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  1. Can't really agree here. I've tried everything in the book (varying speed, hard turns, angling, both before and after the enemy actually fires), but at ranges of 15km or less, sooner rather then later, a stray shot WILL find your citadel and slice off a third of your health (that's why the Mogami actually fares a little better then most CAs; those extra 3km actually make a pretty huge difference). And usually that shot will be from the edge of the salvo's dispersion circle, telling you: "Yep, you did everything right, but it didn't matter". And that is the gameplay experience I have a huge problem with. I've played all classes extensively, and imo cruiser are the ones with the least influence over their own survival by a mile. Sure, if you mess up in a DD you get blown out of the water in seconds, but usually you will know exactly where you screwed up (if you're honest with yourself).
  2. Ugh, you are right of course. I meant that accuracy is too low, and dispersion is too high. And this can make things frustrating for both the BB and especially it's target (which is why I'm posting this in the Mogami thread). I actually agree that it sort of feels alright from the BBs perspective (though I think there's room for improvement). My point is that it is really frustrating for cruisers to sail around and do their thing until they randomly explode, with very little they can do to influence that outcome (aside from staying outside of BB range; good luck getting any XP...). They can try to improve their odds a little, but the rest is up to RNGesus. (btw, your outcome % are missing 20% ;P) Aside: I'm aware that positioning is key for BBs (probably my most played class), not to mention planning said positioning well ahead of time. But that's just as much about their defense as it is offense. I'm talking more about the specific situation of a BB firing at a cruiser. I guess you can occasionally exploit bad BB positioning to stay safe while doing some damage, but this is not something you can make happen, much less count on (at least in my experience).
  3. edit: accuracy is too low. dispersion is too high. D'oh! The more I think about the situation, the more I think that the real problem is that BB accuracy is too low. No, I'm not dropping acid. Bear with me here. BBs are basically what artillery are in WoT: Every 30 seconds they push a button, and if they calculated their lead correctly, there's a 20% chance a CA will blow up (with a 50% chance for mediocre damage and 30% for 0 dmg). There's really not much skill involved on either side. Once you learn to calculate lead in a BB, you hit the skill-ceiling hard (as far as offense is concerned). And no matter how much you dodge and weave, below certain ranges (read: inside a CA primary gun range), sooner rather then latter they will get you - the high dispersion makes sure of that. So imo what is needed is a buff to BB dispersion that is compensated by a nerf to their offense elsewhere. imo the best possibilities for the latter are increasing shell travel time *at medium to short ranges* (ie decreasing muzzle velocity while also lowering drag, so that long range travel time isn't affected too much), and lowering max AP damage.
  4. Small note: While obviously 155mm guns are hit harder, 203s ARE affected. Just dumped 16 shells into a Fuso with my Pepsicola, 0 damage. Turned a corner, and managed to hit a New Mexico 6 times for 4k before he explodified me. Personally, my hypothesis is that this has to do with how IJN ships have their superstructure "concentrated" into narrow towers, leaving a lot of "clean" deck
  5. Cleveland's shell velocity was nerfed a while back because it was supposedly overperforming against BBs. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but in my experience Amagi and Izumo are the worst offenders re: bouncing HE shells. Caveat: I haven't had the chance to test this against many Yamatos, but I definitely seem to have a much easier time dealing HE damage to NC, Iowa, Tirpitz and even Montana.
  6. I can see the logic behind going back to the A hull, but the thought of loosing the rudder shift time makes me nerveous in today's DD infested waters. Said DDs also have a penchant for lighting you up while hidden if you fire, rendering the downgrade pointless. It's also kinda a team-unfriendly way to play, since DD hunting is one of the Mogami's strong suits, but that requires getting in a bit closer. edit: Case in point: Today on two Brothers, I go one side with a DD scouting about 7km ahead. A BB lights up at at about 20km, no other hostiles visible. A few seconds later a get citadel'd for 13k. That BB lighting up was the only warning that I had incoming (I did try to dodge just in case btw, but as usual it didn't help). And people wonder why no one plays cruisers at high tiers. Randomly dieing with no way to prevent it just isn't fun, Wargaming!
  7. Banestalk

    Is matchmaking tier class-dependent?

  8. Banestalk

    Is matchmaking tier class-dependent?

    edit: btw, thanks for the answer txtspeak. I asked whether there is something in the MM logic that makes this happen, the answer to which turns out to be "yes", because it could also just wait for higher tier cruisers to show up (which would extend high tier queue times.) Also, I wasn't complaining. If anything, this would seem to indicate there is something off with high tier CA balance, not the MM.
  9. Banestalk

    Is matchmaking tier class-dependent?

    Ever since I got my Mogami, I noticed a trend where I seemed to get considerably more higher tier matches, and almost no lower tier matches, compared to my t8 BBs and DDs. Does RNGesus hate my CAs, or is there actually something in the MM logic that causes this? If so, why?
  10. There is a cap to how much damage you can do any given part of a ship, including the superstructure. That's what may have been going on with that NM. And 155mm AP plunging fire is not as powerful as it looks, because at that point the shells have lost a good chunk of their speed (smaller caliber shells loose speed faster). edit: and if your best games were at 13,5-15km, that's because in those games the enemy BB drivers were idiots that didn't punish you for getting so close. The Mogami is made of citadel, even 14'' salvos will simply vaporize you at that range, from *any angle*.
  11. I will say that it's mostly equal and higher tier BBs, as well as higher tier CAs (+the Atago) that the Mogami struggles against now. You can still do OKish damage to, say, Fusos, Nagatos and Trollorados. And North Carolinas for some reason, which is odd, because the Amagi seems almost completely immune even though it's deck and casemate armor is very similar to NC. edit: One other thing I noticed is that against cruisers, AP seems to do better then HE in a lot more situations. Have to experiment more. edit 2: But it's becoming really conspicious terribly Mogami does in higher tier matches, while still wrecking crapin lower tier games. No other ship I've played so far is so tier sensitive.
  12. The thing is that imo this low caliber HE nerf devalues AFT. Since we barely tickle BBs now, CAs and DDs become the priority targets, which are so small that even if you are on target (and they don't dodge), you will only get a small number of hits at >15km. Despite it's fragility, I actually have the most success playing Mogami as medium range brawler now.
  13. Maybe I'm imagining things, but recently I feel like smoke isn't working quite as reliably as it used to. A BB shouldn't be able to spot me sitting at 0kt in the cloud at 5km, should it? Firing your guns from also seems to light you up more then it used to. Am I loosing it or are others having the same experience?
  14. Banestalk

    Will there ever be spotting damage

    I hear you, but keep in might this could incentivize some wonky behavior, where it becomes part of the "etiquette" to maximize spotting damage in order to double dip on the rewards.