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  1. Gascore

    Swedish captains is recruting

    HI, No teamspeak yet but we plan to set one up as soon as my server is up and running correct due there have been some hardware failures on it.
  2. Gascore

    Swedish captains is recruting

    Even if you have mailfunction active you still have a life beside gaming specially if you have work and family but If you don't want to join it is totally up to you and we wish good luck anyway. We play almost every day but once again we have a life on the side also.
  3. Gascore

    Swedish captains is recruting

    Not easy to reply within the same day since we all have personal lifes also.
  4. Do you look a clan to play with and is speaking swedish? Do you plan for fun when you have time for it either in divsion or by your self? Do you have skype? Do you behave like an adult(20+)? Can accept that members has a life beside gaming? If the answer is yes to all above questions then you maybe welcome to join me and my friends in "Swedish captains" We can not guarantee you will welcome for life but come around and try out.