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  1. Act a fool!
  2. I just HATE her! This freaking voice-over. Can't even change it to normal. Can you imagine this guy talking like that??
  3. I just think there's already an appropriate thread for this. Yep, I have one, but even if I'm doing "great" (according to wows-numbers) in her, I find her a bit boring to play, lately. But she's definitely very strong, even with a ten-point-anime-captain on her. I enjoyed Minekaze very much, but this was about two years ago, before I had 1k battles. Good old times... :)
  4. Then I'm missing those other 369 threads about a Kamikaze R doing 200k+.
  5. Do we really need a separate thread for each good game?
  6. How should somebody who hits less than average detonate people more often than himself detonates?
  7. Am I missing something or is it now straight up worse than KGV?
  8. Soon™ or in the year of the CV
  9. Only three battleships in a match in total? Then only one in another match?? This ing cruiser-overpopulation. Nerf them already and pump out some premium battleships ASAP! And quit developing Shima's DW torps, they clearly make people stop playing battleships, even just the leak of them!
  10. Wouldn't Jamaica be better in that case?
  11. I get this message about once a month, I'd say. Parameters: three different PCs in three different cities (changing daily, weekly) only playing WoWs WoWs launcher (no Game Center) always same connection type on each PC different VPNs on one PC (Swiss, Germany) complex password mobile phone number connected //edit Just tried changing my VPN to Russia, South Afrika and Hong Kong. Didn't have to re-enter my password.