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  1. bloodynicknames

    How good is the Tirpitz now

    well, in the montana at least(the only BB i still play mind you) its ok. you can survive for a good while
  2. bloodynicknames

    How good is the Tirpitz now

    Just subjective impression but the tirpitz it not what it once was. It's strength lie in mid- to close-range encounters but with its relatively poor concealment in the current meta it just gets HE spammed and will be at half health before it can even get to the spot where she shines. T8 MM is screwing her over even more. It used to be that people ran when derpitz started pushing close but these days they just shrug it off.
  3. bloodynicknames

    My Take on British (RN Cruisers)

    nice sum up. I got the Perth before I began on RN cruisers and hated it, maybe it was the tier but theres just something with that ship that doesnt work for me. and then I quickly moved up through RN and got stuck at the Fiji and im even considering keeping it with premium camo, i just love that thing. First off, the MM is really favorable as she still can perform decently in T9 but more often than not you will get even tier MM as theres a lot happening around T6/7/8 which is nice. and yeah, that thing shreds everything and I also think its wildly underestimated as a lot of ppl seem to try and play it like a US or German Cruiser which doesnt work. Oddly enough most fijis I see have BAD concealment, ie no captain skills and camo so its always nice to let them come close and then smoke up and delete them. only issue I see with it is when going against T8&9 BBs as the damage output somewhat drops off if they dont show you broadside. Im still reluctant atm tough to get Edinburgh as the MM just shafts you at T8 so I might just free-xp it and skip altough from what i've seen from the Neptune it performs really bad.
  4. bloodynicknames

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    what he said. the JB is a joke really thanks to its campy playstyle and the T10 MM. I've yet to see one really do well. It's a situational one trick pony and goes down really fast if DM starts spamming HE on it.
  5. bloodynicknames

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    I agree with pretty much all of this, especially the power creep issue. Its not so noticable on the BBs and CAs but I think DDs suffer a lot from this. Then they do silly crap, like the Harugumo. CVs need balance, i dont think the rework is the way to go but I agree that the AP bombs are a joke. Was in my Des Moines the other day, 90% health, close engangement with DD defensive AA on cooldown, in come 2 squads of Divebombers, only the first one struck me, down to 1,5k health ... in one strike. Let that sink in. Personally I feel that WG fixes one thing and breaks 5 others. Its understandable that they want to offer new ships as that what keeps ppl playing and spending money but I feel they are more and more headed in the direction of one-trick ponies instead of balanced ships. Now im not saying you can have something like a Jean-Bart(which Ive only seen underperform at best so far) but if thats your only strategy something is wrong. MM also, and yes, T8 is a hellhole right now. Then thers silly things like the conquerors design and playstyle that just encourage the worst potato style of gameplay. Another issue, for me, and a lot of ppl will disagree with me on this, is the bloody RNG. I hate, hate it, hate it. Had a 10km with a Zao in my Montana the other day, RNG decided to penetrate my behind by missing every single shell. If they want serious competitive play this needs to go, it has nothing to do with skill. Funny enough, in games like War Thunder(never played WoT) its different, your shell hits where you aim it and doesnt just magically disperse by 10m to the left or right every other shot. Then theres the fact that upwards from T9 the ship layouts allow for such awfully campy gameplay its ridiculous. Especially the Bow tanking BBs hugging islands.
  6. bloodynicknames

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    yes,youre right, there should be no counter at all. why not just make the DD explode straight away when hes spotted by radar, easy enough for you ?
  7. bloodynicknames

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    yeah, cause DDs are not fragile and can withstand tons of damage while being radared while the radaring ship sits untouchable and uncounterable(other than running) behind an island. and if a division or competitive player cannot work around a LoS restriction maybe he should just be playing random battle. No Risk no Reward holds true for DDs with a radar cruiser in play so why should there be no risk for the radar cruiser at the same time ?
  8. bloodynicknames

    Someone tell WG to stop ruining our ships!!!!

    that's something i endorse fully...like that thing needs a serious nerf.
  9. bloodynicknames

    T8 Matchmaking...

    i kinda agree T8 matchmaking is in a bad place right now. I play mostly T10 lately and almost every game theres at least two or more T8 sods in there. The only T8 I play myself is the Kutuzov which scales fairly well to T10 even tough it requires a more cautious approach but i've kinda given up on grinding the german BB line, Bismarck constantly getting tossed in with Yamato and the likes is just no fun and the reward at this time doesnt seem worth it. Same for my jap cruisers really. Thing is, T10 ships are kinda more forgiving than T8, step wrong one time and you're probably toast. Plus that "VIII" alone is basically a big "shoot me" sign painted over your head since pretty much everyone knows you're easy pickings.
  10. bloodynicknames

    Hindy does not need a buff

    so, to weigh in here. Hindenburg for some reason is my favorite ship, i even prefer her to my much beloved kutuzov. She doesnt excel at anything but is very well rounded, certainly more tanky than a zao or dm and doesnt have the big "shoot me" sign painted over it that the moskva has. the problem is that yeah, if you play it that I supposed WG intended in a rather agressive mid- to close-range manner you have very poor survivability in matches dominated by TX. In mixed matchups with IX and VIII you can get away with it more easily(duh). I dont think the heal will be a huge buff to her but at least it will add some of the needed survivability.
  11. bloodynicknames

    Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    maybe not T10 alone but put T9 and T10 together and seperateT8 from it...thats about it ....
  12. bloodynicknames

    EU Server treatment Complaints and Grumbles

    no, because that would just put all the complaints away where nobody would see them. what a convenient way to get rid of those pesky complainers.
  13. e-sport requires a game that is balanced, not this s**t
  14. they really dont want us to play us anything but BBs. [edited]it, aside from the ridiculous 2nd class treatment we get this just does it for me. theres a reason this game is so rage inducing...its that way by design. theres no balance or fair fight here.
  15. bloodynicknames

    The Akizuki might have a problem

    shes the new khabarovsk...expect a nerf ... the rate of fire is a joke especially when you consider you can stealth fire at US Cruisers while the have radar active...