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  1. bloodynicknames

    You thought Smolensk and Thunderer were OP?

    thats good news, theres a distinct lack of HE spam going on
  2. bloodynicknames

    Viva España!?!

    we call them submarine fodder now
  3. bloodynicknames

    Zero damage sub games

    21k 116k 15k 0 123k 92k 51k my last 7 games...just extremely inconsistent. basically, the only way to do damage is to have an open map and camp 6km from the reds, thats it, nothing more you need to do. if you want to cap or do anything fancy it takes forever to get anywhere and if somebody comes after you all you can do is dive and run. these things have 0 utility other than being an area denial sort of weapon, utter garbage. try doing something interesting like diving under the enemy and coming up from behind them. sounds cool, right ? well, that will take you around 7-10min just to get into position. and you better hope nobody is close by when you come up cause otherwise you just wasted a lot of time for nothing.
  4. bloodynicknames

    Zero damage sub games

    CVs are ridiculous with their long DC ... ya, when i tried them in coop by the time i got into position to do anything the match was over
  5. bloodynicknames

    Zero damage sub games

    i just had the most retarded situation ... was in german t10 sub hunting german t10 sub, i saw him, he was spotted but I couldnt for the life of me hit the guy with torps, either they didnt arm or the [edited]ping just wouldnt work. so...WG...why cant we ping subs underwater ? not like these things are stupid enough as it is but Sub vs Sub combat is a complete clownshow where sometimes even ramming doesnt work when the depth levels are changing...had that today, rammed into one at some good speed but he was changing depth so apparently that doesnt trigger the ramming. what a complete clusterf*ck and yeah, had a couple 0 damage games
  6. bloodynicknames

    Submarines, should they be removed from Random Battles?

    the players dont want them in randoms so you can be sure they will stay.
  7. same intern that designed subs i assume cause if they're game designers did WG is in serious trouble and needs to have a few job openings
  8. bloodynicknames

    Too much exaggeration when it comes to Submarines.

    youre gonna need a new alt account soon as i'm now 100% youre beastofwar in disguise
  9. bloodynicknames

    Your options regarding subs in ranked and randoms

    that coming from a person that doesnt even play randoms is quite rich.
  10. bloodynicknames

    Thank you so much for this fun experience

    anything to say on topic also ? no ? didnt think so
  11. bloodynicknames

    Thank you so much for this fun experience

    i actually purchased premium and some golden lions over there today, WG hasnt seen money from me in 2 1/2 years... i need to try ships, the small PT boats look like fun but theres so much sealclubbing going on I think mid BR is the way to go
  12. bloodynicknames

    Petty people complaining about Premium ships.

    i finally got the Stalingrad yesterday after suffering through ranked and all I can say is that that ship is just plain broken if you have more than 2 braincells. The AP slaps everything around, she has insane survivability if you dont blunder and if you're entrenched near an island nothing short of concentrated HE spam will dislodge you.
  13. Let me begin by saying, it must be really nice being a CV main at the moment cause all of a sudden you're not the most hated person in a match anymore. I just had this SUPER FUN experience fighting a sub in a Minotaur. First off, GG for giving a ship with paper armor like the Minotaur a regular old DC launcher, after all, it can easily withstand fire and closing the gap to a sub to even use the DCs is a non issue for light cruisers. The ridiculously low range on the Airstrikes from T10 cruisers is a close second, lets just drive a big ole stalingrad within 6km of a sub, what could possibly go wrong. Oh, and did I mention the airstrike has a minimum range so if you're on top of a sub in such a ship(lets say cause hes not completely braindead and pushes into you) makes it utterly pointless. Also I find it extremely well thought out that 8 DC hits on a sub wont kill it, after all the CD is only 30 seconds. Another great thing is that subs can happily sit at 7km range from you, be submerged and undetectable by radar and at the same time can happily spot and pingspam you. Man thats such fun, a ship that ) can see me ) can fire at me ) that I have NO POSSIBLE WAY of spotting And the possibility to use DCP to mitigate the torpedo homing, man, you really do hate cruisers and DDs with a passion, do you ? Everything that doesnt cater to braindead potatoes has to suffer. I mean, I hate to admit it but thats pure genius game design. Well, to be clear here, this is pure genius if you want to piss off everyone but the sub player. But after all, you've had great success with this approach with CVs, right ? The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the rework must really have boosted your ego if you now have the audacity to put this crap in random matches. World of Warships now is at a point where it makes Warthunder look fun and appealing and thats saying something. I've been a gamer for more then 25 years now, I've lived through the NGE in Star Wars Galaxies and that so far was the absolute lowpoint of a dev utterly breaking a game but you know what WG, with the introduction of subs you take the #1 Spot as my biggest gamedev f*ckup. The meta, which wasnt great before, is utterly ruined. Due to the subs ridiculous spotting abilities epicenter is literally unplayable now cause everyone that gets even close to center will be permaspotted with ZERO counterplay outside of a suicide rush. I really am lost for words how such a poor concept could have made it into the game. No, wait, I do, new techtrees, new premiums, more money. you disgust me at this point.
  14. bloodynicknames

    Too much exaggeration when it comes to Submarines.

    *looks at OPs stats* this is a joke post, right ? or are you beastofwars alt account ?
  15. bloodynicknames

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    are you new to wargamings approach ? they are never wrong, the spreadsheet says so ... given, the ink might be muddled by spilled vodka but still