anyone's game, except perhaps their own.
  8. Maybe they'll give her the sixth upgrade slot, similar to Belfast.
  9. Single torpedo launcher Fletcher with heal at tier eight.
  10. Lesen hilft manchmal...
  11. Well.. if he sinks you, your fires will actually be extinguished. ;) This one kinda reminds me of Akizuki and old IFHE. -1% fire chance
  12. Good morning, did this option actually do anything for anyone here? I enabled it like three or four patches ago, but my client always downloaded updates after they went live. Did it work for someone? Greetings
  14. As a destroyer/cruiser main I find them distracting, too. Does anyone know if they disappear at some low quality setting? That would be a bit unfair...