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  1. Yet they melt when HE-spammed. Tier nine and ten have 32 mm plating all over the place, compared to 38, 50, 57, 80, or even 145 and 150. It's the same like the French ones. UK has superior heals, France speed to counter that.
  2. First time (over 8k random battles played) Let's see who finds it first...
  3. B0Tato

    buy multiple items at once feature in arsenal

    I think inventory was warehouse.worldofwarships.eu. Can't look it up right now unfortunately.
  4. B0Tato

    buy multiple items at once feature in arsenal

    Clantab and inventory work this way, too, by the way. You can get all links from "/res/gui_urls.xml".
  5. B0Tato

    CW Bug ?

    Because many potatoes - not knowing all mechanics - would report players who kill them. But zeros as o's in names are c00l!
  6. B0Tato

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Yes, I play it a lot, sorry.
  7. B0Tato

    Potential FPS Fix

    Whoops, you're right, mixed it up.
  8. B0Tato

    Potential FPS Fix

    Let's see if enabling disabling texture streaming does the trick.
  9. B0Tato

    Spending my coal on something

    You could also wait for Yoshino (T-X IJN CB).