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  1. bloodynicknames

    Please tell me it gets better with GK

    got FdG today and so far I want to scream, punch a wall and never see that piece of crap again. the guns ... oh these guns ... shoot at derpitz from 5km dead on aim and every single shell misses either dropping short or overshooting ... and it happens consitently ... how can these guns be so bad ? what were they thinking ? Please tell me it gets better with GK ... i need motivation to suffer through this
  2. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    they had the choice to not apply to it kutuzov and still did which was a pretty big nerf
  3. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    but they already did in the past ... kutuzov smoke nerf for instance
  4. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    but you didnt buy the product as such, just a licenese to use it ... thats the way it works with computer games, they can do whatever the hell they feel like, there are no legal ramifications here if they compensate you somehow. as a matter of fact they dont even need to compensate you at all. just look at games that require online servers that were shutdown after a few years...no legal remedy, you just have to accept it
  5. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    bloody snowflakes
  6. bloodynicknames

    Any tipps to get fun as DD ?

    get a minotaur and equip radar ...
  7. bloodynicknames

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    CVs are the *edit* thats killing this game, period. you have 12 people on each side and out of those 11 suffer thanks to the shitty meta this pile of garbage created. "lets make a class that can strike anyone but that nobody can hit back, people will just love that". Please dont use that Word. Cheers.
  8. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    so much fun ... in a hindenburg ... remove this crap from the game ... its not enjoyable anymore to just have to sit there and take without ANY CHANCE AT ALL to retaliate. seriously...imagine the guy coming up with "lets make a class that can kill anyone but that literally nobody can hit back".
  9. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    id rather chop my [edited] off than suffer through that.
  10. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    you dont know jack crap if i may be so frank. this happened late game, i was pushing into a cap, half of both teams dead. but yeah, give me more of your BS excuses EVERYONE in the game should just huddle together in a big bubble so you have a justification to play your cancerous CVs. CVs are broken, period. And the one only ones defending that crap are those that play them(people like you):
  11. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    heres a fun battle recap from full AA wooster...nothing wrong here ...
  12. bloodynicknames

    CV Rework Discussion

    fun and engaging ... just played a game in wooster vs. hakuryu was at full health, never been hit so all AA emplacements still there. here come the DBs and in A SINGLE drop do 30k damage... with DFAA on ... so much fun but wait, the next full DB squad is just coming over the horizon ... another 15k ... dfaa on CD ofc ... aaaaand here come the rocket planes ... dfaa ready again and wipe the squad thanks to nearby minotaur aaaaand here come the torp bombers ... thats another 7k and you now what the really fun part is ? you cant do jack crap about it, the CV is sitting far off behind an island all safe and sound laughing his [edited]off. CVs are so fundamentally broken i cannot comprehend what kind of mind would put something like that in the game to begin with. guess that person slept in game design class when they were going over the concept of "its a bad thing to give one player a tool that makes another player utterly helpless".
  13. bloodynicknames

    Server down?

    yeah...keep getting disconnected
  14. bloodynicknames

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    lets see 1) Wooster...because...who doesnt like fires ? 2) DM because no reason given, just a good all around ship 3) Kutuzov, again, fires plus insane range and you get to troll T6 BBs from time to time 4) Harugumo ... did i mention I like fires ? 5) Minotaur ... with radar .. trolling DDs hard ... they never expect the radar
  15. bloodynicknames

    How's the worcester and cruisers like that balanced?

    wooster is a fun boat to play and if you get into a good position you can shred pretty much everything. dont get into close range tough, then you're screwed. wooster is the ship that i get most 200k+ games in id say, set 3 bbs on fire and watch those numbers tick. DDs will hate you too if they get <10km and are spotted. it can open water A LOT better than the minotaur plus fire allows for effective hit and run tactics. set fire, go dark, wait for DC, set fire, go dark, rinse and repeat. does have its weaknesses tough, you are unable to brawl with any of the bigger cruisers like a DM or Moskva. Henri & other wooster comes down to skill. minotaur you can usually shred unless he catches you at a bad angle.