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  1. Cruisers Update

    But but but... after a long contemplation I came to the conclusion that 240 is biggerer than 203!
  2. Credits

    Although it's a Belarusian company, they are no communists, you know...
  3. Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    1100 to 1350 is average.
  4. Legendary idea for legendary modules

  5. Shipstacking in CW

    Haven't used it in a while, but you can filter your replays. I don't think you can filter them by "six Moskvas in the enemy team" though.
  6. Shipstacking in CW

    I guess you're already using mxstat?
  7. Shipstacking in CW

    Never heard of an upcoming Moskva rework...
  8. New upcoming T-IX premiums

    At most they will mention Alaska and Jean Bart I guess.