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  1. I won't spend anything until Puerto Rico's price is published.
  2. B0Tato

    Ships in Supercontainers?

    Can't they also be in all those premium shop containers? I mean... chances will be like 0.0000000000001%.
  3. B0Tato


    They can't. But the have a shorter viewing range, because of their smaller masts.
  4. B0Tato

    I just drew a game

    You're at 50 (on EU)
  5. B0Tato

    I just drew a game

    Meanwhile a large portion of the playerbase should be like: "I just threw a game"
  6. B0Tato

    Suggestion about Thunderer

    12 * 50 = 600 8 * 65 = 520 457s are a bit more accurate and have a larger explosion size
  7. It was, but if you don't react to the test results, that doesn't help much.
  8. B0Tato

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    Volumes are all over the place. Does anyone here the sound for destroying a ship anymore? It seems I can't even increase it...
  9. Sound volumes are all over the place! Guns are extremely loud, sound effect for destroying a ship is barely audible.
  10. B0Tato

    Whats SC ???

  11. B0Tato

    Most fun Tier range?

    Since last patch also pretty often middle and bottom tier though.
  12. B0Tato

    HE Spam from BB's

    When in a battleship Press [R] only when having two or more fires, or when you're about to get undetected/safe Press [T] from time to time Laugh at them When in a cruiser Laugh at them When in destroyer Torpedo them When in an aircraft carrier Just die! (only in-game of course)
  13. B0Tato

    So they will reverse the "gun bloom change"

    Increase of detection after firing main guns