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    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    An uncommon ship I sometimes like to play is the Othotnik as from the top of the head I can't recall a similar ship, it is quite unique. A weird turret setup with 7 guns, 5 of them on the stern, but with 360° turning angles. Can drop 16 torps in 4x3 salvos in both directions capable of nuking any competition in a yolo scenario as they're limited with 4km range. Torpedo Acceleration for the lulz as the range cost doesn't matter but they're less likely to be evaded. 2 sets to force turning and slowing down and some still may hit, 2 sets to one-shot people afterwards. Oh, did I mention the top concealment it can even spot Kamikaze clubbers in many circumstances and outgun it happily? Hilarious ship :)