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  1. Honestly why hate Wargaming. US aircraft carrier. midway very poor toped angle And lousy accuracy on the rocket aircraft. On the good old Midway I did an average of 160 dmg Per round Now I will be happy when we come 10 dmg Pär round. And the autopilot is totally useless Wargaming fix midway
  2. tobbeb17

    sweden ship

    hello you think the sweden ship is now coming to the game https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/history/assembly-instructions-inside/
  3. tobbeb17

    Wish List for World of Warship

    ColonelPete It was much more fun and realistic than this one.And a way to balance ships with, for example, different large magazines.Destroyer I could choose how many Torpedo they would have on board.When it comes to storage costs of the ship, it's fun to be able to see their damage and choose which one you want to make. For example, everything has to be done if the boat has dropped. And if the boat does not make full use, you will reduce points on the boat because it is the balance the captain may do
  4. tobbeb17

    Wish List for World of Warship

    gös (the flag at the top hoisted in the harbor).
  5. tobbeb17

    Wish List for World of Warship

    1 realistic battle where you meet Nation to Nation, for example Japanese ships against US ships. 2 limited number of shell aboard and that you can fill in yourself at the port and choose how many armor piercing or high explosive shell you should have. 3 choose yourself in the harbor where you want to fix and how much you want to fix from Battle damage. For example, you might want to avoid creating anti-air gun to save money. 4 in port I want a flag that sits in the shipyard called gös
  6. tobbeb17

    Premium Shop

    wg how long will Premium Shop be so has it seen the same for 3 weeks I've been waiting for uss massachu setts for 3 weeks
  7. tobbeb17

    Balance problem division vs no division

    DataDemon it explains a lot what it was a tough round
  8. Balance problem I think WG has to solve this balance problem in the game It is unreasonable that one team has three-division division and the other team has zero division and this means that this team that has division has great advantage I think this is a problem What do you think ? obs gologle translatnig
  9. hello when is the USS Massachusetts coming out
  10. tobbeb17

    hakuryu vs midways

    walter3kurtz I an attack cruiser in that position. Jo to push out of a good position. It's possible to shoot he holl day long. And regarding autodrop, I do not. I run manually and i strafing right so many times this match, but it does not appear because of a bug in the replay system. That I have so little money in the bank is because I recently bought British Battleship NR. 10 and I do not spend any money on the game without investing my real money real life. The people do not seem to understand is that Hakuryu and significantly harder and punished Midway. I know this may be difficult on the Forum, but I would like a little ripe comment. People behave like it was 15 years, which I think is true to many. I've written all the time that I do not have a world champion at the cv but when I'm doing well when I play Midway and lose big every time I drive Hakuryu I think something wrong with the imbalance. And WG has said that it is wrong with the balance of the aircraft carrier and therefore you should redo it all sorry for bad english I use google translation from Swedish to English
  11. tobbeb17

    hakuryu vs midways

    terios i plya Midway
  12. tobbeb17

    hakuryu vs midways

    That people do not seem to understand is that I punished Midway Fighters many times but nothing happened, so I lose all my plans. Plus, when I play Midway, it's much better to win air strings. I've never lost an air battle with Midway and with is hakuryu I've always lost. When it comes to meeting so little Torpedo it may be because there was very powerful anti air this match And now wondering why does my plan make Fighters lonely? It's because if I let between two Fighters go in and help, he will punish the whole pile and it can be difficult to relieve quickly with three Fighters
  13. tobbeb17

    hakuryu vs midways

  14. tobbeb17

    hakuryu vs midways

    I think the people are usually very hot on Forum if you are under 20 years, then you do not have to comment.I'm not a world champion on cv but something is wrong with Japanese Hangar I'm playing really well with Midway, but I'm always losing my Fighters when I play Hakuryu and as soon as I've Forsaken All My Fighters, he can do what he wants. WG seems to have major problems balancing the cv Here comes the movie that shows how fast I lose my fighters sorry for bad english