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  1. Whining about CVs :)

    i have no problem playing dd in round with cv in i take out our USS Kidd then the problem is resolved
  2. hakuryu vs midway

    I play. a lot with japanese cv it's good brain trainer. You learn to have many balls in the air.
  3. hakuryu vs midway

    Hi, I'll admit, that's probably one of those worse players when it comes to hakuryuu. I often find it difficult to check and keep all the flights. But before I often won a fight against Midway, but since they made the update to double Fighters, I've lost every air battle. And it all ends now that I get out of Fighters completely and can not do anything for my team, it's only me who have these problems or the more who think Midway is hard to meet now.
  4. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign start worrying that they will take it away
  5. Air supremacy must be removed from this game

    I mean fighter control against mod3. 4 2 2 It must be removed from the game.It does not matter if I have more strike potential when you meetone who plays with fighter control 4 2 2 one can not do anything about it when you have mod2. 2 3 3. I I think that everyone had the same load it would be the best balance and then it was more to played as if doing who wins
  6. Air supremacy must be removed from this game

    Sorry I'm not so good in English good in Swedish
  7. Air supremacy must be removed from this game it ruins the role of cv games I played a new round about with Hakuryu where I drove 2 3 3 f t b he did 4 2 2 what to do when he has 20 fighter and I 10 fighter aircraft f t b I think wg stalls give as many flyers as ala cv for example us cv 2 2 2 f t b jn cv 2 2 2 f t b as many flights alll cv then it is more player skill that decides
  8. When do you think att Kaga is coming out ?
  9. Hello, Is it just me who has problems with the new controls to the aircraft carrier wagaming have completely destroyed the controls on the aircraft carrier How to get back the old controls.My big problem when going left-click to create a box that I Darin aircraft patrol inSometimes it works and you get a box and can control the aircraft and sometimes it does not work at all is furious at this watch Youtube movie when you will see what I mean like this when you are able to do 3 14
  10. how is it possible to get 9 Losses in a row it's my new record 9 Losses in a row the common errors that I've seen today is 3 errors.1 the whole team to the same direction.2 NO COOPERATION.3 too much camping.I'm not the best at the game but I'm around mediaI have played Battles 6.151 how many Losses in a row have you had the most
  11. wold of warships realistic deck gun sound

    original sound
  12. Now I have managed to get to the deck gun realistic sound what do you think about this sound
  13. how do own gun sounds wold of warships

    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/791Supported sound modifications
  14. how do own gun sounds wold of warships

    Im following the instructions on page 2, but I can't make it work. Has anything changed? Or am I just doing something wrong?