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  1. dash_lonestarr

    North Carolina's time to shine

    Love this game's relaxed play style with moments of high blood pressure and then back to calm
  2. dash_lonestarr

    Fletcher, How I play her

  3. dash_lonestarr

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    I have to agree, its one of those ships, its either going to be awesome or you going to do poorly, still making me money and it's helping me run my fleet with its credit gen. Just hang back, never charge in, don't be a scout and be prepared to defend your base and fleet. And then you get games like this And it all makes sense P.S Just reduce that fire arc pleaseeeeee, its liking firing rockets
  4. dash_lonestarr

    So now there are missions and I'm still not happy

    Don't mind the missions, but wish they changed the kill one to DMG done, make more sense and would make more sense for a team based game
  5. dash_lonestarr

    Need better Matchmaking and punish players for no teamwork

    Rumor is that season 2 will be tier V and VI, it is better organised in them and I reached the lofty heights of rank 18 in the pilot season, that's right I brag about it. Some kind of bonus points would be welcomed if you provided AA cover for other ship's or if one ship is getting pummled by two other ship's you come in and take the heat of your teammate, something like a savior bonus
  6. dash_lonestarr

    Need better Matchmaking and punish players for no teamwork

    Not quite sure how they could implement punishment on no teamwork. You have (hopefully) 10 secs before the game starts to organise a plan, then you have the hurdle off who will be elected to be adrimal for this map, which is always tricky, cause there is 12 different opinions off who gets the fancy hat. Best thing to do until some kind of fleet\clan war is implemented is to division up with 2 other like minded peeps
  7. dash_lonestarr

    Your favourite stereotype

    Captain Lonewolf- Normally a BB driver, decides to go alone cause being in a fleet is so 20th century, then moans the rest of the game that no one protected their BB. Won't listen to reasons why or any advice on how to play a BB Edit: someone beat me to it, oh well
  8. dash_lonestarr

    Please reduce the % an turret gets destroyed...

    I know it sucks, helps a little by putting on the ship mod what reduces the chance by 20%
  9. dash_lonestarr

    ATLANTA paper ship

    Loveing the Atlanta and I understand why it has to have weak armour, flamethrowers of death can't be to overpowered. But if we could have smoke screen, seeing that it was a destroyer leader, that be awesome. Probably won't happen though
  10. Been taking the Mogami out a lot today, trying to see this new "night" map, to be honest cant really see any difference before the patch, here's a screenie of my damage with HE on the 155mm
  11. dash_lonestarr

    GG wargaming, you just made kill stealing a thing

    If a ship is still alive, it can still shoot, you wouldn't want a situation were you going one to one with someone, your teammate cruises round the island holds of fire and the enemy gets a lucky shot on you. I'm in the camp of, if its red its better of dead
  12. dash_lonestarr

    Yawn, another hacker.

    What's the point off this post, its like saying I saw a tiger in McDonald's the other day but due to tigers privacy, I can't upload it
  13. dash_lonestarr

    ships to love

    For me it has to be the Farragut, grinding up the DD ladder and this one will be kept, just awesome. Saying that though just brought the Atlanta with some doubloons and that is a credit machine. Mogami is a keeper too
  14. They were guided missiles, the Germans had the Fritz missile, but they were launched from land. Actually the Germans were very well advanced in the guided missile field, but none were launched from ships of any nation in WW2
  15. dash_lonestarr

    Des Moines Gun Operation (video)

    nice vid, love the ending, "this is firepowwwerr"