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  1. I mean fighter control against mod3. 4 2 2 It must be removed from the game.It does not matter if I have more strike potential when you meetone who plays with fighter control 4 2 2 one can not do anything about it when you have mod2. 2 3 3. I I think that everyone had the same load it would be the best balance and then it was more to played as if doing who wins
  2. Sorry I'm not so good in English good in Swedish
  3. Air supremacy must be removed from this game it ruins the role of cv games I played a new round about with Hakuryu where I drove 2 3 3 f t b he did 4 2 2 what to do when he has 20 fighter and I 10 fighter aircraft f t b I think wg stalls give as many flyers as ala cv for example us cv 2 2 2 f t b jn cv 2 2 2 f t b as many flights alll cv then it is more player skill that decides