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  1. Admiral_of_the_Navy

    What line for beginer is best?

    So i have heard that a battleship german line should be best line to start world of warships, but i kinda like a lot USN Crusier line. Right now i have tier5 crusier from USN, and tier 3 battleship from germany. However i dont find battleship that easy to play, even on this tier, where cruiser was kinda fun and realy good for me. So my question would be, should i keep on going for german line of battleships... or play crusier insted? Are battleships realy all that easier to play then cruisers at all?
  2. Hi! Dont see real explanation on few things, and so i was wondering... anyone who invited a player (friend) and helps him reach tier 5, will recive bundle of flags, singlans and paints. But my question is who will exactly get permium ships? Is it just one person? As it says TOP RECRUTIERr? So reward is for just one person? Or ...?
  3. Admiral_of_the_Navy

    Tier7 premium

    Well i discarded indianapolis anyhow. Reviews were kinda not that good towars that ship. However, i will research cruiser-destroyer line, before buying... destroyer. Kinda find them most interesting enough. Thanks for help.
  4. Admiral_of_the_Navy

    Tier7 premium

    Hi all! I am looking to buy a tier 7 premium ship. And cant decide from pick: Lndianapolis (i dont hear much prais for him) as cruiser or Sims, Leningrad, Blyskawic? What would you guys suggest what is best to pick? I am aiming to play mostly that premium i buy. Also, i want a ship to be fun to play.. :D Can you help me :D p.s. Should i maybe wait for some other ships on actions? My budget is 8000gold. I could possible add 1000gold more :) But only if realy needed for super fun ship :D
  5. Admiral_of_the_Navy

    New player looking for advice

    I started playing this game yesterday. I was wondering, can someone point me on best(or better) ship(s) of tier 5-6. What is best to grind for? Or they are all equal more-less? I figured it is best to get american line, but what ship?