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  1. to begin with I just want to say that I am 35 years old I like to play realistically. edited* just because you receive a CV, we may understand that it is not normal to lose 79 aircraft in one match. and yes there is certainly better player I but I am average in player on resume. what I think wg should do is check the balance of game one. and put away the salt shaker somewhere. know that it can be difficult in two rooms to get sensible people to write. but try was little and I use Google translate. have a good evening kind regards Tobias edit: language please!
  2. unplayablemidway at the moment i am testing some grounds too much anti aa not reasonable to lose 70 aircraft when building the captain to strengthen protection against aa. not fun to play CV after this update. due to the fact that you lose aircraft so foot how can you not do any major damage. i'm tired of this game paused for a few weeks. came back for the test new update. I it will be even longer break now. at least with CV playing
  3. tobbeb17

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Personally, I find it very fun to play when u boats come to the game. I think it will make the game better in the long run. However, two things that I think they should change. 1 submarine shall not be able to fire torpedoes at surface vessels. At a depth of 22 meters you must be in Perstorp position to be able to shoot torpedoes on ships. then the ship has not been given a better chance to shoot back and more skill is required of the submarine captain. 2 better visibility when you have been pinned for example text similar radar warning. One more thing I got on the aircraft carrier aircraft with sinking bombs. It will make life easier for destroyers. Fix this balance and I think it can be good note google translate
  4. tobbeb17

    Do we have any real sailors here?

    yas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs2BkfHuGCk&ab_channel=tobbeb17
  5. tobbeb17

    live up to No. 20

    I have a great idea that would change the world of warship greatly. my idea to continue to live up to No. 20 and along the way one unlocks modern ships from 1945 onwards. and when you get to No. 20 ships, it is the modern warship of 2020. what do you think of this idea
  6. tobbeb17

    NEW AA

    it's not fun to play cv with the new AA it is new AA is too good I lose 85 aircraft on a round
  7. tobbeb17

    hey can you convert steel to coal?

    thanks for the help
  8. hey can you convert steel to coal?
  9. tobbeb17

    CV Rework Discussion

  10. War gaming Give me back to old aircraft carrier I cannot play this new aircraft Carrier very boring to play end Los Too Many Planes too fast I think wargaming did big mistake and remove the old CV. I can to stop play CV Old cv
  11. when wargaming fix the bug that makes cv goes backwards
  12. tobbeb17

    CV Rework Suck

    war gaming We have to fix this big problem with aircraft carrier right now sucking it to play aircraft carrier. To begin with, fix the bug that causes the aircraft carrier to go backwards instead of forward. The anti is the guns are too good And the rocket plan is for bad accuracy. As you can see this clip, it is completely impossible if you are lucky enough to kill a dd but the old cvl before you could cross drip Torpedo which made it almost impossible for a dd to do . Vau gaming fix this on the glue otherwise I have to sell all my aircraft carrier It is not fun to play aircraft carrier anymore. NOTE I am no super good aircraft carrier players have not said it nor I played pretty much He goes with the old kind of aircraft carrier which I thought was better but needed to be balanced. It should be fun to play a type of boat in the game otherwise you can shoot in that Ask for how slow for poor English language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMgTymeAQXA&feature=youtu.be
  13. Honestly why hate Wargaming. US aircraft carrier. midway very poor toped angle And lousy accuracy on the rocket aircraft. On the good old Midway I did an average of 160 dmg Per round Now I will be happy when we come 10 dmg Pär round. And the autopilot is totally useless Wargaming fix midway
  14. tobbeb17

    sweden ship

    hello you think the sweden ship is now coming to the game https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/history/assembly-instructions-inside/