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  1. Replays

    Mine are still working fine. Common forum answers: 1. Juliet Charlie 2. Magazine Modification 1 3. Git Gud
  2. updated Asashio removed Shimakaze deepwater torpedo finalised Aigle
  3. OP: Orion Very good: Fiji, King George V, Conqueror All British...
  4. About the Conqueror

    Not always, it also depends on hit location if I remember correctly.
  5. About the Conqueror

    Don't even try to argue that way. As he already mentioned he thinks normal penetration damage can't be healed.
  6. About the Conqueror

    At least he updated me regarding damage mechanics in this game.
  7. About the Conqueror

    So you're trying to tell me that normal pens on a conqueror (or any battleship) are non-healable?
  8. About the Conqueror

    That's why she's the top damage dealing cruiser. Oh, wait...
  9. About the Conqueror

    Thank you very much. But I'd call that fake news.
  10. About the Conqueror

    I spent some free xp on my Conqueror too, but I still think it's a poorly designed ship. I use to play it to relax a bit, because it's so easy to play and I can put my brain almost into standby. Can't play thrilling Minotaur all the time...
  11. About the Conqueror

    Jack Dunkirk will get "First Blood" and "Second Wind" talent??
  12. About the Conqueror

    There's a difference between citadel and non-citadel hits regarding Repair Party.