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  1. Ein Thread reicht auch. ;)
  2. You mean K/D ratio? It is about on par with cruisers, but you are right, survivability is higher. North Carolina is my most played ship, Khabarovsk being second. I think potential damage is the main reason for the winrate. In my opinion drawing fire/tanking has a huge impact on winning or loosing. (Full HP battleship at the end of a match, winrate of Zao versus Des Moines) I am not here to "defend" this ship, I just wanted to point out that damage is not everything.
  3. Funny how people on one hand say Khabarovsk is a light cruiser, but keep comparing her damage output to destroyers. Damage wise she sits in between T10 heavy cruisers and destroyers. Also she does about the same as the only other T10 light cruiser, Minotaur. The other thing is, I would say at least the same amount of the 67k done by a Khabarovsk are heal-able as the 51k from a Shimakaze (high explosive versus torpedoes). Shes definitely not weak, but I think these are two aspects one should keep in mind. I bought the permoflage for my Khab before those four nerfs, so I think I am feeling about 30% of your saltiness. o7