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  1. @MrConway @Crysantos With the upcoming event DEX (Digital EXPO) 2019 in Athens and the presence of WG among the sponsors it would be a great idea and opportunity for u guys to visit the Armored Cruiser G. Averof which now serves as a floating museum. Is it possible to contact your team leader so we might arrange a visit at the site some time during or after the show ? The stories behind that ship's war service can provide a fantastic scenario for your historical documentaries.
  2. YEAP, this workaround WORKS !!! Thanks a lot for the update mate. In a LENOVO laptop with Hybrid GPU (Intel onboard and AMD R5 333) we had the same issue. With the AMD card DISABLED and the game running only on INTEL gpu everything worked FINE but the graphics were horrible. When we applied the workaround it worked fine with the AMD gpu taking over the game graphics !!!! Hope WG will manage to solve this soon.