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  1. Keep dreaming dude... If u want something really bad, the Universe will give it to u. :D
  2. The last survived ship of its kind and the only one that actively served in the 2 Great World Wars. For us Greeks, it's the one ship with the greatest historical value and the most well known across time. It would be an honor to see her sailing again in the WOWs seas.
  3. dpo70

    Bug Reports

    Happend to 2 members from my clan too yesterday. Very frustrating. :(
  4. dpo70

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Happened 2 times in the past 2 days. When I exit from a battle I get the attached screen. I am at the port, the game is still working but the only active components are the Clan's chat (I can still write messages there), the game info list and the Contacts list. I have to exit the game and re-open it again. 2. Reproduction steps. None 3. Result See attached files 4. Expected result I should be at fully working and active port. 5. Technical details Occurring since latest patch.
  5. dpo70

    Best DD for TX Clan Wars

    Why do u consider good AA as a plus since there will be no CVs in the Clan wars ???
  6. dpo70

    Gearing...what a joke now 0.6.3 (stealth fire topic)

    I didn't say that I had the greatest of all Gearing battle ever played. I posted my results to prove that a player, an average player as I consider myself to be, can have a decent game even with the latest changes. The battle was a Domination game in open sea water and I did what every DD captain should do, I took CAPs primarily and I managed to score 2 kills. My performance placed me in top of my teammates so yes, I don't think that the DD's game-play is ruined. Now, if by «what's expected» u mean «A good Gearing player has 2x 40k dmg average», well, I am sorry but odviously I am not at your league.
  7. dpo70

    Gearing...what a joke now 0.6.3 (stealth fire topic)

    Oh, I am sorry to both of u guys. I DIDN'T realize that this a «Best DD player thread». My bad.
  8. dpo70

    Gearing...what a joke now 0.6.3 (stealth fire topic)

    I see, u have never played the Ocean map before. Did u see the results of the other players or we were just all noobs ??? U both missing the point here. If u adjust your game play accordingly to the changes implemented u can can still have a good or decent game after all. The same whining was all over the forum when they introduced Radio Locator. Now, everybody doesn't give a sh@t about it.
  9. dpo70

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Bugs

    Happened to me one time about 2 or 3 updates back.
  10. dpo70

    Gearing...what a joke now 0.6.3 (stealth fire topic)

    Today's battle with Gearing in OCEAN map. Not bad at all I think.
  11. dpo70

    Gearing...what a joke now 0.6.3 (stealth fire topic)

    U mean 5.4KM range. It didn't change.
  12. dpo70

    Update 0.6.2 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionThe aft turret on Admiral Hipper turned almost 360 degrees inside the ship's hull. 2. Reproduction stepsCould not find out how it happened 3. ResultBoth cannon barrels went through the hull 4. Expected result Should have stop at some point. Both barrels were inside the hull but I didn't manage to take that screenshot.
  13. dpo70

    Loss of upgrades is a bit concerning.

    @MrConway said: "all modules and upgrades are automatically dismounted and placed in your storage." So I have to research again Udaloi's uprgades. NOT COOL.
  14. dpo70

    Loss of upgrades is a bit concerning.

    Sure about that ??? I can't find my Udaloi's modules in the inventory and now I have to research them again from scratch.
  15. dpo70

    Russian DDs: change tier, but scramble XP and captains!

    Before the upgrade I had Tashkent and Udaloi both fully researched and I was half way to get Khaba. I got no problem with the line change cause Udaloi's XP was transferred to Tashkent and I'll just take it from there BUT WHY DO I have to spent 85.000XPs to research Udaloi's modules AGAIN ???? I am not a premium player and it's a really pain in the a@@ to earn again ALL that XP in such a high TIER.