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  1. Well, I appreciate you agreeing with my sentence there, however... you're trying to fix the problems caused by AFKs, giving buffs to the AFKs team or debuffing the enemy team will only bring abuse of said system and could lead to even more AFKs.Instead you should fix the root problem, the AFKs, and not just for CVs but all. ^ This. Back to the CV problem though: CVs at the moment just play strike almost every time, most of which don't even have a Fighter squad, so they ignore each other anyway. The problem isn't the AFK CV, but no teamplay in random(because there are no rewards for being active in teamplay, lol!) and the absolute randomness that is matchmaking itself. Not to mention the dice rolling Anti Air mechanics.. what do we have AA dmg and plane health for again?
  2. MrRedKill

    The new Adrenaline Rush skill

    The skill is considered as weak or useless right now because people assume it is based on maximum HP. However if it is based on the total amount of lost HP% it could be a neat skill to grab for some builds.
  3. MrRedKill

    The new Adrenaline Rush skill

    So, I have a question about the new Captain Skill Adrenaline Rush. I'll make this quick. This is the description.
  4. MrRedKill

    For the love of god fix the RN smoke bug

    This has happened to me almost every game the past 2 days now. My British cruiser smokescreen sometimes only creates one circle and then it just counts down doing nothing. But this doesn't seem to be a problem of the British smokescreen only. In my German destroyers for example, I slow down a bit, activate my smoke and continue to slow down, but as I leave the circle of the created smoke it sometimes takes up to 2 or maybe 3 seconds(I didn't measure it) to create the next circle and sometimes it does instantly, so there has to be an inconsistency in the system which is extremly harmful for the British cruisers as their Smokescreen isn't active long enough to make up for it. Atleast that is how I see it. Would be nice if somebody could check this in a more detailed fashion and report back.
  5. Thanks for the update, working good! Though why not make it a dropdown menu instead to pick the category you want? Right now we have to literally search for the categories we want to mod.
  6. MrRedKill

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

    We also have cookies! I mean, that's a reason to join, am I right?
  7. MrRedKill

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    I don't want DDs nerfed, I want them to be limited in even numbers for ranked. So you're telling me the CCs in my team never do their job? Bcus this happens more often when I play BB. I've lost a crap ton of ranks in uneven DD battles.
  8. MrRedKill

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    If you grind me the credits or buy me doubloons for said credits, go on. Less enemies to spot you, charging around in a fast ship, yeah it's quite easy, the only problem is I tend to get teammates that don't consider using strategies, so it'd be down to my luck to win or not, even if I kill 4 enemies solo and capture the points. There is only so much a single player can do, it's a teambased game afterall, eh?
  9. MrRedKill

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    I haven't said they're brainless, all I have said is they don't need said BRAIN to easily win the game. Therefore a team as skilled as yours with a DD vs yours without a DD will roflstomp you all day.
  10. MrRedKill

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    Well, that's very nice to say, we have to work for our win, while their team barely needs brain to win. I appreciate this balancing. Playing DD isn't very hard when the enemies don't have both CV and DD.