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  1. B0Tato


    Like if Montana could.
  2. B0Tato


    You even said it yourself.
  3. Nerfed? Nah, it just got powercrept hard. Like so many other "old" ships.
  4. B0Tato

    Poll: Do you like the new sounds?

    Just use some crappy bluetooth headset.
  5. Global AP-bomb nerf?
  6. B0Tato Changelog?

    Oh yeah. The second last sentence in the post about balance changes in 0.9.5. That was so obvious. Thanks, WG.
  7. B0Tato Changelog?

    Hello?! Is this thing on? *tap tap* Anyone here?
  8. Would 130k on two battleships be enough?
  9. I won't spend anything until Puerto Rico's price is published.
  10. B0Tato

    Ships in Supercontainers?

    Can't they also be in all those premium shop containers? I mean... chances will be like 0.0000000000001%.
  11. B0Tato


    They can't. But the have a shorter viewing range, because of their smaller masts.
  12. B0Tato

    I just drew a game

    You're at 50 (on EU)
  13. B0Tato

    I just drew a game

    Meanwhile a large portion of the playerbase should be like: "I just threw a game"