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  1. B0Tato

    C.Colombo Citadel

    Private profile
  2. B0Tato

    ISE in da shop

  3. B0Tato

    ISE in da shop

    HMS Phantasia has 21k+ AP alpha, I guess.
  4. If the game keeps going the way as it is right now (for instance this new airdrop gimmick) it will maybe cross the point of no return. Then it is time to blow up the whole thing and start all over from scratch again. I think airdropping subs will add more than enough explosive mass.
  5. Since the planes don't start on the ship. Give this gimmick to subs maybe?
  6. How often do we get ocean? Once in 50 games. Maybe even once in 100? By looking at the chat then, people clearly "LOVE" a map without island camping. Imagine we'd get ocean a often as all the other maps...
  7. B0Tato

    Torpedo ricochet: should it be a thing??

    They arm 300 meters away.
  8. B0Tato

    Whats your favourite Port?

    Designer's Desk I don't need 100% GPU load in port.
  9. B0Tato

    haha very funni tweet wgee

    hear ≠ listen
  10. B0Tato

    Statistics for the 1 vs 1 Brawl ?

    Are you sure about that?
  11. B0Tato


    Stop stat-shaming (yourself). You'll get banned!
  12. B0Tato

    Post your 'Made of Steel' camo pics here

    Nice pictures
  13. B0Tato

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    I got an Admiral Makarov.
  14. Problem solved I was on 0.9.12 After reinstallation I'm back on 0.9.11 (at least in game, WGC still says 0.9.12) and can login
  15. No mods, checked integrity (,tried turning it off and on again) I'm reinstalling right now.