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  1. The higher tier, the worse it gets.
  2. Void123

    Campin Or Doin Nothing Players

    i see people call CV's campers, the word is thrown out way to much.
  3. Void123

    does the economy need adjusting?

    i don't mind it to much, the only ship i really had to grind cash for was my des moine. if they make it to easy a lot less people would play lower tiers, which would be a shame. also i did get the murmansk yesterday, its a pure money maker.
  4. Void123

    What's your favourite and most hated map?

    Hot spot, because people don't like to follow directions and just spread out. don't really have a favorite.
  5. Void123

    This game is eating the dirt already..

    a game losing some players shortly after it launches, what a shocker.
  6. Void123

    You're the last person left in a battle, what do you do?

    Depends on my ship, if i'm on my des moin i might just try and escape to save massive repair cost, but on any other ship i will try and get kills.
  7. Ye something is bugged atm
  8. Unfortunally i feel there comes more and more less pleasant people in the game, but hope they soon will get bored
  9. Void123

    The 2 Million Target Aquisition System Modification?

    well this thread made me depressed.
  10. Void123

    Make CV players wait longer to get in battle

    because people wanna pewpew and not just look at a map.
  11. Void123

    The General Community

    I've generally had a good experience so far, a few here and there but i do expect that in any online games honestly. even had some good convo with the enemy how to play the certain ships and such