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  1. queens_marksman

    Clan battles season 9

    WG sort it out lads, when playing Clan battles this season it was like watching groundhog day over and over again. No diversity with ship line ups at all. If you continue like this, as afew people have already said they will play something else. If you want to lose your playerbase over a pipe dream, crack on. Lets see if you listen to your competitive playerbase. Balls in your court, sunbeam.
  2. queens_marksman

    Runner 357 kicked as a CC

    I would just like to see some consistency with this issue. Also post the proof MASH guy.......
  3. queens_marksman

    Runner 357 kicked as a CC

    I guess WG will have to drop EVERY single CC who streams this game bar afew, WG you can't be treating one CC differently than the rest of them. shame on you WG. Runner the swedish Bojo!
  4. queens_marksman

    Smolensk and Sigrfied

  5. Hi, I am interested in joining your clan, is this still a possibility? i look forward to hearing from you. many thanks.